09 April 2019

The Most Satisfying Slime ASMR Video / Slime Coloring With Makeup

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[Applause] [Music] what are these mysterious noises it's Lyme trying to communicate with us they crunch click slurp rustle ring and crack watch our new video to learn how to make unusual slimes that make cool noises [Music] welcome to steve's slime a blog about unusual slime and friends today we're going to be guessing slimes by sound and touch let's go our first guest is good old Benny let's see if he'll be up to the task put on headphones to hear the noises better and blindfold him to make things interesting perfect let's get started mix two colors of slime add different glitters one at a time white pink and blue sink the glitter into the slime the result is sparkling finger shaped stalactites mix shiny sparkly slimes [Music] bring the slime up to the mic listen close Benny now take the slime in your hands Ben squeezes a slime and tries to determine what it's made of Stevie starts the timer let's go what are these small particles Sam

Stardust no that's not it think unicorns Benny maybe this is rainbow glitter yes then guess the sparkling slime in record time great work the lovely Stephanie is beep slimes next guest I wonder if she'll be able to guess her slime correctly let's take a selfie and get started Stevie picked out soft clicky slime just for Stephanie four small rubber squishies into liquid slime mix it into one clicky Mass [Applause] bring the slime up to the mic do you hear that these tiny squishies are begging for help Stephanie tries to guess maybe this is pug slime or someone eating jello with their mouths open she takes hold of the slime and guesses immediately it's her favorite kind of slime it has a squishy filling great job Steph we won't need this slime anymore it flies away then comes right back directly into Steve's space okay you're fired Steve slime doesn't waste time and Ben is already back Steve made unique constructive slime for him stretch out soft clear slime and cover mini Legos with it collect it all into one mass

Benten squishes the slime in his hands what a mysterious puzzling noise well then is trying to guess the slime steam is shooting a documentary about slime go oh this is Lego slime great job Ben you guessed it Stephanie's back on 'stevie slime blog perfect timing for a new assignment we made something awesome for her Styrofoam slime sprinkle different colors and sizes of styrofoam balls onto white slime mix the slime integrate the balls inside this styrofoam slime is stuck on Stephanie she listens closely and tries to get are these mini pom-poms no soft flowers no rice pudding keep guessing Steph are these fish eyes ladybugs spider eggs that's it Stevie's time and patient right now you lose Stephanie get out of here welcome back Ben Steve made noodle slime put a brick of instant ramen noodles in the clear liquid slime wrap the slime around the noodles and break them up enjoy the crunching noises and textures [Music] don't eat this slime just crunch it Ben tests his superpowers out on the slime he destroys it using the power of his brain it worked

Ben guesses immediately that he's holding noodles that was so fast meet our new hero slime man and slime man left a lot of trash behind him come on bro thank goodness we have a cleaning crew working non-stop now we're back with Steve slimes vlog we made a special feminine challenge for Stephanie by adding lipstick to slime add old lipsticks of various colors to white slime crush the lipstick with your fingers the fruit scented lipstick makes the slime smell good Stephanie gets lipstick slime mmm it smells amazing I like it what is it floral slime or slime with added perfume Stevie gives her a hint smooch smooch oh it's slime with lipstick correct Steve slime makes the best smelling slimes Ben's ready for his next challenge Steve hands him spiky magnetic slime unwrap and cut up some metal scouring pads poor slime glue over the metal add four acts mix metallic slime test it out using a magnet the slime stretches out towards it Ben gets his slime oh it's so prettily maybe it's a

slime cactus Ben wants to bend the rules and take a pee no way guess it fair and square each time Ben tries to sneak a look the slime crawls away maybe it's Hedgehog slime then doesn't want to hurt his hands any more he gives up this slime transformer is too much and that magnet too this is the most unusual slime Ben has gotten so far steve adds light clay to the next slime roll different colors of light playing into small balls cover them with clear slime stretch the clay out inside the slime mix soft colorful slime Stevi hands the slime to stephanie go on yes Stephanie plays with the slime for a while but she can't distinguish it from regular slime at all how is she supposed to guess the sound the texture it's all the same that's unfair Stephanie gets upset and leaves oh well just listen to this line Steve decides to take a break relax and improve the tone of his famous face the gold face mask gave Ben an idea for a new slime version pour some gold mask liquid into a bowl add 4x mix stretchy golden slime Stevie takes off his mask and enjoys a fresh face and then tests out his new golden slime is

that really made out of my face mask this slime with a lifting effect is very stretchy Steve wants to use that as a gold chain for his neck [Music] Ben brings it huge colorful slime how cool mix a bunch of colorful slimes in One Bowl mix a colorful mask make beautiful color swirls and connect all the colors in the slime Steve loves it he's never had such big slime before he has to show it to his subscribers right away this huge colorful slime barely fits into the frame real slime lovers will appreciate this giant stretchy slime Stephanie decided to take Steve's place in his vlog but Steve's already here he has a new slime idea and throw soap shavings at Stephanie shave yellow soap into white slime slice pink soap and cut it into squares mix the soap into this line stephanie collects the shavings using her soft slime and here's new slime for you just listen to those crackles now that's a real soap opera [Music] finally we are done we can leave this stuffy studio and play with all our

slimes they shine so brightly in the sunlight the friends get caught up throwing toilet paper at each other but actually we can turn that into slime to pour out some liquid soap separate toilet paper into layers tear it into pieces and cut it up with scissors mix it with the soap strain it pour in some cornstarch add food coloring and flour mix thick slime [Music] it holds its shape very well [Music] paper-based slime is really thick and pliable let's test it out on Stephanie and turn her into a slime mummy I don't think Stephanie likes this idea come on it was just a joke if you liked our Steve Swann vlog then give this video a slime like subscribe to our slime Channel and click on the slime Bell so you don't miss any new slime ideas from true true