13 June 2017


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oh hey guys if sorry is so I am back

with another video and I'm super super excited I think on forever and I'm just like I need to put out a YouTube video so today this what I'm doing so I've just been really really busy lately um I graduated and I turned 18 so I've been just busy and then I have a full-time job where I'm getting 39 to over 40 hours a week working five to six days a week so it is a lot on me but I finally got this day off so I am going to make the best of it and make myself a youtube video so today I'm going to be making a review on this Harrison piece it up a little bit so I don't like that but okay so this is my true glory live between this is my singer scratching my head okay bro this is my true glory Brazilian straight hair so let's do a background one true blurry in my history which is boring so true glory is like you know everybody has that goal - hair company that to glory is mine go to your company true glory is a lineThe Atlanta base they have two locations in Atlanta there needs to open up more but they have silicates in Atlanta and I've only been someone because the one is just closer to me I don't know the need to travel to the other one so I already

have a Brazilian body wave review on my channel which was done when I was a sophomore in high school like I figured earlier I just graduated so it was done a while back and meaning companies can't keep up with the quality of their hair so what really happens is here companies are able companies are able to have really really good quality here when they first start out that's how they're going to build their business with having amazing politics hair and as they grow I think everybody could say this I would actually think about it but when you see here somebody started to grow normally their hair quality starts to go down so when I got jewelry here it was when like Sugoi I started to become like unknown name in Atlanta and everybody in my family's that has have weave and my for my immediate family decide we had a trip over here like sugar here is everything for us so like my mom my sister everybody has that true were here so we normally hide alive when it first heart came back around but then I decided to go with this hair company again a little later and install it I got first I got a 20 22 inch and salt that then I for homecoming I got two

more bundles so for my homecoming someone I have four bundles which is all this hair right here is four bundles whole turnaround hopefully I see this four bundles is not the ICCA's here in the world but it's definitely not thin for anything he is our maid dad you see like even we get close to the ends it's not straggly or anything I feel like this is so unorganized so let me get back to business so that was my second installment with two of the bundles in my first installment with two of the bundles and here is insta again and this is my third installment with two of the bundles in my second installment with two of the bundles as to 22 into 20 so that's what I have in mind so let's go ahead and get on to the review of the year so this has to be the best hair I have ever had in my career of padding here now I don't like spending money on hair that I feel like is not going to be quality here so I had really bad experiences well Entenmann's Wow one super bad experience and then I had the next one was buying from another hair company it was okay

wasn't the best hair wasn't this hair I'm pretty sure somebody who was wearing me for the first time wouldn't mind some of the things that came with the hair so yeah so I haven't had the best experience and I just always found myself going back to to Glory chores hair it's probably the most low-maintenance hair you could ever buy in your life this is their Brazilian stray like I said um alright like I said I work five to six days a week which is a lot I don't work that because I need it but um they just need people so yeah so normally I don't do anything with my hair I had not styled my hair at all for two weeks I had not put a flat iron on it or anything I put one squirt of my serum on it and that was it my hair was still looking better another girls like what what so um yeah so I get no shedding no tingling when I I've never ever had this hair tangled shedding is very minimum for this to be my third installation with some of the what some of these bundles is absolutely ridiculous that I still don't have any shedding or any tangling with this hair I get crazy and let's see what out the

shine or the luster is amazing is super bouncy super flowy it's just amazing I suggest this to any and everybody because it honestly does not get better than this I'm sorry like it's amazing it blends with my hair perfectly like let me know when my real hair is let me know where my role here is like it's just amazing so I'm pretty sure you all want to know what products I use on your hair so because that does come into play as well you don't want like your hair so you don't want to be using no two dollar shampoo and having your marriage and all that type of stuff so I'm gonna show you guys what they used on my hair and I did like literally just come from the hair salon so so let's start well this is the shampoo is the Lindsay it's the extraordinary Laura ordinary oil nourishing shampoo come on light come on I also use the same conditioner and I also use the same serum so all three of mine all three of these products are the only products I use in this hair for the most part their amazing product they are super super cheap so you don't have to spend tons of money on products I'm upon a junkie so I'll sit there and

by professional drugstore any type of products that are just going to make my hair as long as it needs to be I'm gonna buy it but the fact that I should spend like literally 3 bucks on this conditioner 3 bucks on the shampoo and made a lot 4 bucks on the serum it's crazy so that's what I use like on a normal basis but I do um clarify my hair every month I try to which is just getting all of the build-up and things that happens over time I normally try to do that when I feel like my hair is way down the most like maybe when I've been putting the serum in my hair like every single day or something like that so yeah and then I also tried to condition my hair as often as I still needed so if I feel like I haven't been giving my hair the tender love and care needs then I'll go ahead and deep condition it and I think conditioner using the silicon mix now what'd I tell you guys this is the best conditioner you will ever need to buy in your life I mean it like is this hair not giving you life like is it not giving you life I'm sorry but this video should just having sold on is here and this conditioner but yes so silicon mix I literally today just bought this

6b out conditioner and get so much it was only $20 I know some conditioners as the what a town 6-ounce is over $20 and this is the 8-ounce like it's whites I don't know if you'll be able to see but like it's almost gone this is just amazing anytime I get some fresh bundles this is the first thing I use on it so when I put it in it smells really good makes my hair really soft and silky you get that just amazing look with this yes let's all use four products on my hair I don't use anything else on my hair I used to but those three products together the L'Oreal products together are amazing in the silicone mix is amazing especially on this hair but this will come at this amazing period because I've used it won some really really been here before in a transform that here like literally I got nothing but shedding tangling and it was just ugly after a real good decondition with that literally no shedding literally no tingling silky it's everything but I didn't like do extremely conditioning I just did a regular deconditioning like this so yes I know what's in that but it's forgetting me and then let's go onto my

styling products or my phone tools so the only thing I'm really gonna talk about in this video is my new biiian because I have you sit on this hair and I freaking love it on the hair is so amazing presence on my hair so easily it's just ridiculous so I and before I say this it's not like one you see again defecated this is more of your investment type tool I have been watching this brand is taught to flat iron for years and I finally got the courage to buy it so I'm hopeful to see so I use the name oh my god the Nano hopefully this we're just on the nano titanium fly I'm by fabulous Pro this is everything literally everything it curls beautifully it's bright injure hair feels smooth it's just as brief pain and I wanted a flatiron that I sister-in-law bundles Lynn having silky smooth and short in my leave out or my rule here when I take my Ouisa gonna be soaking school this gives to me so girl looking first for iron get this I'll link it in the description box actually got mine for $80 instead of $100 because it is $100 so it was just because I had a coupon code for Ulta but

you can't catch this one sale sometimes so just watch because this will avenge a dog I don't think are what I got it but it was a few dollars so I got it so yeah just watch out this lion is I mean I've had it forever but I say people that have had their forever and ever and ever and it just works beautifully some yes so that's basically it sorry it's basically it for this review slash hair care tips so I hope you guys I feel like the lighting isn't fun enough but I hope you guys enjoy I'm super super excited I'm back I think I'm going to record another video today as well so you'll be seeing this look again so don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and I'll see you guys later