27 November 2018

The Makeup Challenge w/ my lil cousin😬🤣

guys so I know my cousin's house and

today we're going to be doing makeup this is my cousin and we're gonna be doing each other's makeup oh I'm gonna do her makeup forest and she's not gonna look in the mirror until I'm finished then she's gonna do my makeup and I'm not gonna look up to be finished it was marina by the way let's get started oh basically um the person that's doing your makeup they're not gonna table cluttered lazy like I'm gonna do her makeup first and I'm not gonna terrible color I'm using and she can't tell me what color did she want yeah but she can give me ideas of what my favorite colors are oh I'm gonna put a time updater right now so you can see me and at that end I'm gonna show you her makeup [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] your makeup and it's not good because I don't know close your eyes I just tried to make effort are you ready to see my eyes okay when you do not me you actually have to try okay so now she's gonna do my makeup

and yeah I'm my turmagar cutters your colors are gold for the lipstick my favorite clutter-free lipstick is like red if you do red do not get my lipstick or length maroon like dark I don't like purple really blue when I do like dark and I just like like I'm not from this up I just like the red and then for my eyeshadow I want like old or like dark stuff [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yes I haven't looked at it I'm scared it looks good what do you don't like no thank you the eyeshadow it looks like beard looking a camera on camera looks fine but I like [Music] so we wept off our makeup because we're not aware that because it's bad for your skin even though I really have bad skin but thank you guys for watching behind a super fun time doing this is a good bonding experience of you by icy mix media