27 June 2017

The Makeup Show Chicago Haul

Recently I went to The Makeup Show in Chicago and posted a photo on Instagram. So many of you asked for a haul and I want to give you guys videos you can't ...

hello beauties it's Brittany welcome to

my channel thank you so much for joining me today I posted a picture a little bit ago announcing that I had gone to the makeup show in Chicago and so many of you asked for a haul and you got to give that people what they asked for alright so that's why I'm here to do today but I didn't want to do like an ordinary haul I wanted to try the products on for you give you kind of like a first impression of each of them as I mentioned in my may favorites I got a new job and this was like part of my job that day so it was like a dream come true for me it was so much fun and I went with my boss and we just looked around and shop for makeup and got things that we want to use you know on our channel and on our social media platforms and just in general so I'm super super excited to share this with you today because it was just a wonderful day overall and this is the finished look so if you want to see some of the pieces on my face as well as the haul of what I got at the event then just keep on watching so I stopped by the Smashbox booth and I picked up there some ash box a photo finish primer oil and I am super excited about this you

guys know if you've been following my channel for a while I have very very dry skin and so I love oils and moisturizers and everything to kind of cleanse my skin I'm going to apply this first today I do have my daily moisturizer on with SPF but I'm going to put this oil on and massage it into the skin it smells fantastic and I applied it to like obviously my hand and my arm and things like that to make sure that I'm not allergic to anything that's in it so I'm going to have to let this sit in for a little bit though because it is very very thick and so I don't want my makeup to just slip off my face they do have a stick like a primer stick to that really helps to kind of mattify it a little bit you want to get this oil and put this on the areas that are super dry and get their primer stick and apply that to areas that are super oily that would be a good technique to hopefully balance out your skin but I'm going to just let this soak in for a little bit so I know I'm going to get some questions on these nails I'm going to show you what is on my nails and everything like that a little bit later in the video so stay tuned if you want to see how I got this

amazing rose gold nail thing going on so I also have the Smashbox photo finish shadow primer so I'm going to use this today too I don't think I've ever used their eyeshadow primer which is very strange because I have tried a ton of eyeshadow primer I need a shadow primer some people can get away with not applying any eyeshadow primer and their shadow stay all day and look beautiful mine creases and got a wire it's like everywhere on myspace is dry except for my eyelids this is not part of the haul but this is the NARS Pro prime pore refining primer and I'm going to stick this on just because my skin is still feeling a little oily this was not at the show but I finally found this I've been hunting this down for a few help a few days a few weeks whatever a little while now it is the L'Oreal infallible Pro glow concealer I love their foundation so I wanted to give this a try I picked up the shade classic ivory because I'm the lightest shade and everything when I'm not self-tanning and I'm just going to brighten up under the eyes this is quite dark for a classic ivory shade that's not cool L'Oreal not cool yeah that's

too dark what the heck that's a little dark for an under-eye concealer for me that's disappointing I mean I think I was able to blend it in but I like a lighter color underneath the eyes to brighten up under there and that's a disappointment I think I'm most excited about this part oh I put on foundation concealer and I have baked underneath my eyes I picked up a busy art palette and now this is a very very expensive brand they did have a sale going on does it make it you know a reasonable price not really but I have wanted to try these for so long and it was just I was having such a fun day kind of considering being there like my job which was just a dream come true for me but this is it is the art palette and there is no okay so it is the serie i palette and there are three maps and three shimmers and i'm going to try to just use this palette alone today because that's kind of was my hope in getting it these are warm tones they're so pretty unbelievably pigmented if you've ever played with busy art eyeshadows they are creamy and pigmented i'm so thrilled to put this on my eye today i'm going to

leave my baked because i don't know if there's going to be fallout because I never actually applied them onto the i-i've only swapped them so we shall learn together if there is fallout for the eyeshadow look today I took the cream shade brush that all over the eyelid just as like a nice base to kind of even out my skin tone and all of that I didn't take it up too high though because it is very peachy and I am very very fair so I feel like it would look odd if I took it too high up then I took the matte Brown and I brought that right into the crease this is kind of how I the standard way of doing my eye shadow can be a little bit boring but it's what works for my eye shape so I do it again and again take a matte shade pop it in the crease and then to build a definition I took the darker Brown in the palette and took that on the outer corner with a pencil brush and kind of smudge it on the lower lash line as well because I knew I was going to be doing a liner and then I brought it into the crease ever so slightly next I took the gorgeous copper in here that's probably my favorite shade in the palette put that right on the eyelid I started using

it without any mixing medium and it's gorgeous it can definitely work I think it might actually work better with your finger but I find I want a little bit more of a punch when it comes to shades like this on my lid so I used a little bit of mac fix+ tapped it on an eyeshadow brush and pop that right on to the eye it's gorgeous I love it when I took this cranberry shade and I wanted to kind of add a transition from the matte Brown on the outer corner and be copper on the inner corner so I use that cranberry shade in the center to kind of blend those together and then also brought it in the crease for like a nice a nice transition pop colors there and then wanted to highlight the inner corner so I took the champagne shade in the palette I did wet that with a little bit of mexic as well use the pencil brush and just gently applied that into the inner corner blending it out upward you know so that it kind of opens up the eye and doesn't droop the eye down and then I took that on my finger and pop it right on the center of the lid I just slightly brightened and enhanced

that area so that it was much brighter than the rest and really enhanced that inner most are the the center most portion of my eyelid as you can see I have much more makeup on my face but it was nothing that I had bought so I kind of just went and did my eyes and did some bronzer and blush and highlighter and things like that one of the things I did get is this color switch solo by Barah Mona and I actually already spray clean my brushes except for this guy right here so let's test this out I'm gonna have to go on their website and read a little bit like how do I clean this do you guys know let me know in the comments below seems to be getting it pretty clean I did quickly use it the other day - doesn't have any scent or anything like that I've seen these so many places and I've never like just physically given it a try myself that's a pretty clean brush okay I'm going to move on to lips oh I already did my eyebrows I picked this up at Walgreens when I picked up the concealer that I'm disappointed in the shade match on this is the wet wild gel lip liner and I have the shade never petal down and so I'm going to line my

lips with this and then I'm going to go in with product that I did get at the event that I'm so stoked about when I got the event is the Smashbox liquid metal in a petal metal and I'm so excited about this because my boss was wearing it and it was stunning on her and so it kind of actually matched with my nails a little bit when I was out Walgreens the other day I spotted this guy and this is one of the l'oreal infallible pinks and this is in metallic and i love their infallible pants i have every single shade they're amazing i need ask you guys about those very shortly and like show you all the shades because they're great so I thought hey these are super similar to each other so I'm going to swatch them next to each other today so that we can see what they look like side-by-side petal metal here from Smashbox and then I have what shade is this I didn't say it moonless advocacy moon lust is much more pink and pedal metal is much more new kind of rosy gold I do think I like pedal metal better the specific shade but they are both super super metallic the smashbox one you could say it has a

little bit more like a gloss look to it where the l'oreal one is a little more i don't want to say matte because it's definitely not matte maybe a little more flat but it does still have a metallic hue to it so i'm going to use the smashbox one for right now because i'm so excited it's filled so unbelievably smooth on the lips and easy to apply I love the little applicator it's like the perfect shape now I definitely feel like you can easily go overboard with these guys but this definitely plumps up the lip and make them look really super juicy and lovely so I'm going to keep the Smashbox on for now but hopefully that's swatches help you see the kind of difference between these two products the Smashbox is obviously going to be more expensive the L'Oreal you can find at your local drugstore so I love this look but I feel like I need something a little extra so I did pick up two of the Stila magnificent metals you guys know I already have three shades of these I love these so I think I'm going to take the kitten karma on a tiny little brush and put it on the inner corner of my eye to really add some glitz and glam in

that inner corner cuz more is more and I want more on my face as you can see I have finished my makeup look for the day so I'm going to hold of the rest of the products that I got starting with the nails because I know you're all done a know what I have on my nails I have on static nails and these are sold at Sephora and HSN and boss and I actually had a chance to talk to the founder and it's so cool it's a really cool brand and I recently tried some press-on nails from like Walgreens I think like the impressed ones came off in like a day and a half these I've had on for two days now and they are still looking fantastic they feel secure on my nails there's so many cool things about this nail products though you can wear them for up to 18 days or you can wear them for shorter periods of time pop them off and put them back on so they are glue on nail but they're not damaging to your nail those are the claims so I have the rose gold on today and I love them I've been wearing them like I said for about two days now they were pretty easy to put on my recommendation if you don't like the long nail is to clip them down

to about where you want them and then file them down because if you just want to file you're going to be sitting there for days but you can clip them so whatever set them on they were quite long and kind of not my style so I did clip them down quite far I also have the glass slipper design I have the white design and I have the gunmetal edit kind of mirrored design and I'm very excited to try the rest of these I'll definitely keep you guys posted so far I am loving these they feel comfortable on my nails I love the idea of just popping them off in the way that you do it is you would take a warm shower or soak your hands in some warm water and then you just kind of stick your nail underneath where there might be an opening and just pop them off and then you can reapply them and they're not supposed to damage your nails at all I'm loving them we also picked up for some videos a product from this brand called grasped Oh fine uh but I'm not pronouncing that correctly so this is their magic set mixing medium and then this is a lip powder well it's a graphic powder metal in the shade copper and the photos that they had of the product on the lip were just to die

for so I'm super excited to try this out I quickly tried it the other night and it really did work it was so metallic on my lips it was like almost the same color as my nails and they have silver and gold so stay tuned for some cool stuff on them let's just go ahead and recap I have the Smashbox photo primer oil I do like it you might want to make sure that you're blending it into the skin my foundation applied beautifully though and I feel like my skin looks really good also using the eyeshadow primer today from Smashbox this busy art palette is super nice it's really pretty do I feel like it's worth as much as it is full price I don't really think so I feel like you can get something like this at the drugstore I was really expecting to be a lot more impressed with the color payoff the blend ability things were a little bit patchy to be honest I love it and I will definitely continue to use it I just was expecting to be a lot more impressed for the price this wasn't at the show but I'm going to tell you my quick thoughts I do love the coverage in the way that it looks I did go in with another concealer as well

because I felt like the color was looking a little off so even classic ivory is a little bit too dark for us super fair individuals I already know I love the steel and magnificent metals these are amazing I have diamond dust and kitchen karma this lip color is so cool I'm definitely going to be wearing this again the Smashbox liquid metal in petal metal is gorgeous gorgeous this lip liner from white whale is also really really good I feel like this is going to be a nice addition to my vanity for quick spot cleaning I do want however want to know how do I really clean it and how do I reuse it and things like that so I'm going to have to look that up new obsession static nails yours are definitely going to be seeing me with these on a lot on my channel so easy and no dry time because sound mail polish I love it I hope you guys enjoy if you did give this video a thumbs up and let me know in the comments down below you guys asked for it so I want to give you what you want to see I hope you enjoyed thoroughly and I will see you a very very soon in my next video bye guys

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