12 July 2018

The Ultimate No-makeup Makeup Look

I love makeup but I hate it when it looks layered and cakey. This look will enhance and not cover up your features. If you want to upgrade this for the evening just ...

hi I'm Vee and today I'm going to talk

about how to look like you're not wearing makeup but you're wearing makeup you know so people should look at you and they should say wow your skin looks so amazing you look so amazing and if you just say oh thank you yeah I know I mean it's it's great like notability there okay girls we should learn how to take that compliment and not try to explain that oh you know I mean my skin is okay but I'm just saying like I'm wearing could see like am wearing concealer there nobody needs to know just you know adapt your adapt there is fine nobody needs to know so but you need to know how to look like you're not wearing makeup when you mean wearing makeup that's such a convoluted title but whatever so the first thing that I do is I start my makeup with face powder a good quality face face powder because that just really evens out your skin tone especially in India where it's so hot and it's muggy you know you just need to first use a face powder not any face powder but something that's really good quality and doesn't look chalky my favorite face powder of all time is chanel Beach a Lumiere the other day I was shooting videos for somebody and I

won't think four to five coats of this because you know when you're shooting with your proper lights and everything you just keep sweating and then you have to like dab again and dab again I must have dabbed like four or five or maybe perhaps even like seven to ten times and my skin still look dewy it still look luminous you know that's how good this powder is so good face powder is a great investment it's just like I'm sure you can notice that from the beginning of the video too now my skin must be looking little bit better once I have done my face powder then I'm just going to take a little bit I like foundation sticks because they're so easy and simple to use so just dab the foundations take on key points like the inner corner of the eyes okay any spots also I feel when you apply powder first and then you put on any sort of foundation it just gives like a foundation or base to grip and it does and the foundation never looks cakey sometimes you put on too much foundation then you put on too much powder and then it just looks like very like a muddy layer on the skin so if you put on powder first and then a little

bit of base I feel like that looks much more natural so as you can see I've just put like dabs here and there this this this design crucial points this is where we have like discoloration and darkness center of the face usually so just like sheer layers once I've done this I'm going to put on a little bit of of a flash but then I'm going to put on a little bit more foundation over it so the flash looks natural I am NOT unnaturally you know I mean I'm not thrown towards blush naturally because I just feel like it makes me look weird but I can wear blush like this like under foundation and also it never looks like over-the-top or unnatural so first you apply the blush okay in this kind of like basically tracing your cheekbone and then you just blend it in if you want to natural finish then these sort of cream cream or liquid blushes always better okay so just on the cheeks for a little bit of Flash and then we take the foundation stick and go over it okay so then it looks like it looks really smooth and also like sometimes anywhere blush it can look a little bit patchy if you put it underneath your foundation

then it won't look that patchy okay so you're not only going to focus on the cheeks because to make them look slum and little bit flushed a little bit only enough too much and then we take a little brush you know I like a Buki brushes and we will just buff face powder into into our blush okay center of the face this will through the day when the natural oil comes out and when your blush so when you go out in the Sun this will just look like the most natural beautiful flush now you want you want a little bit of highlighter but not too much because you know nobody naturally I mean people do glow naturally I'm not saying that but that kind of luminosity versus the highlighter can only luminosity is very different so will focus like around the eye more so around the eye to the brow bone okay so like this this area because this always tends to look a little bit dull okay little bit touch here touch here touch here just remember that through the day this makeup is going to mix with oils on your face and you're going to look even more flushed even voluminous so there's no need to overdo everything

obviously brows comb them up first to see any sort of empty patches and then we just sort of short strokes don't have to like overly make your brows dark just fill them in okay we just want the brass look natural people should look at your face and be like have you done something it's like you woke up like this all right so we have a skin down we have a brows done then what I like to do is I like to take a gold this is from the Padma Lakshmi range I think it's quite genius because you can just literally apply it in the inner corners like this just for a little bit of you velocity okay and right under your brows just to you know when you're trying to look natural and completely let makeup free you just need these very slight enhancements to look absolutely amazing okay but just like a light touch all right usually I don't like to do my lashes but if you want you can do your lashes what I like to do is this color is really nice this is Becca's beach tint in watermelon it's the most amazing shaped it's a rosy it's a rosy beige and it looks good on everyone okay there is got it just it dries matte so

you just like concentrate the color in the center of your lips but make sure that there is no defined outline okay so this is a really great shade and I'll tell you what else is amazing for like if you want to just look natural and like not done anything on your face is this Dior lip glow I always have I always have this the brand sent me this but I go out and buy it on my own and I always have this on me because even if I'm not wearing any of this just this just this lip glow makes me look amazing so it's like a bomb but slightly pink and sort of leaves behind a stain during the egg by the end of the day it's really really nice okay now if you if at all I would just go out like this but if it only want to wear mascara make sure you take your mascara wand and completely wipe off the product like completely okay completely wipe it off there's still going to be product there and then go over your lashes okay and this is it that is all you need to do to look looking natural to look very fresh to look like you have naturally amazing skin and pink lips and flushed cheeks but you know is just like a little bit

of makeup and a little bit of technique that's it