06 May 2019

The TRUTH about my makeup collection | Makeup collection TAG!

Thank you so much for Naomi Arnold for tagging me in this video!!! Naomi Arnolds Channel: ...

hi guys it's Arianna welcome back to my

channel so for today's video I have actually been tagged in the what is it called the truth about my makeup collection tag so Naomi Arnold tank me in this and she wanted me to create a video explaining all of my quick all of the questions that are on this tag so I'm gonna be doing that today so the first question that is on this tag is how long have you been collecting makeup so I have only been collecting makeup for about a year now so I started my channel January of 2018 and it is no April of 29 May of 2019 and I really only started collecting makeup when I created this channel so before I decided I wanted to do a beauty YouTube vlog I never had any interest in makeup I had zero interest at all in collecting makeup using makeup I never wore makeup I used it only when I was going out and buy my version of using makeup like I threw on drugstore foundation a little bit of mascara and I went so I never really wore makeup until I decided that I wanted to make a youtube channel so that's really as long as I've been collecting it for as long as my channel has been alive so what kind of question do you have I mostly have a personal

collection I don't really have a certain type of collection I just collect things that I like so all of the palettes that I have in my collection are your palettes that I personally would use regularly or palettes that I have gotten in subscription boxes so there's tons of pilots in my collection that I don't necessarily think I would I would have purchased on my own that I just have gotten in subscription boxes but I will keep them and have used them just because I don't like to throw away things so I have tons of palettes that I don't really use very often but there's some in my collection but my collection is definitely personal I just see things and buy them I'm a very spontaneous buyer it's kind of a problem so the next cup the next question is are you a completionist I don't think so my collection is seriously all over the place I have like red lipsticks to jeffree star lipsticks to nix lipsticks to absolutely the most random brand you've ever heard of lipsticks I definitely don't complete things I don't need all of Jeffery stars palettes or all of Jeffery stars lipsticks or all

the mixes palettes and all of mixes lipsticks I really don't care I just buy things if I like them so if some if company releases a collection that I think is really cute I would probably only buy the things that I genuinely think I would use I would never buy a complete collection because that would be a waste because I'm super picky when it comes to the makeup that I would actually use so the next question is how do you store and organize your collections [Music] store my makeup in this kind of random bin that I got from the Walmart so it is just a complete plastic tub kind of bin and it has three drawers and it opens the first drawer is where I keep all of my pallets the second drawer is where I keep all of my liquid things so like my foundations and whatnot and the last drawer is just kind of random it's where I keep all of my jeffree star lipsticks that I got the bundles force of the Equality bundle and the blueblack bundle and then it's where I keep paints and crafts that I've created and then the top part of the drawer set is just where I store all of my brushes and my

lipsticks and just all of my setting sprays and stuff so I cute all of my makeup in these drawers on I definitely want to upgrade and get the drawers from Ikea because they're definitely a lot more sturdy and easier to store things but for now this twenty or thirty dollar drawer set that I got from where it definitely works what is your favorite thing about your collection I don't really necessarily have a favorite thing about my collection my favorite thing in my entire beauty youtube thing with it would be my twigs it's not necessarily anything to do with makeup my entire love and heart for my channel definitely goes into the special effects and body paint and wigs kind of cosplay side the makeup is awesome and I love makeup but it's definitely not my favorite part of it my favorite part of it is definitely the wigs what is your least favorite thing or something to improve your collection I don't think there is a least favorite thing in my collection I really enjoy most of the things that I get if I don't like something that I got in a subscription box I usually give it away so there isn't really any but I don't really like in my collection

so I don't really have an answer to that anything that I can improve in my collection my collection is never going to be complete so there's definitely always things that can be improved upon I can definitely find more things or get rid of some things I don't necessarily use but as we're improving on I don't really know I don't really have an answer for that one just at the moment what is your biggest part of your collection so the biggest part of my collection is definitely the pallets I have so many a shadow palette and it is due to the fact that every time I see a really really colorful palette I need to buy it I definitely have a problem when it comes to a compulsive compulsive buying and then also boxycharm gives us a pallet every single month oh I'm constantly getting pallets and it's just kind of overwhelming but definitely my palettes I have a stupid amount of palettes what is the smallest part of my collection mice most part of my collection would have to be eyebrows I only have two no I have three eyebrow products one of them is a pencil that I got from NYX one is something I got in a boxy charm and the last one is my a BH

brow pomade that I always use so I only have three eyebrow products and as you guys can tell I don't really do my brows very well so I don't necessarily buy a lot of products for brows simply because I don't exactly know how to do them that's good or have the patience to learn um do you have a Holy Grail in your collection I would honestly say that my Lexi brushes are probably my Holy Grail they are my go-to brushes every single time that I do a makeup look my dual ended double ended brush that has the blender site and the packer side is definitely my favorite brush in my entire collection I use it every single time that I'm doing it I look so I would say that my lucky brushes are definitely my Holy Grail item do you ever wish your collection was bigger or smaller or is it complete I think I've already said my collection is never going to be complete because I just buy things as I see them and makeup buddies are constantly always releasing makeup so I've never gonna have a complete collection simply because they're always gonna be releasing things so I wish it was smaller and bigger I definitely don't really necessarily

want a huge collection where my entire studio is full of makeup but I'm definitely not gonna stop buying makeup anytime soon so I mean that's kind of hard to say I definitely don't need that much makeup but I definitely have a problem with buying it so my collection is definitely gonna grow how often do you declutter your collection my collection honestly isn't thick enough to warrant a declutter yet I have a stupid amount of palettes but I don't think I would ever declutter them as in the fact that I would throw them away I would give them away to my friends as I go throughout the year so if I definitely don't use them I will definitely give them away but I don't really go through my products and throw things out because I simply don't have enough products yet to really do that I literally only had like two or three foundations and my collection right now that I use on the regular so I don't it's not like I have an entire drawer full of foundations so I definitely don't declutter my makeup just yet I have to continue my collection before I do that do you ever argue to ever get envious seeing other people's makeup

collections ah sometimes when I'm watching YouTube and I see all of the giant YouTube makeup collectors have their entire studios and rooms and houses full of makeup I sit there and I'm like damn I wish but as for you I never feel negative feelings towards those people definitely not I don't think I would necessarily want an entire room full of makeup because I think that would be very overwhelming and I wouldn't know what to do with that I would have such a hard time throwing things away that it would be too overwhelming I think so I definitely don't feel any negative feelings towards people that have a really big collection because I know one day my collection is gonna be just as big so whatever people on youtube has the best makeup collection video my collection video would definitely be brought Beauty Christie's video she is one of my favorite youtubers in the beauty community she is such an oh gee youtuber and I absolutely love her so I love watching her decluttering videos and her entire studio and her house tours and all of that stuff I think she is amazing so I definitely

would recommend going and giving raw beauty Kristi a subscribe and follow if you guys don't are if you guys aren't already subscribed to her she is one of my favorite youtubers and is really really down to earth what some advice you would give to a future makeup collector I don't really know what advice I would give simply because I am NOT the biggest collector when it comes to makeup I only really buy things that I know I'm gonna use so I don't really know if that qualifies me for being a makeup collector I have a stupid amount of palette and a bunch of makeup simply because I have a youtube channel I don't necessarily have it because I collect makeup I would never buy makeup for the sole purpose of collecting it and not using it I think that is really really really funny when I find people that will go out of their way to buy pallets just to not use them I'm just not that type of person I don't really have a big collection of anything especially even with my wigs like I collect wigs because I wear them but I don't collect them to not wear I have a stupid amount of Vegas because I love changing my hair color it's not necessarily that I have it

because I want to just keep it in my closet and never touch them I don't really collect things so I don't know if I can really answer that question but that is I believe let's see is every single question that is on the list so thank you so much Naomi for tagging me in this video this is actually really fun video I never even thought about making this video before because it's actually really cute and a really good idea but thank you so much for tagging me in this I had a lot of fun making this video and just talking about makeup so the next person that I want to tag in this video is going to be so I'm gonna take a few ladies in this video so the first person that I'm going to tag in this video is going to be oh my god I'm gonna stay here so wrong I'm so sorry it's gonna be Carolina nuts Koba I don't know if I'm saying that right so I'm gonna take Carolina I'm gonna take Kaylee Martinus I'm sorry if I'm saying your guys's need wrong I'm gonna take Holly Madison and I am gonna take Audrey Chantal Garza so I will list all of their channels down below so you guys can check out their channels and to see whether actual

channel names are in you guys will have a pronounced something better than me but I'm gonna take those four ladies down below and hopefully they will create these videos because these videos are actually really fun but thank you guys so much for watching this video if you guys did enjoy this video please make sure to give it a big thumbs up don't forget to hit the subscribe button down below for more content like this and I will see you guys at my next video bye [Music]