09 April 2019

The Makeup Brushes I Can't Live Without

HELLO!! This is probably my MOST requested video! I'm finally filming a video all about my favorite brushes :) These are the brushes that I currently cannot live ...

hey guys and welcome back to my channel

today we're gonna be talking about brushes this is probably the number one most requested video from you guys I've been using the same brushes for a very long time and I've never taken the time to sit down and explain to you what my favorite brushes are and why and so that's what we're gonna be doing today a lot of you guys suggested that I do a drugstore brush video however I really don't have specific drugstore brushes for every single category yet so in this video I'm just sharing with you my top favorite brushes there are a lot of affordable ones there's a couple high-end ones it's honestly just a good mix and I'm gonna explain to you why I love these brushes what they're good for hopefully you guys find it to be helpful if you're looking for some new brushes so we're gonna kind of go in order of application starting with face brushes and ending with eye brushes also if you're wondering anything about this makeup look it is gonna be coming later this week so I will have it linked down below if you come across this video when that video is already live but yes I did film this look and the tutorial is coming soon let's start with foundation

brushes my current favorite foundation brush is from Real Techniques this is the buffing brush now I still have not found this by itself it comes in a set and that's literally the only way that I have been able to find it online and in stores I wish they sold it online but unfortunately it comes in a set however I feel like this set is worth it just for this brush it is so good I love the size of it and this is amazing for buffing out foundation you guys have probably seen me use it in so many videos I don't know I just love how it buffs everything out and then I usually go in with a sponge afterwards but I just love how dense it is it's also not too big of a brush so I'm able to really just kind of work the foundation into the skin this has been my all-time favorite foundation brush for a few months now and I'm absolutely in love another brush that I really love for foundation is this one right here from hourglass I believe this is their vanish brush I will have the correct title for it down below the thing I like about this one is the bristles are super super soft and really close together and as you can see the brush is slightly angled

which I feel like really helps for it to glide across the skin like that this is one of my favorite brushes to use when I have a little bit more of a matte foundation formula because I feel like I can just glide it down the sides of my face and down the neck and it really just blends it out this is also one of my all-time favorites it is a little prices and real techniques but I use it all the time this one is also very similar to the hourglass brush it's a little bit cheaper but I've been using this one for a while as well I've told you guys about this a few times in different videos but this is the Tarte smoothy blending brush I'm pretty sure that's what it's called same kind of idea I really like this one it's a little bit bigger than this one so this one's like more travel friendly I guess but this one's really nice for doing the same thing just buffing and also swiping the foundation across the face just to kind of get a nice even coverage before going in with a sponge this also has a little bit of an angle to it which I absolutely love it's seriously amazing obviously you don't need to own all of these foundation brushes you could just

pick up one I just want to really share with you guys the brushes that I continue to use and I really do rotate foundation brushes depending on how dirty my foundation brushes are so I absolutely love this one it is so good highly recommend I also have found myself using the morphe m4 3:9 brush this one's a little bit more of a bulky brush I guess but it's really really soft this one's good for more buffing and circular motions if you have a little bit more of a lightweight formula that you're working with I really love to use this one this one is just a good dome shape all around but again it's a very very soft and dense brush which is what I feel like performs best when you're trying to blend out foundation so those are my four favorite foundation brushes everything will be separated and linked for you guys down below to make it as easy as possible I know that this can kind of get overwhelming sometimes so I'm gonna do my best to really break it down for you guys in the description box okay this next brush is one that I have recently fallen in love with over the past couple months this is the morphe m17 3 brush and it's just like a

little mini foundation brush basically which is why i love to use it to buff out concealer i think this is absolutely perfect again it's kind of dome shaped it has really soft dense bristles and you guys know my tutorials i like to add concealer to the eyelid before doing eyes shadow and I will use this to buff it out and then I will use my sponge same with the under eye area I will dot it underneath the eyes and then just kind of blend it out with this it's also really great to blend next to the nose if you want to or just any kind of more precise place you can also use it over blemishes I have just been so into this and I think that it's just a good brush to have and normally work the concealer into the skin with a sponge but I feel like this is a perfect brush to buff concealer in if you want to kind of the same check that I use with my foundation where I use a dome brush or something like this to buff first and then I press it into the Sienna with this this just kind of helps with a little bit more precision so I think that this is an amazing brush and it's something that I didn't think I needed until I had it in my collection

so you guys may know that I really love to cream contour sometimes and when I do I have two brushes that I have been absolutely loving I first have this one from Sephora I actually made sure that they still sold this this is just a limited edition vib Rouge one but they actually sell the same exact brush it just has a black package on it so I will have that link down below this has been one of my favorites for cream contour I have loved it with um the milk makeup bronzer and also I love the benefit hoola kwikki contour stick with this there's something about it the texture is incredible it is so soft but it just fits perfectly in the areas where I want to press the cream contour onto the skin and then it also buffs it out so so nicely this has been one of my favorite brushes since I got it if you're somebody who also likes to cream contour you definitely need to check out this brush it's so good for just pressing the contour onto the skin and along the jaw line and again really good for buffing out too I love this if you want something a little bit more precise at the tip this is really great this is the Real Techniques contour brush and I've

actually used this in several different ways you can obviously use it to contour as you can see it's gonna give you more of a precise line or I've used it with cream blushes I've used it with cream highlighters it's just a really good all-around brush and I love the size of it because it lets you get a little bit more precise with your cream products so I absolutely love this one as well I can't remember if these two brushes came in a set or if I bought them in separate sets or if this came alone I don't know I will clarify everything in the description box okay so many of you guys asked me about this brush this is from Sigma it's the soft blend concealer brush the f/64 I don't use it for a concealer I use it to set the under-eye area and around the mouth and also the t-zone I used to use another brush with the brown handle that you guys would always ask about it actually broke which broke my heart so I've been using this one instead it really does get the job done I also like to use it on the eyelid I feel like it's a good size to set the eyelid concealer if I want to and again I love to use it to press powder

the eyes around the nose in the t-zone basically you guys see me do this in the basically upper tutorial and I have been using this brush like crazy after I set the under-eye concealer and the t-zone I like to use this brush right here this is actually from BH Cosmetics and this one does come in a set but the set is extremely affordable and even though I have only a couple that I really really am attached to from that set the entire set is really great so I do feel like if you wanted to try out this powder brush and you had to buy the whole set I do think you would get use out of the whole set I'm just sharing with you guys my favorites and you guys have seen this in countless videos now this is the BH Cosmetics number 2 brush but it's in a specific set I'll have it linked down below this one I love because it's just a good classic fluffy brush and it just is good for pressing powder into the face I really love it it's also really quick because it's a bigger brush so I love to use it to just press the outer portions of the face after setting the face in the center with a more precise brush I know you guys have seen me do that tons of times but a lot of you guys

always ask about this and it is from BH Cosmetics which is awesome because it's extremely affordable moving on to powder contour I've been really loving this one right here from morphe it's the morphe M 405 brush I had a very similar one from Sigma that I actually lost I have no idea where it went and then this came in the was it the James Charles brush set I think I was really excited to see a brush similar to this if I can find the Sigma link I will have that link down below because honestly I kind of like that one a little bit better but this one does get the same job done it's just a little bit more scratchy it's not super scratchy but it's a little bit more scratchy than the Sigma one but what I like about this is the angle as you can see right here has a nice little angle to it and I like how it has a little bit less hair in it because when it comes to powder contour I'm really able to press it into the face and kind of be more precise underneath the cheeks here and along the forehead so I've really really enjoyed this brush for a more precise contour if I want a more all-over bronze I will use this brush I've used this in pretty much every

tutorial for a very long time now this is another one of those BH Cosmetics brushes that was in the same set as this one this is the BH Cosmetics number oh I don't know what number it rubbed off but I love this too doing Oliver bronze I don't know what it is about this but I love how it has a little bit of a taper at the top I just feel like that allows me to kind of get precise but then it buffs it when I'm pressing the bronzer onto the skin it really helps to buff it but also keep it precise I don't know this is just a really great bronzer brush I have absolutely loved it these two have been amazing for just complexion everything for powders and bronzers and again they're both in the same set so I absolutely love that bronzer brush for blush this has been my favorite blush brush for a while this is the morphe Jacqueline Hill JH Oh six brush it is so perfect for blush and you guys know how much I love blush but it just hugs the cheek so so nicely it picks up just the right amount of product it is so good and seriously I feel like this is the only blush brush that you need I think it's probably my

most used brush out of her entire brush collection moving off to highlighter I have two highlighter brushes that I get a lot of use out of one is the morphe r-36 brush this one I like for a little bit more of a subtle or all over highlighter because the brush is a little bit thicker it's gonna cover more surface area but I don't feel like it's too big to where it doesn't fit around this area here and I also feel like I can still use it down the center of the nose if I want to so I really do like that one but my all-time favorite is this one right here from nabla they don't sell this red packaging anymore but I think they relaunched it with a gold packaging and I hope it's still in stock I will have it linked down below if it is this one is so good for an extremely precise highlighter application it is the best highlighter brush ever this one's also really really nice for going down the center of the face if you want to so if I had to choose between the two this is definitely my favorite highlighter brush but I know morphe is a little bit more available to a lot of you guys so this one is also really good alright so those

are all my current favorite face brushes let's move on to the eyes this next brush I have used since the beginning of time I love this brush it actually has been so used that the design in the middle has completely rubbed off this is from the balm cosmetics and I use it basically for this side alone it also has another side to it which is actually really nice for just applying it all over base you could also use this with a setting powder if you wanted to just set the concealer but I mainly use it for this side this is the best brush I've ever for my transition shade so you guys know I usually go in with a transition shade first this is so fluffy that it really allows you to distribute the product super evenly I love the way it buffs out the shadows it is my favorite brush for transition shades it's just the best after I use a transition shade I like to go in with something a little bit more precise I have a few brushes that kind of do the same thing so I'm gonna talk about all of them this is also from BH Cosmetics it's in that same exact set this is the number six brush in that same set and I really love this for a

little bit more of a precise crease application but it's not too precise it's still nice and fluffy but I just love the way that this brush applies eyeshadow so usually I go in with something like this to deepen up the crease a little bit more but you can also use it to really buff out that shadow and create a nice smoked out effect if I want my crease to look a little bit more precise I will use this one this one is a little bit more tapered on the end which allows it to get nice and precise in the crease this is the morphe m4 4-1 brush so again it's gonna create a little bit more of a precise line but for certain looks I like that so that's why I like to use this and I wanted to tell you guys about it because it really does allow me to get nice and precise in certain areas if I want to so this is a really good room for that another blending brush that I really love is the morphe m57 3 I have a lot of morphe brushes I used to not use morphe but then I got the Jacqueline Hill and James Charles brush sets and these are truly the ones that I've been reaching for and there are some really good brushes in both of those sets but

obviously you can buy them individually too if you want so this one right here is a little bit more fluffy I like to use brushes like this in the crease and I will also use it to kind of pack product onto the outer portion of the lid as well I don't know I just feel like having a few different blending brushes really helps especially when you're flipping from color to color because a lot of time you don't have time to like clean your brushes in between every single eyeshadow so I feel like it's really good to have a couple different blending brushes and so that's why I wanted to tell you guys about a few that I like even if they kind of do the same thing just because these are the ones that I use all the time this one I really like to pack on product on that outer corner and into the crease a little bit as well this is the morphe m4 33 and it's a little bit flatter which makes it really nice for kind of packing on the product so I usually use this eyeshadow brush with deeper shades and I will just press it into the outer corner this is one of my favorite brushes from morphe I think it's so good this one's a little bit softer and a

little bit more precise this one is from Sigma it's the Sigma e25 brush this is a classic from Sigma it is so good but same kind of idea I really like to use it for more precise application on the outer corner but you can also use it to pack product onto the lid as well I think this is a great brush so I loved that one okay I have two of these and I get so much use out of both so I definitely think that you need two of these these ones came in the James Charles set and I really liked how he had multiples of the same brush because again and when I look you might want to use two different colors like you can see here I use them with this I look but this is the morphe M four-five-six brush and it's just the perfect brush for so many things I love the size of these brushes first of all I'm able to really really get precise up to my lash line if I want to on the top lid and it's amazing to pack product into this inner corner here and it's also amazing to buff underneath the lower lash line with this because you don't want to use something that's too big but with transition shades in certain shades on the lower lash line I want to have

something that's precise but fluffy so that I can really buff it out and this brush does the trick for me I have used both with basically every single eye look since I got these brushes I think they're amazing so highly recommend those this one is another one of my favorites this is the morphe m12 for this one's really really itty-bitty and it's just really good for underneath the brow bone if you want to use it for that I found myself using it with concealer a lot of the times either carving out the brow or if I do a cut crease it's amazing to create a precise line across the lid if you want to do a cut crease it is so good so I definitely use this for concealer but for the eye area I never use it on like blemishes or anything like that but you could also use it in the inner corner or underneath the brow bone to highlight if you wanted to so that's a great brush this is one that I really love for on the lower lash line getting nice and up close to those lashes on the lower lash line sometimes it's a little difficult but this one really allows me to do that because it's a little bit more precise at the tip this is the morphe Jacqueline Hill jh4

one brush and I use it today to really blend out that outer corner it's not too scratchy I hate us grachi brush so it's precise but not like stiff and Scratchy where it hurts your eyes I really have loved this for the lower lashline mostly but again you could definitely use it to pack glitter onto the lid if you wanted to there's a lot of ways you could use this I just like the size of it and then we have a more feed Jacqueline Hill J h40 brush this is another one that I really like for the lower lash line because I feel like I can really buff away the transition shade underneath everything or if there's a shimmer shade I can really buff everything nicely on that lower lash line if you wanted to you could also use this to apply color to the inner corner of the eye you could also use it to be more precise on the outer corner seriously there's so many things you could do with this but again it's a really good-sized brush to have because it just allows you to get more precise around the eye area this brush I don't think is available but I wanted to tell you guys about it and maybe I'll try to find something that's similar I

haven't found anything similar yet but I'm gonna try to find something that's decent this is the Christian abou hair 1870 brush I'm obsessed with this brush for highlighting the inner corner and the brow bone you've probably seen me use this for that in every video since I started my channel because it's just perfect for that it's perfect for applying highlighter to the inner corner of the eye I absolutely love it so again I'm gonna try to find something similar for you guys because I did look to see if they make this anymore and they don't but again I'll do my best to try to find something similar if I can well you guys that is it that is my brush video I hope you enjoyed it and I hope that you found this helpful again I will try to have everything nice and organized in the description box for you guys I used to think that brushes didn't matter when it came to makeup until I started to play around with good brushes and let me tell you it really does make a difference a lot of these brushes are affordable some of them might be a little bit more of an investment for you but they really last a good amount of time if you take care of them and it really will change your

makeup game so I hope you guys found this helpful you will probably recognize these brushes now in future videos and in previous videos I will also have my favorite sponges because sponges are also something that I feel like make the biggest difference with your makeup so I'll go ahead and link some of my favorite sponges as well down below for you guys if you're interested in picking up a new sponge but yeah that's it these are the ones that I use like if I had to get rid of the rest of my brushes I could make a killer look with all of these so yeah that's it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it let me know in the comments below if there's a brush that I didn't talk about that you were absolutely obsessed with that I need please comment that down below because again I truly feel like tools make such a difference so comment your favorite brushes down below if you're new here hi my name is Allie and I would love for you to join the family you can do so by hitting the subscribe button and if you're already subscriber but you want to be notified on Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays when I upload click on the bell after you

subscribe and you'll get a notification every single time I post that's all for today I hope you guys have an amazing day wherever you might be stay tuned for this makeup look coming later this week and I will see you all in my next video love you boy