26 November 2018


I did a poll on Instagram on whether or not to do a thanksgiving makeup tutorial and it ended up being a YES so here it is! Thank you guys so much for watching ...

yeah it's good

hi guys welcome back to my channel today I thought earlier today I did a poll on Instagram to see if you guys wanted to see my Thanksgiving makeup look that I was actually obsessed with and the majority of the guys said yes so I'm gonna show you guys how I did it look crazy so first I'm gonna pry my face as always that was prime my face and that was use the Laura Geller primer I'm gonna go ahead and use my towel that I showered with but I'm gonna use um my Maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation and I already wet my sponge then I'm just gonna pour some on my Beauty Blender that much and dab my face okay now that I've opened it in I'm gonna take my Too Faced bronzer and my powder brush and I'm just going to dab it all over my face I'm not really gonna go too much into depth on my face because I've already showed you guys my everyday makeup routine if you haven't seen it I'll link up below so you guys can go watch it now I'm gonna take a little smaller brush and do my contour and this is with the same powder now I'm gonna go ahead and set my face with the urban decay thanks ray okay now a month so my eyebrows but I'm actually I'm

gonna do them walking around and I'm gonna use my Anastasia Beverly Hills powder brow powder in dark brown brown okay now I'm gonna set my eyebrows with the anastasia beverly hills brow gel they may not be the same that's okay now we're gonna go ahead and do my eyeballs and I'm gonna use my quints two Urban Decay Gwen Stefani pout Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani palette that I always use and I'm gonna go in with lil I can't see cuz Mila got a shadow all over it you know so I don't know the name of it but it's this color right here I'm gonna go in I'm gonna go in with that color and go right above my crease I'm actually using kylie jenner's guess it's the blending brush it would always say it came with her palette that I got I'm not too long ago and I'm just gonna use this color as kind of like a base color to transition color that's that's what it's called I mean now I'm gonna go in with my favorite color at the palette and it's the how was you goo I don't even know how to say it as much as how I say it and I'm gonna go like in my crease and then like blend it out and I want it to be like I'm just

layering it basically to make it darker because I don't want it too dark and I still like the color of this so I just keep like piling it on top and then I'm gonna do the other eye expel right and then I'm gonna take another brush I've had sparkles all my islands I'm actually gonna take this brush Donna McCall don't ask don't care it just works does the job I'm gonna missed a little bit of setting spray on it and I'm gonna dip it in this color called pop and it's this sparkly not really it's like a blush pink kind of but it's really really pretty and I'm gonna just pop that right on my eyelid okay that is I'm gonna take my blending brush and just blend right in the crease where the buckle is my color meet so it's not I don't really want to cut crease otherwise if I were to use some concealer but I also don't want it to look harsh because I'm not going for that look so I'm just gonna blend it when it wherever it meets the color and I think it gives it more like a natural gnarly natural but like subtle look not as dramatic and that makes sense I almost didn't get ready with me for

Thanksgiving look and then it's a house and everything was just soaking out like that just didn't happen that way okay so now that I am i shadow I'm gonna do a little winged liner and I'm gonna use my Clinique pretty easy liquid eyeliner pen and I'm sorry I can't do this on camera cuz I should be really close to them here as well but I'll show you guys what it looks like when I'm finished and tell you what I did I'll show you guys this so far and I just draw on I was drawn on my eyelid first I know my start in the middle and then I go down and then I'll go not always the corner but from the middle of my eye so halfway from the middle in the end and I'll finish that off and then I drew on through the inside right there to get it that thin look just kind of breath I'm could like hold my breath whenever I'm doing it but whenever you go from up here and do it it always gets too thick and just like drugs down here and that's not quite up your eyes so that's what I did so far okay next I always draw a line to make sure they're even on the direction that they're going okay so now that I've done the winged liner I like it to be a little dramatic because I'm not gonna do

anything on the bottom eyes after I draw that line then I just take it from almost to the very end but not to the tip I drag it straight across like a sec basically a straight line but it curls like curves up when I like over bad so now I'm gonna go in with some mascara to finish my eyes off I didn't put any eyeshadow on the bottom because I feel like it'd be too much considering I already have like this dramatic wing and eye shadow already on top so I like to keep it a little more classy you rather than trashy and I'm just joking it's not trash I do that but it would make my eyes look really dark and I don't want to look super dark so I'm gonna put some mascara on and you know what I'm about to do this off camera tool become too difficult so on the back okay so I put my mascara on and I'm I put like a light coat on my bottom eyelashes if you guys can see that but that's because I like I said like I don't want the bottom to be too dark because my eye top eyes are pretty like there's a lot going on for me so yeah honestly this look is a pretty elegant look I think I would I like love this look for the holidays but

yeah this is my look for things sitting I also had some highlighter land so let me put somebody on real quick and I use this thick spam brush for my highlighter and I use the Kylie Jenner highlighter it's just there Konkani cream illuminating highlighter and I also use the lower Kelo mascara but I think you guys know that that's my favorite mascara it literally basically looks like I'm wearing false lashes but just not as dramatic as false lashes are like it's the best ever just pop somebody in the line and then I might do another coat of mascara just because I like my eyelashes to look pretty think yep and then basically all that I did after my makeup I mean you guys don't really care because this wasn't even part of it but this is my hair natural big poof but um I just let it air dry the day before like I showered the day before and then let it air dry and then the next day I took a not a flatiron a smoothing iron and I like smooth basically like up here every section active and then curled it with a wand and that was how I did my hair so if you

guys want a hair tutorial and I curled it that day let me know oh my gosh my hair so big um just let me know and I will definitely give you guys a hair tutorial if you guys want but yeah that's it for today thank you guys so much for watching like comment share and subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next video bye