06 May 2019


Hey SPARKLERS!! This video is me testing out all the new makeup I got during the Sephora sale. I hope you enjoy and thank you for watching!! Please ...

hey sparklers and Jessica sparks and

welcome back to my channel in today's video I have a little first impressions for you guys of all the products that I bought from Sephora during their little sale that is going on currently I was really excited to sit down and just play with some new makeup today so let's go ahead and just get started okay so we're gonna ignore whatever's going on with my hair at the moment I tried to be like cute and like do this like little great thing which you can't even see and like curl it I'm not a hair person so but this is what we have so we're working with what we got today so I'm going to start off this first impressions by using the Rio sunset glow oil this scent oh so yummy I don't think the camera is gonna pick it up but you can definitely tell in person it's the perfect amount of like shimmer but it's not like actually shimmer so if that makes any sense like it's not like full-on like glitter my arms in person definitely look like more hydrated definitely more glowy and they just have like a nice like healthy sheen to them this one's nice and like hydrating I just wish that it had a tad bit more of like a shimmer Sheen to it okay so anyway my eyes are

already primed my brows are already done my face is already primed I'm gonna go ahead and just start doing my eyes I'm not gonna do anything crazy I know I always say that and then I feel like Here I am doing a full blown smokey eye before I could even realize let me use the Too Faced just peachy Mac's palette and i'm gonna grab peaches and cream the shade right here and put this into the crease [Music] I'm now gonna grab this shade right here this just peachy shade [Music] and now with a flat brush I'm gonna grab this shade right here called peach punch and I'm just packing this all over the lid so this is just what we have for the eyes I wanted it just super like simple I have to like things that I kind of want to use for the eyeliner so I'm not sure what I want to do but this is the Laura Mercier caviar stick I color in the shade tuxedo which is a black which is gonna be really intense for this look and then this is just a black eyeliner from fenty I'm gonna go ahead and maybe just try and like trace out like somewhat of

a wing with this and then go in with the Fendi Beauty one I'm just gonna kind of stamp this on the outer corner just like that just a smidge the shadow is super creamy with just a flat little angled brush I'm gonna try and move that and create like a wing with that okay so it is like a super like baby like wing situation I'm definitely gonna have to play with it more but I do think it's going to do what I wanted it to do why I purchased it which is to kind of like smudge out and do like a really nice like winged smokey eyeliner effect it's just not the vibe I really am going for today so he just did it a little bit just to kind of like map my like wing area and then and then I'm gonna go in and do my winged eyeliner off of camera cuz you got acted like you'd like this so I will go ahead and do that and I will be right back so I did my wing off of camera and I put on some lashes and I think I'm really really gonna like this venti eyeliner I mentioned it in a video I'm not sure what video was it might have been it might have been my wishlist sephora video I will go ahead and put it right

up here if you guys haven't seen it you guys should check it out but this was one of the items that I did talk about and I was basically saying and that I'm not the best at winged liners it is something that I practice every single day so that is one of the reasons why I got this and honestly I did my wing in like five minutes and I says something because it normally takes me forever to do my wing but it was so easy with this and now I don't know if it was just like a first-time look I could already tell that I like it a hundred times more than the benefit roller liner so yeah hit hit hit so I'm gonna go ahead and just do my foundation really quick and speed through this so let's do it I already primed my face using the cover of X blurring primer [Music] [Music] okay so now that my base is on I'm gonna finish up the eyes so I'm gonna grab that Laura Mercier eyeshadow stick in the shade tuxedo and I'm gonna put this really close to that lower lash line just on that outer edge of that lower lash line now to smoke out that liner

I'm going to use peach tart and chocolate dipped this shade right here [Music] I'm gonna grab this peach crunch shade and blend it out even more [Music] [Applause] [Music] so I'm going to finish up bronzing I got the fenty Beauty Sun stalker bronzer in the shade shady biz so this is what the bronzer looks like put her on my cheeks [Music] it's perfect because it's not too warm but it's not cool either and I definitely wanted something a little bit more warm for the summer time so I'm really liking that so far I'm gonna grab the benefit cheap leaders bronze quod palette and i'm gonna grab I'm gonna use the blush in here I'm gonna grab this shade right here called coralista and I put this on my cheeks I haven't used and if it's blushes before so I'm not sure how pigmented they are see there's like shimmer right in here yeah it's from the blush but I kind of like that it's just like a nice sheen and that you can't you can't really see it in the pan so I was a little confused when I put it on my

face but I actually really like it it's party okay and now the moment I have been waiting for this entire time I'm gonna grab the shade cookie this shade right here and put her on my cheek bones are you okay are you kidding that is stunning highlight just makes me so happy like what like since one benefit since one oh it's so pretty okay okay okay okay okay myself don't listen Lester I'm also going to use that shade to highlight my inner corners course Rambo must listen to me and think I'm like so Sega I'm gonna put on some Maybelline baddest beige lipstick I'm also gonna put on the bare minerals lip gloss in the shade groovy okay so this is it this is the completed look using all of the Sephora products that I bought during this sale I think everything was a pretty good hit I'm trying to think if I had to pick one if I had to pick one product that I think was like my least favorite out of all of these it probably would be the sole de Janeiro Rio sunset glow oil and I still really like it like it still feels really nice and it just made my skin

feel like really hydrated and whatever it's just not as shimmery as I thought it was going to be so that's the only thing there but I'm gonna keep trying it out and see I made me change my mind on it I'll let you guys know but I think that was the only thing that was like slightly underwhelmed with I think without a doubt the star of the show is this highlighter from this benefit palette I am definitely gonna need a single in that because it is amazing the other thing that I think I'm really excited to keep playing with is the Fendi liner because it was so easy to do my eyeliner today so I'm really excited for all my tea products and to keep playing with them so that is it that completes today's video I really hope you guys enjoy it and if you did please give this video a thumbs up leave a comment down below and I will see you guys in my next one but before you go please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already you just click that red icon down below and always remember to Sparkle hi guys [Music] you