19 March 2019


TINDER DATE PICKS THRIFT MY OUTFITS! Shopping Challenge Miss Value Village is serving thrift realness! Queen of Savers , GoodWill and all things thrift ...

holla holla plugs you to nine here and

today I'm with are we starting over okay okay holla holla plug in a nine here and today I'm with Nathan so this is my tinder hook-up we are going to do a outfit thrifting moment she's gonna dress me I'm gonna dress her up properly so I mean she tried to dress me right now mm-hmm you look great oh thank you really great I don't know what you're talking about yeah I agree 100% but that's just because of my doing nobody else is so Miss Nathan owns an online shopping store she owns deep hop inventor of deep hop no she has a show right on deep ha you can let them know your shop if you would like to plug that in there all right let's plug in my shop name is at totally cool dad so I sell on there and what would you describe your I guess your shop as like would it just be like vintage nineties yeah maybe like I think of like 90s a girl like cute aspects of like clueless jawbreaker other movies like that so if you know those movies then yeah so um he's gay and that's why things didn't work out I was like you know

she's a cute little shop owner mm-hmm and she she knows fashion I don't so we're gonna go figure out some some love she's like mmhmm yeah types the fashion change her life her to change her life yes she's gonna she's gonna give us culture she's gonna culture alter entertain us entertain I met educate educate I post thing entertain I met educate um and I guess that's it so we're ready to go yeah we're ready to go do it so we're just gonna hold the phone this is gonna look really weird but we are going to the store now Oh and julissa's here too like who is that random girl I'm holding my phone because it's how I record my audio otherwise we're not gonna hear what's going on yeah what's done and then I trip where is the store - we like pastas like those so we're going out of pace not very me anybody who knows me knows I walk really fast [Music] Oh [Music] oh that's cute these are a good 90s five well it's like the tweed friend assembly like a fabric first look it's a very like 80s like tennis ball tennis ball

you know a little expose take me to the point of overturn a little like Malibu Barbie tees and the funnies of color I know it's still a nice vintage high quality fabric so it's very nice I'm kind of like really feeling this vibe like it's so well you know it's really good on your body and I'm so agree with your hair period Oh what are our thoughts every every time like I want you guys to comment in tutor booth number two it's a very simple denim hombre dress in the late 90s of the early 2000 the bottom is frayed just for you know a little y2k effect it's very like your favorite teen movie like what your sister would wear an end it's very cute I feel like I just want to be like how do y'all a moment serious is a cute little 90s 60s moment by the iconic 90s bear in mind Michelle it has a little daisies all over in a geometric print are you like reminiscent of like coolest like jawbreaker like I was happy how do you feel cute I can't really see myself I've really got to look at it but we're on a mission period period okay so these pants are a very nice pair of early 2000s pants

save lace-up down the front and it belt so it's adjustable very like cyber y2k like hackers very reminiscent back movie they're just really badass like wear a crop top steroids for those of you who watch my brats videos like very rocky angels and archangels a little bit business look it's very appropriate for like church or you know what is Sunday very hot very tight-fitted the skirt is early two-thousands cachet and the top it is a just the seventies blouse very simple very chic very cute how do you feel like I'm going to church period period oh if you want to take it to a more fun look instead of a traditional you can pair with a beautiful tube top this one is from bebe in the early 2000s so it's a closet like mall girl stage um you know like this is it my favorite look I feel like definitely gonna have to hire a new stylist after this one [Music] so having a pair of Jordache jeans and then this beautiful gold velvet knockoff Versace top how do you feel honey like our Sachi but a Saturday no I think it's really cute though like definitely vibing with it I think that

makes my arms up a little big because it's so similar to my skin are your titties even a but like yes divert this pose like like this online shop first time see how did she don't like nobody period [Music] yes so we have finished our trying on montage exactly to call it it was something no so it was like a montage I guess lots of vintage pieces she really hooks it up but at the end of the day we could only choose one outfit because one outfit really stood out it was like you know just exactly what I needed and like all I could afford so we got period okay so we got this but you can up though how did you feel about all those pieces are you are you satisfied with them I was pretty satisfied with them the things that I found I found a lot of good things from the 90s in the early 2000s so that was very and yeah I definitely found some good things for you yeah all right so one last time let's hear your Instagram and your shop at okay anything else you want to promote you know you can give your phone number address social security yeah credit card numbers no um so my Instagram is totally bad and

my D pop shop name is the same thing so I'm very easy to find and also my soundcloud and so go check me I'll go check the boxes because they says so yeah you might not give them your credit card in social security but she will be giving me the credit card in social security numbers you're right oh thanks for watching don't forget to be a thumbs-up calm down below your thoughts and subscribe see ya see ya