28 April 2017

Tips For Applying Makeup Mature Women Over 50

Sharing how I create a big beautiful eye, air brushed foundation and define my cheeks. #over50 #makeuptips #annepmakeupandmore Giorgio Armani ...

hey it's Annie and welcome to my channel

I'm Annie today we're going to talk about makeup tips and tricks I'm going to show you how to bring out your best features and how I go from looking like this to this alright with the power of makeup it's pretty amazing please make sure that you subscribe to my channel just click that button below and hit subscribe and click the bell too so anytime I have a new video you are notified so are you ready to get started let's do this alright so we're ready to get started my face has already been cleansed and primed and we're ready to get started but before we do really really quickly always make sure that you have a cleansed face that your face has been exfoliated if it's dry and make sure you always moisturize as well especially with when you have dry skin you don't want your foundation look patchy on your face and also make sure you use a primer there's all different kinds of primers primer a foundation primer will help keep your makeup on and in place it won't slide all over the place and there are also some timers that will help minimize the appearance of your pores okay I also always use a primer on my eyelid because it helps

myself it helps my eyeshadow stay on better longer doesn't crease and it also you also use less eyeshadow actually when you when you use a eye shadow primer so let's get started I'm going to go ahead and start with my foundation and I'm just going to dab it on my face first now one thing to remember when you're doing your your foundation is to make sure whatever you whether it's a brush or a sponge make sure that you are blending it really really well take the time to blend it well okay [Music] make sure you're getting it really well by all the girls by your nose and your chin make sure that you're getting some of that right below your chin and dragging into your neck as well want it to look flawless and seamless you don't want to look like you have a line around your face when I'm on camera you're not seeing all of it but it took me a little bit to really blend it in okay so I know it seems like I just did it like that but nobody doesn't like that make sure that you're taking the time to really blend your foundation really really well so now I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to apply my concealer and I like

to try to concentrate on placing my concealer right there I don't like to spread it or apply it to too much right here because I have fine lines and wrinkles I should probably just say it the wrinkles okay Who am I fooling and so now I'm going to go ahead in with my sponge and I'm going to blend that out really really well again and I also blend in here because I camp a little bit of that discoloration as well okay and I'll blend it in here but I just don't apply it there go easy on your concealer a little bit goes a long way especially on mature eyes used too much they'll end up looking crepey and you'll see all your lines and your hot it'll just highlight your lines and wrinkles so we don't want that okay I always use some sort of I use two concealers they use a concealer under my eyes and then I can use a different concealer that I use on my scar where my glasses sit by my nose any little red little red little marks like I have daring of a little bit actually right to here I'm just going to get that just slightly and I'll just take my other concealers and I'll blend it out so some concealers work better for eye for under-eye and some work

better for flaws so I always use two concealers then I'm going to take a third concealer and now I'm going to put just a little bit down here and what I'm doing here is I'm drawing the eye up with highlight a little bit today okay and you can do this with a concealer and that's what I'm using just concealer and I'm just doing a little bit of highlighting right there on my cheeks and I'm going to just blend it up because I want to pull my eye I want to pull my face up okay so when you look at me it looks like my face is fresh and glowing and it's lifted okay it's almost like giving yourself a little bit of a facelift with makeup again make sure that you blend this out really really well so now I need to set my makeup I always set my makeup what I do is I just pounce it on my face like this and then I'll go back and Dad I will likely pop in it okay if I just go in with my powder brush right away and apply the powder like this my foundation is going to be a little bit wet still and I'm going to slide it all over the place so just go in there and just kind of bounce your brush around and then just blend it in just off of it

next I'm going to contour my cheeks because I need to add a little bit of dimension my cheek I can use a cream for that but today I'm going to use a powder so I'm just going to go in with my brush and right here and kind of see where my line is that's where I'm going to add my cancer okay so if you're not sure where yours is look at your face okay your ear kind of hold a brush right there this is where you want to contour right there you don't want to go too far down go and bring bring it to about right there like Midway okay I like to use an angle brush when I apply my contour and I go really lightly and just kind of sweep it back and forth I'll go with the other cheek the same thing I don't like to overdo it if I'm putting it on anymore I'll go back and get more but I don't want it to be too dark I don't want to have a line there I like to blend it in because I think it's a nice softer look now I'm going to go in and I'm going to use a little bit of bronzing bronzing is different than using a contour this is going to create some shaded areas and give my face more dimension a bronzer is going to give your skin a little bit of a glow so I'm

going to go ahead and just sweep it right here by my cheek so it's right above my bronzer in a circular motion I'm just going to apply a little bit of bronzer and I'm also going to put some right here on my forehead just right here and just blend it up just kind of give your face like a little sunkissed sunkissed glow sunkissed sunkissed glow so it looks like you were in the Sun so now we need to put some blush on I like to keep my blush up high the reason I like to do that is because again I want to lift my face out I feel like every age at least on me I feel like my face is falling and I need to lift it so I don't want to put anything down here I want to lift it up here so I just swirl some of my blush in and I'm just going to put it right there right where my bronzer was applied and I'm just going to swirl it in at the high point of my cheek hair so it's contour bronze and blush now I want to have a little bit more of a highlight at the top of my cheek I don't like to use anything too glittery or shimmery especially on mature skin because it could just make your skin that's starting to get a little creepy it will just bring that

out more and you want to do that so I'm just going to add a little bit of a highlight just right above my flush it's like right on the high point of my cheek okay so I'm just going to tap it in here really lightly because basically what I want to create is I want my skin to look dewy and dewy skin looks more youthful so next we're going to start on the eye and I'm going to show you how to make your eyes look really good so what I do is I look straight ahead in the mirror and I let my eyes relax I don't like this and I start putting my eyeshadow on and try to create that crease a crease can end up coming here and still look like you won't be able to see what I did first I'm going to put a color all over I always like to start out with a really neutral color all over my eye I use many colors on my eye the more colors that I use on my eyes the more my eye makeup looks more seamless and flawless okay now I'm going to take my brush and I'm going to dip it into a you know like a not too dark of a color come like a medium color and I'm going to put it right here I'm looking straight ahead now going back and forth and I'm kind of creating a new lid here

okay right there right on my brow bone and on my problem right am i right on my bone there my eye socket Bob dad is going to make my isle of there okay so I kind of go back and forth I'm do and just same thing with this eye back and forth relax my eye then I'm going to take my blending brush and again we're going to blend that out really good always take the time to blend your eye make about it's going to look like you know I'm doing stuff so fast and I'm not taking the time but I'll be editing some of this out and I will be blending a lot let me go ahead and take another color here and I'm going to place that on my same area they're still concentrating on that area so again I'm blending it in in circular motions towards my nose okay you want to make sure you're blending in here too you don't want to just blend and stuff you got to make sure that you're really blending all of your eye makeup in now I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to take a dark color for this corner here and I'm going to just pounce it on here okay just going to pop it on the corner the outside corner of my eye don't want to get too far out here okay I want to

stay right in here and this is going to draw my eye up and make my eyes really stand out and pop even more blend that in the circular motion make sure you keep it towards your you know going towards your nose so something that I like to do that really kicks my eyes up a notch really makes them a little bigger and prettiest I like to do a little bit of a shimmer color in my lid instead of a flat color so I'm going to go ahead and apply and I just kind of Pat it in there I don't go too far over it this way because I need to choose that dark so it's really too about it's hard to say a little bit a little bit past the halfway of my eye I would say okay can you see that another way to make your eyes look bigger or something else that I do is I like to put a lighter color right on the top here it just kind of helps pull the eye up I hope to make my eyes look even more bigger than they are I like to do a little bit of a shadow underneath my eye I don't like to bring it down too hard but I just think it's a really pretty look I think it brightens my eyes and opens the eyes more taking a color that is I sometimes I take the same color

that or I'll do a color that similar to the color I used right there on the edge and I just go right on my lash line like to get my mirror I'll go right on my lash line and then I start to blend of that okay okay can you see my eye here compared to the arrow it just like popped my eye on my eye looks bigger array and then I look smaller so now I'm going to add it I'm going to line my upper lash line this will do is it will make your lashes look thicker now I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to line the inside of my waterline I'm going to line it and then I'm going to go ahead and blend it in okay next I'm going to do my eyebrow this is going to instantly collect your eyes even more it's amazing what I do is Alec's mine to look as natural as possible brush my eyebrows down then I take my pencil and I go up I kind of make a little here's okay then I go on top of it and I start to follow my shape then I brush my hair up then I circle and underneath and I follow the shape down there okay can you see the difference between my eyebrows feels if I what's up and I brush this up to it so this is brushed up can you see

the difference it really makes my eyes much bigger at pulse my eye up ends it's like an instant lift to your face before you pinch my eyes I'm going to go back and I'm going to do my lips my lips turn even because I have a birth defect so I have to create my own lips especially my upper lip so my bottom lip i over draw and then obviously my upper lip as well to try to make it look as even as possible I'm going to use my lipstick I always curl my eyelashes I'm going to apply my mascara and then I'm going to put my lashes on I'm going to let this dry and then I'm going to go ahead and apply my lashes okay so this is it this is my final look that is it guys thank you so so much for joining me please make sure you give this video a big big thumbs up thank you so much for subscribing if you're not subscribed just click that button below and hit subscribe and you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Instagram and snapchat I will leave all the links below and I will see you real soon bye