24 November 2018

The Nightmare Before Christmas Makeup Tutorial with Evangeline DeMuro

Recreate this look inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas with Evangeline Demuro and Sally's Lip Collection and Wonderful Nightmare eyeshadow palette ...

hey guys welcome back to hot topics

channel my name is Evangeline de Mira and today I'm going to show you how to get this and Nightmare Before Christmas inspired look using the salia lip kit as well as the wonderful nightmare eyes shadow palette so the first thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna start off with the wonderful nightmare palette we are going to be taking the shade at Christmas town and I'm gonna be taking that on a fluffy blending brush I'm gonna take a very small amount and tap off some excess product and we're gonna focus this on the outer third and the inner third of our eyes so we're gonna start by packing the color on and then blending it up towards our brow bone and then also over our crease you want to make sure that you're using very light motions I like to use kind of windshield wiping motions and circular motions just to get the blending right I also sometimes take my finger and I'll dab the edges to just soften them a little more so now we're done with that color for now we're gonna go in with the shade deadly nightshade and I'm gonna take a smaller more tapered brush and this is gonna be focused more on our creases and our actual lid not necessarily our brow

bone and on the outer edges I like to sort of create like a V and bring it close to my lash line and then up where my crease is and then I'm also going to just bring it over over the center of our lid and then I'm gonna go back in with the brush we used with the shade Christmastown and I'm just gonna use whatever excess product is on here and meld the two colors together and then I'm going to repeat that on my right eye and then moving on to the center of our lid I'm gonna be taking zeros nose and I'm gonna be taking on a more flat top packing brush and this is going to just go on the center of our lid you want to focus it where there isn't any product and then lightly tap where you see lines and blend together and you don't want to go any higher than your crease with this because he's gonna end up looking very strange and then just for touch-ups I'm gonna go back in with that more angled brush that we use with deadly nightshade and I'm just gonna clean up the line that's right above where we place the zeroes nodes and then moving on to our bottom lashline we're gonna go in with Christmastown again and this is going to

go on the outer third and the inner third of the eye and then I'm going to go back in with Halloweentown which is that dark gray shade and like we did with that color on our top lid we're going to focus it more close to our lash line and not blend it down so much and then with a brush with nothing on it we're gonna further blend it down this line under our lash and then just taking a little concealer with my finger if there's any spots that you went over too much I like to just sort of dab and create a sticky area for the lighter eyeshadow to adhere to and then we're gonna go back in with the golden shade Xero's nose and the place this right over where we put the concealer and I like to Pat it on and then sort of flick it down kind of creates like a really cool sort of glittery tear effect next taking the shade mr. unlucky and more of a small packing brush this is just going to go on our inner corner as well as our brow bone and we're going to use the same brush then I'm going to go in with a pencil liner and line my waterline as well as my tight line so then now that we're done with that we're going to take a liquid liner and create

a very fine line cluster or lash line to sort of give the false lashes a invisible layer so you don't see the beginning and the end of them and I don't like to drag the liner I just kind of like to press it down next we're gonna move on to lashes so I'm going to curl my lashes and add mascara and then these false lashes so now that we are done with our eyes we have our lashes our mascara we're gonna move on to some highlight even though I already have some on but we can never have enough so I'm gonna take now and forever and I'm just taking this small sort of domi highlighting brush so now we're gonna use Sally's lip kit collection and I'm gonna take the shade at frogs breath this is gonna go all over our lips then this part is very optional but why not I'm gonna take a fluffy brush with nothing on it and sort of diffuse the lines on my lips and you can add a second layer of that if you like I like the coverage that it gives me with just one so of course we have to be a little extra we're going to go back into the highlighting shade now

and forever and I'm just gonna take my ring finger and Pat this along my Cupid's bow and the center of my bottom lip okay guys thank you so much for watching it's been fun it's been cool this is a great collection if you want to follow me on my social media as they were all Evangeline de Mero type it in to find it somewhere and it's been fun [Music]