29 September 2018

The Magic Of Bread Making

Making bread is a time-consuming but magical process. Follow the producer: @vaughn Follow L'Imprimerie: @limprimerie http://limprimerie.nyc/ Follow Breads ...

red takes time and patience and things

sometimes go wrong but that such a beautiful product in such a beautiful crisis what I like about this red you can create when it breaks in your mind it's just about the feeling you know has its own like it has its own way of reacting like trying to get this dough that's massive it always feels to me like I'm teaming up dude being French I guess we we have bread at every meal bread has always been around and we do things here in the very traditional way so when we mix my hand we're gonna start mixing the levant to the water and break it down then they're gonna incorporate all the ingredients the gluten gonna start to try to get access to the water like string that come together and attach to each other when you pull the dough it's like a pudding back I used to work in a bank I was getting older and tired of working in a bank and not having fun anymore I needed to do something with my hands so dramatically different from being a banker I feel that being a baker is a great job and crafts to be able to work with your hand and to feed the people of a community I find it very therapeutic to shape and bread it's a great feeling

is the best feeling ever because you are in your world you have to do two very relaxed environment baking is mostly waiting for the dough to be ready take two to three days all together but most of the time nothing happens a lot of time you just wait time is probably the biggest ingredient in the breads and that's why being a small bakery matters because we have time all this time that you added the process adds a lot of dimension to our loaf of bread because of the yeast and the sorrow is something that's moving and that does what it wants based on how hot or cold is the room how it's mixed that makes it very challenging but very rewarding the better you get your hands learn how to play with the dough and how to shape it and to make it do what you want it to do you want the dough to be like a nice pillow or when it's fluffy and then you play with it and you see how it turns out give me what's Rickey's and you need to be careful when it works fine is very enjoyable when it doesn't is not that enjoyable bread takes time and patience and things sometimes go wrong but that's such a beautiful product and such a

beautiful craft the best feeling ever to be able to produce something that you brought off I'm sure that's why everybody in the kitchen goes to work every day when I was at school I remember that we produce bread every day and it would bring bread to people being your doctor or being new friends and people get very excited through the centuries has always been something very important for the country you look back in France you would have people who would go to the oven at the end of the village and it would all bake usually once a week their bread in the communal oven and that's where the scoring is coming from the scoring comes from I think he's here for a reason because it allowed the bread to expand to get to get nicer and to get more volume because you create from weakness in the crust but back then the scoring was only a way for the home baker to sign his loaf so that weight comes out of the oven you can see which one is easy people see just some bread as some things that's gonna keep in a bag for two weeks that is super white that has no crust and that has little favor

when I sit the other way when the crust is super dark you get a lot of flavor to the crest you want this like nice sugar that caramelized on the outside of the bread you want some sound you can hear it cracking that makes up the crust is nice it's very fluffy inside and you get all this bubble from fragmentation I like it with cheese obviously I like it with butter it's very enjoyable I think we care a lot and that shows in the product and you've learned so much and it makes you very humble I mean it's a very good balanced meal tissue under telemetry to gluten [Music] which was a very tough experience like physically and mentally to be able to open the bakery here so I give it like 3:30 we come here we start at 4 a.m. and for many reasons I think it's my home because that way I work and at 12 have most of my days it's tough right touch the door does whatever it wants to do some days it's heavy we carry a lot of dough around standing all the time like in any kitchen our recipes and the formula but then it takes a lot of practice and experience to be able to consistently produce the bread if you

fill a recipe and for a good cake and you've got good technical skills you should be okay for Brad if you don't know what you're doing the bread gonna eat you back it's a lot but it's very rewarding because nothing is this something magical in the way that people react to bread we did a baby shower and the baby got born and now he's 2 years old and we still in contact we see people getting married we see people coming to neighborhood and growing with us and leaving the neighborhood so it becomes I mean this is my social life because I my customers I think there are very few job like that [Music] when I'm making vodka all I hear is jazz you know in jazz there's a lot of improvisation but within that improvisation there's a set form our Bob Godot is a hybrid between a bread and a pastry so it has eggs in it it has some butter it's pretty rich it has Easton it so it's like a wild beast you know as its own like it has its own way of kind of reacting you know it's like trying to get this dough that's massive you know and it's like wild it always feels to me like I'm teeming of these I grew up in

Israel and in Israel it's basically a standard you have to have chocolate vodka all the time it's a beautiful play on traditional Eastern European dessert and what we did is basically created a whole new hybrid of it so we laminate the pastry which means engulfing butter with in the dough giving it a series of folds and I love butter there's nothing in you know I love but I just you know I adore it I dream about layers like this is what I do live once had a dream that I was in between the layers but I don't know just do me I don't know in my past I was doing things that were not even related to food I was a soldier and one day once I got out I said this is not the life I want to live and I discovered a a recipe just a very standard recipe in an old cookbook it was this old olive loaf honestly it came out really bad when I made it but I didn't know it for me it was the best bread I ever made and I remember becoming obsessed with it it was just my life at that moment and I knew it and it hit me you know very very early that this is what I want to do and I've been making vodka for four years of

my life every day almost and every day has been different Julieta is a great team name here and I you know we've been making about the for a while now making boxes like events we know each other without even having to talk [Music] [Music] vodka was was pretty much more of a Saturday thing for us we used to wake up early and try to like slice up your vodka pieces before my parents woke up it's all about stealing food for me I don't know what's going on but um you make thousands about this throughout the day vodka is great all day long even if you buy it and you have it the next thing you'd still have a lot of joy out of it but um when it's just the right temperature just cooling down from the oven it's still a little moist inside you have a syrup that's still just starting to so basically in case all that moisture all of these are all Roma's and all these flavors are enhanced at that certain times and then we try not to eat them I usually fail

I really adore making about good is my life but when I when I watched Jeremy make I like you know he takes Paolo making to a whole new level a great great to make a his develop because what I like about my job is to be creative actually decided to make bread when I was 14 years old because I went to do - this - in France and I really liked to make bread and I'm very interesting about it so then I went to school for that and it since is 8 I never stopped it's just about the feeling you know when you have to fill the dough has to be supervised you won't be able to make your final shape when you poke the dog you have to spring back a little bit every day try to wake up at 2:30 a.m. get on the train get the apron on pick some bread and then I started it when you love your job you can I make it very like easier to run your day because if you don't like you know - do not going to be that easy every day I'm really proud to make definitely the challah what I like that destroyed is you can create whatever it's in your mind the her shoe is a little bit sweet but

he goes with everything and I like to eat a lot with the honey like a sharing bread this remind me when I was in my family I've admitted you know then we just take a piece of bread para you know I grew up having Paula on our dinner table every Friday the challah was like this centerpiece thing and we mean like my younger brother we always try to like pick at the challah before dinner start every Friday night we used to eat the entire column we were done after that so we just ate the highlight and amulet they were very very angry very angry [Music] I used to work in a bank I was a soldier I was getting older and tired one day once I got out I said this is another life I want to live I needed to do something with my hands inside him to make bread and I was 14 years old bread has always been around and he needs to tell his story so it's like a wild beast you know as its own life that makes it very challenging but very rewarding I really adore making vodka is my life when you love your job can I make it easier to run your day is the best feeling ever to produce something rather

this is what I want to do one Baker can seem thousands of people [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] again my name is a diabetic my name is Jess Raquel [Music] and I did bread [Music] you