08 April 2019

Testing New Makeup | Sephora Haul

Testing new makeup from Sephora inside JCPenney! I test new high end makeup products in this beauty haul try on tutorial! Thank you Sephora inside ...

hello my youtube friends welcome back

today for another video I am super excited to have you here today I have a testing Tryon style haul for you which I am so excited because we get to try out a bunch of new product releases and these are on products that I found at Sephora inside JCPenney I'm so excited to be partnering with them on this video how cool is that I go to Sephora inside JCPenney all the time because it is the one that's closest to my house I love it because they have tons of different products to try out and a bunch of new product releases and that's what we're gonna play around with today so big thank you to Sephora inside JCPenney for sponsoring today's video let's go ahead and jump into these new products and see how they work the first thing we're gonna try out today is the new Henriksen banana bright face primer this does have vitamin C in it it comes with a pump which i think is amazing and when I swatch this elect the most a beautiful glow to the skin that's a really nice kind of a light orange tint to it I'm so excited to use it because I am all about the glow like glow on every level a very dry skin so any time that I can add glow

in the look of hydration to it I'm all about it because then it just makes the skin look so much healthier so I'm gonna just rub this in and use it as a primer today you can wear it on its own or you can apply it over makeup to act as a highlight business which I think would also be really really cool it feels so moisturizing and I am I'm so in love with the glow that it gives my foundation I'll be using the Too Faced peach perfect - comfort matte foundation I do have the shade of vanilla this isn't one of my all-time favorite foundations even though I do have dry skin this comfort matte still has a little bit of a glow to it so it totally works if you do have drier skin I'm really loving the combo of at the foundation with the primer I feel like we still have a lot of glow eNOS happening it looks so beautiful I'm gonna go apply some concealer and bronzer and a few other things quick that I don't have new products of and then we'll catch back up and finish testing out some new products so are you back I have my bronzer and everything on and I just bought my bronzer into the crease of my eyes today because I picked

up a product that I am so excited to try it's by Kasia this is their beauty bento bouncy shimmer eyeshadow trio and I got it in - orange blossom and it is this little stack of shimmer shadows and you guys when I swatch this I about died they are so pigmented and gorgeous it does come with a little mirror inside which i think is incredible and then you have three different shades of shimmer and this would be it's so perfect for travel like you can put this in your purse it's just so convenient you have this really gorgeous kind of rose gold II a light shade on top then the second one is more of a peachy shimmer with some gold reflect in it it's super stunning and then we have this really gorgeous kind of bronzy tone on the bottom I think you guys all need to just go into Sephora inside JCPenney and just swatch these because I was like what these are incredible to start off I'm gonna go into it this top one and just apply it to at the inner 1/3 of the eye I figured keeping the crease and everything really simple was the way to go with this because I really want to make these shimmers be the part that really stands

out and I thought that would work best I'm gonna go right in with my finger because honestly it's one of my favorite ways to apply shimmers look at that it's so beautiful and I'm just going to oppress that right into this inner third of the eye it goes on so so creamy and soft and then it is still like a regular eyeshadow but it's such a crazy creamy soft formula you guys have got to go feel this I'm telling you it is insane anyways I really really love how that looks it brightens up that inner part of the eye really nicely and then I think for the outer corner I'm gonna go into this really deep one and I am gonna use a brush for this we'll try a brush up first and then if I don't like how it works at the brush then I can just go back in with my finger but I do want to try it both ways with you guys and just kind of see oh I think it's yeah it's not gonna matter they're just awesome oh my goodness this might be like my favorite new product find so I'm just gonna pack this onto the outer part of the eye and then lightly tap over the center to just blend that together and create a nice transition I just cannot get over how a silky smooth it feels and

I love how reflective it is so beautiful I think these would even look pretty on their own if you're into like the swipe and go type of look you could totally pull off a really beautiful one shadow makeup look using any of these I'm just taking a fluffy a blending brush to blend out the edge and just make sure everything's seamless in there all right since you're just playing around with new makeup today I do want to try this with a wet brush as well just to see how much it pops so that we can see that in action so I just packed a bit of the lighter shade onto my brush and I'm gonna spray it with some setting spray and then police that oh my goodness and I thought it was so good before and it just keeps getting better oh my goodness this is so beautiful well if you want to take it to like the next level yet or just really amp it up maybe for like a night look or something go in with a wet brush because wow it just emphasizes it so much more all right I'm gonna go pop some mascara on quick and then we'll move on to the next one next step we're gonna jump into the brows and test out a new brow gel despite

Anastacio Beverly Hills and it's the new tinted dip brow gel I got it in the shade taupe I've been really really enjoying tinted brow gels lately I just think they help make the hair look really natural on the brow even if you are doing a little bit of filling in having a lighter tinted gel just really kind of brings them to life and brings that 3-dimensional look back I'm excited to see how it does at holding the brows in place so I definitely will be following up on these products and once I've tested them more and I have my full thoughts together and can let you know exactly how they're working and what I'm thinking of I'm so stay tuned for that but this is off to a great start next up moving on to the lips I have a new lip product by Too Faced this is their peach puff long wearing it diffused a matte lip color I got it in the shade stoked they come with a little puff and they just twist the bottom until the lip product comes out and then you can just apply it and it's supposed to act as a stain so it should kind of give that popsicle type effect which i think is perfect for spring and summer because it's that really gorgeous kind

of just lip stain luck this is supposed to super long wearing which I'll be interested to see how that works as well in hot last through eating and everything so I'm gonna quit talking and apply this so that I don't get it everywhere this feels so creamy and soft I cannot get over how good it feels anyways is really beautiful it's actually super easy to work with my one concern with this product was with the applicator I was a little bit worried that it might be hard to apply to the lips or that it might cause the product to kind of just go all over but it's actually really easy to work with still so that was a nice surprise it also looks like the product is staying right in place and it's not running or bleeding anywhere so that is awesome finishing off the look it's insetting spray and this one it was a hundred percent the packaging and just the whole look of it that sold me and it's five for Sally it's their rose gold skin mist I really probably didn't need this but I couldn't even help myself when I saw the packaging it comes in the nicest glass bottle it has this really gorgeous gold

cap and then it has a really beautiful gold flecks that just kind of twirl around in there and it really sold me so I came and I picked it up I figured I would test it out see if it actually works good and let you guys know or is it just like a pretty product or is it actually gonna work sort of thing you are supposed to be able to use it throughout the day to hydrate the skin you could use it as a primer or as a setting spray today I'll be using it as a setting spray okay the scent of this it totally it reminds me of those Pez candies you know what I'm talking about or like you tipped the top up and then the little candy comes out it has a really sweet scent like that in it it's totally taking me back to my childhood in those pesky Andes I remember driving my mom nuts to get those and once in a great while we would and that is exactly what it smells like oh my goodness okay anyways as far as how oh it has a nice glow I'm gonna be excited to see if it stays this while we looking maybe this is the couple of that banana' bright primer is gonna be like perfect for dry skin so I

will definitely keep you updated anyways as a first impression I really love it the sprayer on this it's not too harsh and it has a good range so that it actually covers your face really well and it's hitting it evenly you don't have any areas that are like getting doused or anything there's some that are just like way too directional and they do not work it where I felt like this one was like dispersed enough that it felt really nice and even the way that it hit this game and this is the final look I cannot wait to keep testing them I will definitely be following up with my final thoughts once I've tested them thoroughly and seeing how they work with other products and yes so stay tuned for an update video and a huge thank you to Sephora inside JCPenney for sponsoring today's video I would love to hear if you guys shop there what if you picked up recently leave a comment and let me know or if you've tried any of these products and what is your experience been with them if you love this Tryon hull type of video then be sure to give this day a big thumbs up so I know to create more videos like this thank you guys so much for watching and I cannot

wait to see you in my next video bye [Music]