05 December 2016

THE MAKEUP BREAKUP: Destroying and Weighing a Jeffree Star Skin Frost | Onyx Ice

No shade to Jeffree, we just want to myth bust the rumours about the product breaking easily (and yes, we did zero the scale). In this video we smash up a ...

oh hello hello we are back we are back

we are going to destroy stuff yes are getting scientific we are we are so if you haven't seen cat and I purchased onyx eyes from Jeffrey star this is his black highlighter and we have done a an application demo first impressions video check it out up here if you haven't seen it but in this video what are we going to do that we're going to break it apart and the reason being is that it's such a big pad it claims to contain a lot of product yeah and it is it is huge is so just as a quick example of the size that's the pan versus the Becca highlighter that's a horrible one so it is really big so - yeah huge and um everyone's like is it as big as it claims to be there's been rumors that reasons why they've been breaking is that the pan is really thin and there's actually not much product in there so we're going to break this apart and we're going to see how thin the pen actually is yeah and we're going to compare it to a blush of the same size and see how thick and how much pot up we're going to weigh the product see how much is in there we're going to get scientific yeah we're going to do it go you're gonna break it

we're gonna break it like I destroy them my house so let's do it alright so we're going to start off by weighing both of our powder products first we've got the Jeffrey style one here you can see down the bottom it says 15 grams I'm going to stick this on the scale and see what it weighs 114 grams so obviously the 15 grams is meant to be the weight of the actual product inside so we'll make note of that and we'll see what it comes out to the next item that we're comparing it to is the dusty girls Mugu blush in pink ladies this is also 15 grams as you can see there let's give this one away and that one is 51 grams so what we're going to do is we're going to start cutting things open and weighing them so cat cut cut it cut it cut it cut it oh that's really sad is very soft is it yeah yeah soft see if we can get some out oh there we go all right I'm going to pick that up yeah I'll show you guys so there you guys can see how thin it is and it is it's very thin in the pan it's not thick by any means so it does make sense why it's breaking up when it's sort of roughly shipped it's also really so it's very soft

[Music] oh yeah such satisfy it is a lot of product it is there it is guys 16 grams of product in the pan so it is its what he says it is and yes they are very big pants we will not dispute that but you can see and other people have pointed this out they're very thin pants so yeah yeah a lot of the size comes from the spread but there's still 16 grams in there which is more than advertised which is what you would expect all right next up we've got the dusty girls blush go for a cat smash it a lot more pattern yeah it looked harder to cut yeah so you can see there it is significantly thicker but it's a much drier formula [Music] Oh interesting and there's none left in the corners like no interesting so that's actually coming out at 13 grams riches I think you know that's interesting it is interesting good on you Jeffrey staff or you know having more than what you advertised in your pants and we won't we won't talk about this one will we that's a bit dirty dodge so if you're thinking we look a little bit of that is

because we tested out the highlighter a highlighter obviously um and we actually had to go to the shops yes you know a bit of a technical snafu and it resulted in us having to leave the house looking like this yes and we did get a lot of stares yes and potentially some nasty comments from males so if you do want people to potentially abuse you in public and stare at you this is the highlighter for you Oh sculpted Oh No Oh beautiful anyway so what are our findings from our little experiment the jeffree star on its eyes sore skin frost whatever you want to call it um it definitely contains 15 grams product in fact it contained more 16 grams yep so that is great the pan is very large but it is quite shallow yeah and the consistency of the product is very very hot so we can understand why there was some breakage yeah I think if they're not handled carefully it's totally your be expected also in comparison these two pans um you can tell that the this one which claims contains a meta product slightly less though yeah it is a little bit thicker in the pan so it could just be that little bit of added thickness or

also the fact that this is a lot firmer a lot of a drier consistency yeah that makes this one a lot more stable and steady get here to the jeffree star ones but if you are concerned and thinking do I have 15 grams of Onyx ass in my pan yes you do yeah we go you totally have all yeah so so there you go there you go deep once he bumped me miss busted that one we did so I'll give us coal Mythbusters yeah hello so yeah so if you want to see us debunk it anymore make up theories cut things open destroy things let us know we are happy to do it yet it is fun to do that breaking they actually like breaking things more they like using things yeah it's fun for some reason actually fun to purposely break makeup it is so I'm but if you did want to see us a review first impressions this all usual highlighter definitely check the video up in the corner also be linked on the screen at the end of this video and in the description box yay yay so I'll see you guys next time don't forget to comment down below if you want to see any more debunking itself it's fun it is fun I think down for do a scientist in me really likes to do it yeah yeah see you guys so much for

watching guys bye