21 December 2018

The art of make-up

By Srushti.


hello and welcome all who enjoy art makeup is art art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination typically in visual form art can be expressed by anyone a wise woman named Mary Dunbar once said we are each gifted in a unique and important way it is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light this quote not only sums up the meaning of makeup but also the artistic abilities that people can make of it in the early 2000s makeup was used to hide one's imperfections but as the years have progressed makeup has become a form of art senior Alisa Mojica shared her opinion on how the meaning behind makeup has changed I think in the past it had a very negative connotation to it because people would look at people who are makeup and say oh they're only wearing makeup because they feel bad about themselves or they want to look completely different about like the person they are but I don't think that's as accurate now I think people wear makeup so they could just define the features they have and also to like express their individuality senior Alexa Flores stated her opinion on the

significance of makeup and that's just who they are and it's not necessarily something to cover up your insecurities but it's just something that makes you happy it makes you who you want to be beauty goals in the YouTube community once used their tutorials to show people how they could conceal themselves and hide their imperfections but in the last five years these beauty gurus have become artists who don't use makeup just to make themselves a beautiful beautiful is a very broad word it can hold physical emotional and mental meaning beauty isn't the way you hold yourself it's how you treat people the way you love its self-acceptance is in your soul Mojica also shared what Beauty means to her I think myself I have not fully constructed the meaning of the word beauty and I think that for every person the word beauty is different but for me I just see it as how you are on the inside and also how you are on the outside but that part is not as significant as the part on the inside internationally-known James Charles was one of the first male makeup artists to start a channel that showcased makeup as an art form although

he went through hate and many years of figuring out what makeup techniques fit him best he is one of the most influential people I know beauty gurus are constantly releasing palettes and makeup that they create but it never seems to catch my eye James Charles most recent collab with morphe cosmetics caught my eye right away his palette was called unleash your inner artist and if the name doesn't already seem interesting to someone who enjoys make up the actual makeup is sure to get their attention while the palette is all great materialistically the meaning behind it and the purpose of it is what caught my attention senior Gillian Foster shared her opinion on purchasing these makeup palettes I think it would depend a lot on the palette if the palette didn't have meaning but I really liked the artist I would definitely consider buying it but I would also try to think about I would probably lean towards other palettes to have a meaning and like a significance behind it even if as long as I supported that meaning if I wasn't obsessed with that makeup artist but it had a meaning

I'd probably lean towards that artist or palette more makeup is art stop shaming people who spend an hour a day creating art on their faces and stop shaming those who create art otherwise art is art art will remain art no matter what categories are added and or removed when asked whether she thought makeup was a form of art Foster said definitely makeup is some people do it every day just kind of as what's expected thing but especially recently a lot more people are having fun experimenting and try new things and honestly creating a work of art every day and it's always changing too so yeah I definitely think makeup is a thank you for listening I hope you enjoyed a little insight into the makeup community