28 September 2017

The 4 Best Makeup Products! (Cruelty-free)

Today's video is about the 4 best cruelty-free vegan makeup brands (my favourite products that I currently use and love!). If you wear cosmetics, why not try a ...


hi hey friends welcome to my channel in today's video we're covering my favorite vegan makeup items if it's your first time visiting bombshell help give this video a thumbs up make sure you subscribe if you haven't already you can just click that red button below and that'll mean I'll get more videos out to you more regularly let's get right into it first of all my bronzer blush and eyeliner or eye shadow let's say which I use as eyeliner and brow pencil as well with a thin brush it is from a brand called Gaia so this is what it looks like this is the kind of brown version that I use for my eyebrows around my eyes well that's it really and then I used both a bronzer for my contouring and a blush from the same brand Gaia is a mineral makeup what I love about it is that as you put it on you can kind of add layers to it to make it more dramatic or keep it subtle as you like I find it stays very well it feels really good on my skin and most importantly its cruelty free it's got natural ingredients that are not harsh on the skin and so I love it so I highly recommend guy up for those types of

products next up I think things rolled behind me next up lunch cosmetics so this is a Canadian company they're fresh homemade handmade can't make cosmetics that are pretty great of course they're vegan again really high-quality ingredients they make a lot of things like soap and bath products I don't really use very many of those but when I was in their store I came across this liquid liner and that's actually what I've been using for months now I make the line on the top of my eyes with this liquid liner so it looks like this it works very well now the only thing is that you have to actually get quite precise like with any liquid liner does have great staying power I love the way it looks I love the way it feels and it's non-irritating on the eyes so the lush cosmetics liquid liner is my second product line that I absolutely love next up we've got my mascara this is my old one this is my new one that just came in the mail comes from Pacifica Beauty this is another brand that's vegan I believe it's mineral based yes natural minerals this is the best mascara I have ever come across it has a

cool feature which I'll probably cover in another video which allows you to kind of squash the wand closer for more of a volume this effect or keep the lawn more extended or a kind of longer lash effect it's called dream big it's pretty fantastic I have been using it this has lasted me for I want to say about maybe as much as six months I mean I don't wear makeup every day so that's a part of that reason let me see if I can package it quickly for you yeah so here's what it looks like yeah lash extending 7 in one mascara I'm not tested on animals this is what it looks like brand new so much prettier so that's my mascara and I love it finally this isn't really a specific recommendation but my other favorite makeup item brushes that are cruelty free so what that means is they're synthetic but there are so many awesome synthetic brushes out there that give you the exact same effect that you would get with any other bristle I'll highlight one that I have but of course any one that you have out there that you like is great this is the brush that I use for their kind of here as well as around my face all the kind of

contouring around my nose and whatnot this is from a brand called look good feel better they raise money for a great cause or women with breast cancer breast cancer recovery if you can find a cruelty free brush that also supports another great cause I mean it's kind of a win-win plus I have to say that I love the way this feels on my skin I love the effect lends everything really well now when you're going out shopping whether you're vegan or not start to think about some of these choices because there's so many options out there there's literally an abundance of choice so why not make a choice that not only makes you feel good about yourself on the outside but so that you can feel good from the inside out to about your choices so that's it for my vegan makeup haul these are some of my favorite products that I've been using for the past year so once again the gaia for my facial powders and an eyeshadow kind of thing this look good feel better brush or applying those things and then finally my mascara from Pacifica the dream big seven and one as well as the lush black liquid liner so those are some of my

favorites if you have any favorites that you recommend please list them in the comments below I'd love to hear more because I want to update my own stash in my own routine whenever I can if you're new to this channel please don't forget to subscribe click that red button below and I'll get more videos out to you and if you enjoyed this video give it a big thumbs up and thanks so much for watching I'll see you soon have an awesome day [Music] [Applause] [Music]