26 November 2018

Testing Real Makeup vs. eBay Fakes (All Under Β£7!) | Kylie, Anastasia etc

In todays video I test our some fake makeup products from popular brands like Kylie Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, Anastasia & Beauty Blender which I bought from ...

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wow that was a loud clap hey guys what is up and welcome back to my channel so in today's video I am doing the video which have seen been going around YouTube for the past few weeks there have been people basically testing a bunch of stuff which they found on eBay like prom dresses bikinis and like swimwear and makeup but I thought I would do one about makeup yeah I just have loved watching this video and said oh she's like one of the only videos which I have watched over the past few weeks there's a hair on my microphone it's not gonna I'm just gonna get it off just in case it changes the sound or anything and I just thought would be so much fun to test out just a quick disclaimer please please please please please please please do not buy any fake makeup like ever what it says says on the box is not the ingredients which are actually in the products because it's the ingredients which are actually in the real products what is actually in the fake products is whatever is cheapest to make it the same color and substance and sometimes that can be very chemically and dangerous and I've seen people I think was the LA girl Pro

concealer and their whole under eyelid got burnt off so you know just like a little bit of a fun video as soon as I've tried all these products I'm putting them in the bin and to be honest most of time or we're gonna find out today the fake products aren't as good as the real products so just save your coin and also support the brands that's the most important thing if you guys enjoy the view give a thumbs up if you're new to my channel click the subscribe button down below let's get on into the video so this site is gonna be real and this site is gonna be a as I said I've seen so many horror stories about people buying products off of ebay and stuff oh yeah all these products are from eBay think their skins been burnt and stuff so I didn't actually want to try any face products however I am gonna test the fake Beauty Blender this is an actual fake Beauty Blender like there was being advertised on eBay as Beauty Blender so this is my real one it is the black one and I ordered a black Beauty Blender I mean I'm color blind but this isn't black I've actually went both of these dishes of hunger out this filming set up

to wet them but when they weren't went the fake one was a lot stiffer I'm gonna insert a picture here the fake one was a lot stiffer and it's a bit more fatter and a bit shorter I'm gonna wet them the real one as you can see it is super like squeegee and a bouncy and it has wetted it to end up being a lot bigger than the UM fake one and the fake one as you can see it's not as squidgy and it's a lot harder this one also has absorbed the water more so it's more damp whereas this one still feels a bit wet I mean I can already tell it's gonna be nowhere near as good just off of like how bouncy it is but you know let's give it a shot so starting with the real side I'm gonna be using the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and concealer today I mean I know I already love the fake fake bitch I paid 16 pounds for this this is not fake it's one of my favorite ways to apply foundation so I mean I already know I'm gonna love this to the side is done as you can see it looks flawless it looks good it was super easy and quick to blend and now it's time for this stiff fraud of a Beauty Blender oh I also forgot to mention that obviously

my brows are already done because I couldn't find a fake brow product for the brow pencil I use that's try it oh god this hurts because if someone is punching me in the face I'm not sure you saw how much I just halved and look how much product was picked up on to that I mean it really is not giving the same flawless effect it's looking a bit patchy and the coverage is nowhere near the same on this side because so much product is being picked up onto the sponge and some water just dripped onto me I mean it blended in super quickly but it's because half the product went straight onto the sponge I mean I don't know if you can see but it's a bit patchy and the coverage on this side is so much better than the coverage on this side and I pretty much put the same amount of foundation on and now we're going to try it the blender with the consumer using the real one which has already said I love and I use all the time for concealer as you can see it my concealer looks nice and bright and now for the fake side I can't wait to see what this side of my face is gonna look like at the end of this video is just kind of

look so bad this is really just not blending oh my god I don't even see this like going read or mode so this I just looks really nice and covered and this I you can still see my bags and the concealer looks patchy I feel like the camera's not even picking up the concealer is literally so Pat you compared to this one in real life like it looks ridiculous this is just the worst thing I've ever used to apply my foundation and concealer please if you do not want to buy the real one just get the Real Techniques one cuz it's just as good as the real one and it's a couple pounds more expensive than this piece of crap now it's time to highlight a new product we're gonna be testing out as the anastagia glue kit in the shade style gleam I don't know and this is my real one and this is my fake one I don't have the sleeve for this was sleeve just like this ly just feels fake you know and the feel of the fake one compared to the real one of the real one just feels like smooth and the fake one I don't know if you can hear that and listen like glue there I don't know if you can see that ah and it's come broken okay oh

no oh no oh no oh no oh no that top shade up there and then those is completely broken this one looks a lot more shiny this is the real one so I've just put on a bit more of a low light so you can probably see this watcher you can immediately like see a difference you can't even see the fakes but yes obviously the real test is putting it on the face so I'm gonna go ahead on my real side and take the shade starburst darling here [Music] okay so the real one and on announce time to test the fake one okay Wow the pigmentation is literally nowhere near the same not trying to be rude in fact that's not rude it's a fake palette on this black jumper it's never good idea to wear black when doing makeup so I'm gonna overlap here a video of me using my phone with the flash on so you can kind of see how like much stronger and more like clean the real one looks and the fake one just looks patchy and they're like blinding this is just no one near the same that fake was a complete flop the packaging just feels so cheap and almost like cardboard it came broken it came like with the

corners flicked off and the highlight it was just knowing they're blinding as good old anastagia thank you very much it is just not worth your money hun I primed my eyes and the palette we're gonna be testing out today as the modern renaissance palette from Anastasia again you guys requested this and so much on Twitter this is definitely the most requested product to try out and yes as you can see I love this palette it's very well loved and used so I've actually got the box for the fake one and this just feels like cardboard and immediately I can tell the font is not the same I don't know if you guys can tell but I can tell but yeah I don't have the original box to test out so we might as well just get out you pick one they feel pretty similar to be fair the front looks pretty similar and then on the back the fake one which is on the bottom this sticker is not centered as you can see on this real one the sticker is like straight and like in the center and on this fake one it's like a bit diagonal and off centered so we see through you I don't actually have the real brush on me because I broke my eggs but I know yeah this is just so fake the

quality of this brush is no one near the quality of the real brush the real brush was one of these softest eyeshadow brushes I had ever used and this just feels bristly and disgusting thank you very much goodbye again it looks pretty similar to me the only which is standing out is the pan you can tell is not as deep and the shimmer shades are not a shimmery in the fake one it's not focusing but you can see that the real ones palate is like actually like thicker than the fake one anyway let's give it a shot I guess so I'm first gonna go in with the shades burnt orange and raw Sienna on my real so first just as my crease color and now let's test it out on the thick side oh wow that is a lot more fallout in that fake palette then in the real one so the real ones shadows just literally blended it's so much more easier than the fake ones it is a chunk like the anastagia shades are some of the best that I've tried and it was just so much easier using those real ones we're gonna carry on and next I'm picking up the shade realm bar we're just gonna blend blood blood blood Plan B Plan B's Oh time for

the fake one - the fake one looks a lot more cool toned than the real one the pigmentation of the fake ones actually not that bad it's just the blend ability like the anistar ones are so creamy I feel like this is where we're gonna have a little plummet we're gonna try this show shades and I'm taking at the shade primavera clean my banana so that is the real side of Primavera now let's try the fake Wow actually not as bad as I expected okay I completely take that back this is so patchy this is just not blending well at all this side just blended a lot easier and the shimmer shade is so much prettier compared to this I wear the shimmer shade I bet Blair and the matte shades are a bit harder to blend as you can see in my outer corner okay while this brow bone highlight is much worse on the feed side the sigh compared to this I they do look somewhat similar but this one just it just has a little bit more Polad and you best believe that I was not gonna be putting a fake mascara anywhere near my eye so I'm just gonna use a panel on for my lower lash Jeff we start this is the

real one this is the fake one this is celebrity skin straight away this real one is the one here you can just see the difference in shades if it focuses like look at the difference between the two college shades also the real the fake one is slightly taller in the packaging and the real one feels like like the bloke it doesn't feel as smooth so actual shade wise they look somewhat similar even though that the young stickers are still different on the bottom inside they actually looks similar so let's apply the real one the real one has a smell of like it's kind of like bubblegum kind of I guess I don't really know the exact smell but yeah it's just a really pretty nude and now let's try the big one so the fake one is very like long and the real one's kind of a bit more like pointed did you get me just do you think whatever smell oh it does but it smells of coconut rather than like the bubblegum smell that the real one had this fake one is not flying anywhere near as like smoothly as the real one and you can see that this fake one is a lot lighter in color than this real one the real ones drag down to a really pretty and matte

and obviously the fake ones still drying but it kind of feels quite warm on my lips so it has drag down a bit but not too like a complete matte and they are somewhat similar but I do know what my lips burned and sizzled off different shade smells different different applicator different packaging let's try the fake Kylie lip kit I got my initiate exposed I don't have my box put my real one anymore but I can automatically tell that these teeth aren't as like metallic on this fake one but let's open it up and yeah I can't really compare sizes because I have sharpened my exposed but packaging wise they kind of look identical in the packaging um they kind of look identical however these shades are slightly different this one is the real one and this one is the fake one and you can tell that this needs a slightly different real look mine are applied now let's try the fake one oh my god this lip liner is so hard the kindly lip liners are the creamiest appliance I've ever tried and this one is literally so hard to apply okay unless you can't apply this anymore so I'm sorry that's uneven but it's hurting

me you can see that the fake one is a lot more like orangey than the real one but also when you do that you can see that it kind of sorry is like this grosses anymore now you can see that this one kind of like sticks together more you see any weight let's try the actual liquid lipsticks now again the packaging actually looks identical but the shades are a bit different this being real and this being fake the real one is on and I've actually forgotten how much I really like this shape oh my god this smells of chemicals became a bit scared putting this on my lips it's a lot more streaky than the real one and oh my god my lips are tingling my lips are tingling this is okay I'm just really quickly gonna talk about this because I want off my lips you can see the color difference again obviously this one's not dried down but they're just two completely different shade and the fake liquid lipstick literally smelled of chemicals and kind of tangled on my lips so that's probably not a very promising solving overall conclusion please do not buy fake products you saw in this video that these fake products are not like the real product and just

save your money and buy the real products because it just feels a whole lot better and B is a whole lot better for you I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you're new to my channel click the subscribe button and give this video a thumbs up and I'll see you guys very soon for a brand new video