31 October 2018




for those of you who are new to my channel hi I'm Valerie welcome if you guys have not already make sure to subscribe click on the bell notifications that you won't miss any new videos and also follow me on Twitter Instagram and Facebook so we can be friends talk about kpop miraculous ladybug fandoms and all that stuff and let's jump right into this video hello Valerians welcome back to my channel so today I'm going to do a BTS related video and it's their newest makeup collection collaboration with VT cosmetics and this is it this is all the magical products I got and I will show you guys what I got let's see what goodies I came with it cuz I see there's a poster which I will show you guys I'm actually gonna give this to my friend Michi she's a huge BTS Farren oh my god did I break my nail oh I think I did break my nail oh my gosh I broke my nail very nice Wow they sent me a lot of these now you guys are probably wondering Valerie are you an army I enjoy their music I do enjoy their performances like the only songs I have is fake love and idol

and those are like the current songs I'm not gonna lie to you guys and say I'm an army or a fan of theirs I do enjoy the work that I feel like I'm not passionate enough to call myself an army I'm actually very loyal to only one kpop boy group and that's sf9 I'm a fantasy hardcore fantasy so I can't cheat a my sf9 boys but I do appreciate BTS and their work I'm sorry like I said I'm not army Jen though yes I am son first I got the sponge I heard the sponge is pretty hard there's a sponge very interesting how they do it some I'm guessing this is for the foundation this is called temp VT and pts collaboration so let's what this actually got a bowl of water here even absorbed water is a water resistant while we wait for this to dampen I'm going to show you guys the other products so I'll put this right here I also got the glorious Gloria power Dacian it's like a powder and foundation I hope this foundation color matches me if not then I'll just get this to my brother so let's see well looks like they actually have products with different names in their collection like

there's a skincare line makeup line and color of line whoa oh my god I think this is too dark for me I'm actually thinking about wearing all this makeup for an entire day and let you guys know what I think which I'll do it in the next video this video I'm just showing you guys well I got testing us see how I like it cuz I have other videos to film today I already set my concealer and my foundation coverage I believe that Beauty Blender is nice and damp I'm gonna try the foundation and I'm gonna see if it matches my skin I feel like it may match my skin feel like it might be the same so let me try this right here oh my god this is like so sheer it's their sheer coverage I don't feel like there's gonna be a lot of coverage for this foundation thank God I put my regular cushion foundation and concealer on so why usually do is I apply concealer underneath my face and then I put my cushion Foundation and the cushion foundation I'm using is by Lynn - I love them I live by them and it usually lasts me all day but yeah I feel like this foundation definitely it's very very sheer and I feel like it's a little bit too dark for me I

don't know I feel like this will go great during the summer time but definitely not the fall I like to be pasty white thank you very much this is the super tempting skinny eyebrow so I learned about this there's the pencil side and then there's also the powder side which is right here and this is the spoolie actually let me do my brows cuz my brows are like a hot mess right now so my skin has not been the best lately so that's why I need really full-coverage oh okay and glides on very nicely I like gives it that natural finish I'm sure you guys are wondering okay girl if you're not a fan at BTS then why are you buying your makeup collaboration march well I feel like I really enjoy Korean makeup and it's more of an excuse to increase my Korean makeup collection I really enjoy them I feel like it's very natural it's very everyday aware whereas American makeup I feel like it's really heavy oh yeah I like BTS I feel like their music their performance is absolutely everything but again I'm a 1 kpop boy group kind of gal I can't be in multiple k-pop boy group fandoms I just

can't so many girls can but I'm very extremely loyal to one group this will go great if you have like naturally dark hair or if your hair is dyed definitely get a lighter color but if you're brunette or your hair is brown I feel like this will go on very naturally and it looks like I just I was born with this natural looking brow and I also got the super tempting eye palette and I believe this one is called the super tempting eye palette bright and charming mood what looks like powder wise and let's see oh that's a nice powder selection so try this I feel like there's a lot of product in this which is good which is very very good so the eye shadow palette the color I'm grabbing ting towards these are really dark colors but I kind of want like a neutral natural finish so I'm just gonna do my usual I color this later shade right here see is there any fallout no fallout I'm impressed tap off the excess our shot is pretty nice I like it there's no excess fallout I feel like very stabilized I want this nice shimmery coral color I always love a good shimmer no fallout so it's pretty good oh yes this is so nice

oh this is so pretty ohh oh my gosh I'm so shocked right now oh oh yes I like it I think I'm going to use a transition color which is right here I some definition hmm I like I like the darker color underneath my waterline just to make my eyes appear more bigger it's very pigmented which I like this is a good palette oh my gosh I'm Chuck and I usually like to drag it near my upper and bottom waterline hmm yeah that's nice I only got the products that I know I will be using and I'm interested in trying bad like mascara I believe and some other products so I just choose the pugs I know I will wear on a day-to-day basis the super tempting skinny gel eyeliner this is a really tiny eyeliner like really I got it in brown mmm not bad it glides on smoothly very nice oh wow okay I really do think they did a really good job with this collection a lot of you guys were commenting on my videos saying aren't you an army are you a BTS fan you should do a video about BTS and now I'm granting you guys your wishes and this is the highlight palette I ordered all of these products on Amazon because I don't live in Korea and the people I know aren't really makeup

enthusiasts this is in the super tempting collection here it is all right so I'm just gonna use this color feels like it will give it that natural finish on my cheeks oh it's like that pearl Eric doesn't look that you'd be seeing in K dramas and music videos I'm living I have a question for those of you who are familiar with VD cosmetics are the mirrors always this foggy because I need to be clear but maybe there's a protectant here and I just can't remove it or there's really no protectant and all the team years are like this but this highlighting I'm loving glorious Gloria lip color balm and I believe I got it in the coral color I got it and it's in Korean I'm gonna use this right now because my lips are a little bit on the dry side as a moisturizing um kind of but I can also see that if I'm in a hurry and I don't feel like putting any lip color on this lip tinted lip on I think I'll definitely gravitate towards this next I got the super tempting lip Rouge this is there lip products so much stuck I think it'll attend I think it's a lip 1000 strawberryish I'm excited to try

this the bomb is actually feeling very very nice still very moisturizing I like it alright let's test this out I really like the applicator I guess at that nice precision and this is the finished look I need to set my makeup so it'll last all day alright my final thoughts on the new VT pts collaboration 2018 I personally love it I'm not really sure about the foundation I feel like it's extremely sheer but I will have to give it a full blown test the next time in another video for the price of it I feel like if you're a huge each yes fan and your fan of BG cosmetics this could be a dream come true and you guys will definitely enjoy this all these products I'll leave in the description box below I got this off of Amazon so if you guys are interested you guys could get it off from there thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoy this video this is my first ever BTS dedicated video but it's with their Beauty collaboration which you guys know I'm all about and it's just for me more excuse to buy and try more Korean beauty products thank you guys so much for

watching I hope you guys enjoy this video and I'll see you guys in the next one make her to be rings and I'll see you guys soon bye [Music] you