06 May 2019

Tiny Hands Makeup Challenge

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hey loves today we're gonna do the tiny

and makeup challenge I don't know what I'm thinking this is gonna be so frustrating I just know it these have like a no grip whatsoever oh my goodness what am i doing but I thought it would be fun I laughed so hard when I watched nannies I have seen Jamie French's video forever gonna have everything that was such a good idea and then I completely forgot about it until I saw manis and then I saw Rob UT Christie's and I just was compelled to order these tiny tiny hands so we are gonna do this this is gonna be tragic so we're gonna see we can make this cardigan work oh my goodness and face it just anyway we're gonna hop into the video please subscribe if you have not already I upload videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday nudists furnace our foundation um I put lotion on earlier but I don't think I'm not gonna bother priming that's not the fun part to watch anyway okay guys we're gonna use the revolution conceal and define foundation I think I'm just going to put it on my hands and put it on my face this is difficult already already that's all I've done is hold up the conceal define bottle and I my girl I'm just gonna wipe it on my

face try and get it kind of evenly all over my nose oh you can see my hands so I'm just gonna get it as evenly spread across the face as I can and then [Laughter] we're gonna we're gonna blend it out with the shot mistake anyway studio sponge city myself in the face that I do it ah okay I'm gonna drop it cradle it create a litany I cradle it in the eye and then well and I feel like the sponge is the easiest part shoot we're getting this we're doing it sometimes it's just better to move your whole face instead of the sponge this is so squashing oh my gosh I'm gonna be doing this for like a half hour and the nose crevice oh don't lose it I should have painted these hands I think Christy painted her hands where I just rolled sponge there we go just roll it just roll it this is fine this is fine okay guys next we're gonna use the tart shape tape in porcelain beige and again I'm just gonna use my hand because I feel like using my hand it's the best bet right now I'm just gonna pop it right in that corner yeah I think I'm just gonna go ahead and prime my eyes with this too now I do have a little

blemish don't you don't lose not left on this and just smack your face it's cool just I feel like I'm a newborn trying to use chopsticks or something oh oh yes there we go and we're just gonna blend that out with our sponge just just roll it just roll it you just roll it across your face that'll work just fine - okay literally using my eye socket to create a little sponge um it's fine it's fine right not in a corner blending it out blending up Wow we are gonna use the Physicians Formula mineral correcting powder in translucent use my sponge I just tapped it in that powder and I'm just tapping it on my under-eye to set that I'm waving the foundation off my nose let's just tap that there - oh this palette is just way too heavy with these teeny tiny hands so we're gonna use the imagination revolution I like to the moon palette to contour I'm just gonna use the shade literally always gonna start down here knocking up my hands just one do this okay cuz I need it oh we're just gonna hold it right up here right up here I'm just gonna contour the drawing I think that looks

good enough good enough for me alright we are going to use the Lummi blush from AOA in Rose dawn okay and we're just going to pop it on it's gonna smile and pop it on their cheeks Wow the I heart revolution blushing heart in peachy pink kisses and we're just gonna use that light shade on the very tippy top over here we are going to just put that on the fine points of our face so right right over here but along the tip of the nose oh yeah look at us we're getting this we're getting this and then right over hey apparently this part I got okay oh okay okay I'm sorry but my highlight that worked well so far that was easiest part um she's a little wonky over here but that's okay and how am I gonna feel how to do brows I saw Christie Robbie to Christie like put a brow pencil in a little little look right here whatever that is my little there I don't know people do that bomb I'll see if I can find one if it's in there okay so this brow pencil is a little bit dark for me so we're gonna look a little tragic but she's the smallest when I own and she fits in there so we're gonna try this is a Mac one in lingering I got it in a beauty

box awhile ago I'm normally really close to this looks real wonky my mirror when I do this so let's see if we can do this okay okay Oh oh that's a brow that is a brow let's just focus on the bottom and I'm cutting out of the screen but I have to be so close to my mirror to do this okay I'm gonna honestly that could be way way WAY worse so I'm just gonna I'm gonna count my lucky stars and see that's good we are gonna use the Jaclyn hill and morphe armed and gorgeous palette today because i can pick it up with my hands and I just took a mixture of access and secure which is like the yellow and one of the oranges put it right in the crease right out of my hands gosh darn it Oh cradles such a wonderful word meaning you did so good explaining what you have to do because you can't grasp it you're literally like cradle cradling your brush or cradling a sponge [Music] okay I think this is a decent grasp right now just move your whole head I'm not Center frame at all I don't know what's happened okay we're just gonna go back and forth our face go over here

back and forth we can do this you and I we're in this together us in these tiny hands kicking a little bit of smooth cream on oh just putting it around we're doing this I'm down in here you can make weird faces to get right to the right part of the eye around take this tiny blender brush with those same shades and we're just gonna put it all right under here maybe maybe slowly you can see my hand but guys I'm sorry I'm just gonna keep going I'm holding it I noticed both mani and Christi both use glitter on the lips because it seems like a good alternative with these teeny tiny hands so I'm going to take steal us little smokey storm flutter and glow look what I shadow I'm just gonna put it on my fingertip I think he's got it right there on my fingertip and I'm just gonna put it a little bit or another corner just keep tapping not the worst not the best but I think we're gonna have to live with it because I don't know what else we're gonna do just gonna do the same thing over here and just tap it I'm not under corner when I normally do my makeup I'm like so close to me at all times this is like very difficult oh we're getting

there you guys we are so getting there we're so getting there we are doing great you're doing great sweetie okay how how many how did you do how do what do if I can get just a line across like right here okay how did he do a wing oh I'm so impressed right now I see my little hands we are gonna use the revolution mascara revolution master today shimmy on Oh lashes hey I think that this is easier because the actual wand handle is a decent size so we're actually getting a decent grip and it's gonna use the tip of it actually Oh mess enough that's enough that's enough okay we're gonna try and do lower lashes we're getting there got some of my hair hopefully once well that's gone hopefully once this dries we can buff this off our face nah my best makeup look ever I can tell you that we are almost done come on my old friend this is chauffeur from revolution let's do this together tiny units don't fail me now you're so close oh okay guys I'm asking this is the leader look I hope you guys enjoyed this

video I'm sorry that I was I didn't know how close I was gonna be and it's really hard to watch the monitor so I know those times were like my tiny hands were cut off um but I hope that you enjoyed this anyway I hope that you enjoyed this tragic look with some lashes and a little additional blending honestly it wouldn't be too bad but we can't do that with these whose hand use got take it take it as it it anyway I hope you guys for this video I hope you laughed I can't wait to stop holding these in my hands because they are small and they're hard to hold umm but yeah at least like it mean it could be worse and again just a little more blending and we're blending it would be much better alright loves I'm gonna stop rambling and levena so much thank you so much for watching let me know if there's any other challenges you would like me to do you guys do this video or you do this challenge please take me let me know I wanna see cuz it makes me laugh I should probably go watch these tiny hands you guys and love you guys so much thank you so it's watching know like you see right here oh yeah right there oh you can see my hands oh oh no oh no want to move

your face more than you want to move a brush because if you move your whole face then it just it's gonna work so much better right so we are gonna use the blushing hearts from I heart revolution in pink I think I lost my brow pencil I don't know what I'm doing what I'm saying I I don't know what's even happening right now but I'm just blending my life away blending I got so much iron shut up in my eye Wow I do a line across a classic uh you would think like I pulled a muscle like in my shoulder sometimes you just have to get makeup all over your hands just the time time to Snuggie you're not down my tiny hand