18 March 2019


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hey guys I'm the Berk and I do things

and today I tested a face of some new makeup products and a heads up I think next week's video when I film next weekend I'm planning to go on Instagram and let you guys kind of choose some of the new makeup products I'm going to be testing in next week's video I was thinking of maybe making this like a monthly thing where I kind of give you guys like choices of what I can try out so make sure to follow me on Instagram and look out for those polls but yes if you want to know what I tried on and how it went and all of that stuff then keep on watching let's go okay so the very first product I'll be trying out today is a new primer I've already done my eyebrows I used the Milani stay-put brow pencil the covergirl thin brow pencil and the a BH clear brow gel the primer way to try today I actually bought at Ulta this is the Catrice prime and fine aqua fresh hydro primer brush it up moisturizing with bamboo water I feel like I've seen reviews on this I can't super remember them I think they were positive but I really do love the Catrice prime and vine line like in the dewy spray so I'm excited to try this out all right so it's just like a blue

oh it definitely feels very like watery kind of reminds me sort of of the Smashbox primer Iser that's what I feel like I can compare it the most to right now yeah it definitely isn't like an illuminating primer it definitely has that memorizer feeling we're just like moisturizes if that's what you like okay so what I'm going to do is I'm going to now put my regular base makeup over this see how it looks laying over this primer and then we will try an eye shadow palette okay so let me go through what I put on really quick for foundation I'm using the NARS radiant long wear foundation for concealer I mixed the flower beauty and first day Beauty hello fab concealer for my under eyes I use the hourglass loose powder and for the rest of my face I use the maybelline superstay powder I said everything with the Catrice prime and fine glowy spray and then I lined my waterline with the Urban Decay zero eyeliner right now I think everything is sitting over the primer pretty well I don't know if it is the most moisturizing my skin looks a tiny bit dry so maybe for this time of year it's not the greatest I'm not really sure I'm

gonna have to try it out a few times before making my final decision on it but as of right now I would not call it my most moisturizing it just seems like this foundation settling more than I'm used to it settling hmm we'll have to try that more now for our show today I'm very excited I've never tried anything from huda beauty I got this in my Ipsy glam bag plus this is the mob obsessions palette here are the shades and I also got this set of brushes from Farah beauty in my glam bag plus so I'm going to try and eat some Easter day along with my regular brushes let me know have you guys tried huda beauty before or what are some of the best products I am going to start with this large shading brush with this light shade down here to set the base then I'm going to use the mini tapered blending brush and going with the center shade here you they think I'm going to take this Elizabeth mock tapered blending brush with that same shade and just make this even more below now okay and then I'm gonna go back in with

the mini blending brush with this shade up in the corner you then I'm going to take the shade in the bottom corner then I'm going to take this luck C flat definer brush with that same shade in the bottom corner then I'm going to take the middle shade with this Luxy mini roundabout now I'm going to go back in with the Elisabet mop brush in the center shade and then take our big shading brush again with the latest shade just go over the top now I'm gonna do something I haven't done in a hot minute and I'm going to use some color pop concealer and I want to use I think gonna use this shade over here so let's see how this goes I'm going to use the luck see small shader brush it's some concealer that looks really cool all right putting together okay now I'm gonna go back in with the darker shade and just blend everything together this darker shade then I'm going to add this shade again I mean I want to try this with just this is the beach cosmetics 132 brush see if I can use this sheet you know what let me wet

the brush alright gonna use some fix+ and add this lighter shade oh yeah that's pretty and then just one last time I'm going to take a big brush with the latest sheet okay I don't usually wear pinks and purples too much usually not my go-to colors but I actually really like the shadows I like the way they blend in I'm very happy with this I'm excited that they picked up another one as an add-on so I'm excited to try that wonderful and you know what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to bronze and blush and we're gonna try out a new highlight okay so I bronze with the Physicians Formula butter bronzer and I blushed with the matte cosmic force mineralized blush then the highlighter I'm going to use is my add-on I decided not to test the benefit highlighter in this video because to me it's something that will only work for me in the summer so I've decided to hold off on trying that product until the summer time in the meantime I did do a three dollar add-on for this Star Island Oh for highlighter which hmmm so beautiful I'm very excited to try this out I'm using my wet and wild highlighting brush and

here we go before oh wait take two okay before and after oh I can't believe they only had this is a three dollar add-on this month I think this is a full-size o for highlighter I know it's not in like the typical over packaging so just for comparison purposes this is the same type of packaging that came with the nikkietutorials highlighter in the allure beauty box whereas this is technically the full-size packaging it opens like that and it has a mirror but if three dollars verse 37 dollars I'm good with this I don't need the mirror so yeah I did post what I'm filming this it's the day I posted my drugstore who and when he's one of the this little brush in the fire set for my inner corner so the day I'm filming this is the day I post in my drugstore highlight favorites let me know in the comments if you guys want to see you know high end versions of that series so like my favorite high end highlighter its blushes or what do you want to see next in the drugstore series version of that series now that I've done blushes and highlighters so crazy intense these highlighters I'm loving this now I'm gonna set my

makeup really quick with the hard candy setting spray I really do like this hard candy setting spray I may have grabbed something else from Arcadia at Walmart to come soon in a haul video okay now I have a mascara that came in my Ipsy glam bag plus this is the pixie lash lift mascara has two wands so I haven't even opened it yet till I hit the wands okay so this big thing is the wand okay so it is a perkily wand and then if I open the little part okay hmm okay I say alright starting with the big wand here okay that's one eye with just the big wand happens if I do the little one now cuz it said it there for like okay it sorry it's a fun evening to hold this okay now if I go in with this one I think this is supposed to separate the clumping oh my god whoa and I'm just needs this little one on the lower elections I have the pixie lower lash mascara and I love it so that's why I was so excited when I caught this one that's one eye width when I was out what I mean this is not a cheap I would not call this a cheap mascara I would not call this drugstore because when I think of high-end I think of like a benefit

roller lash that's $21 this in comparison is 18 so this is not really in the drugstore realm pricing as far as mascaras go the pink said if you can find like like I've said in the past target beauty boxes come with a three dollar off coupon or just like any kind of sale you might find at Target like this is why I want pixie to come to old tub so I can get some whole two points purchases okay wow that might be one of the most dramatic miss cars I've ever tried that far drugstore that was crazy okay I do have a lip product to try this came in an allure beauty box this is the Loretto cosmetics lip pencil in the shade fair so it is a wooden pencil see how it looks it's a little on the round side I would say for this look I'm currently wearing Lumina wear this by itself I probably put a lip gloss over it so I'm gonna pop on my buxom lip gloss in the shade sugar it's like my favorite lip gloss ever I think that helps a little bit the color honestly the formula of this though it's kind of hard to work with like this is not a creamy lip liner maybe if I sharpen it a little I don't know if it's

just like the beginning was hard to work with but yes that was our video of testing makeup let me go through everything our first product was the Catrice freshen up moisturizing primer I'm gonna have to work with it see if I like it right now I would not say this is the most moisturizing I kind of want to do half my face with this in half with the photo finish with the Smashbox primer Iser and see if I can tell the difference next is the who die shadows the mob obsessions I feel like this is Maura pink and purple than mauve the feeling one look at this I see mauve but when I look at my eyes I see pink and purple I don't usually wear pink and purple but I actually really like the shades on my eyes I think it looks good it was very easy to work with I was very happy about that especially because the palette we had gotten from before from Tarte I found so difficult to work with so it's very happy about this one I only got to try three of the Farah brushes but they were great I really liked them no complaints here the o for highlighter oh yeah yeah yeah yeah so this is the shade star Island just all the formula this is

just this is great stuff I think my biggest surprise is this pixie lash lift mascara I'll be very happy to see if it does not transfer or flake throughout the day that will be a huge deal to me and I'm gonna say a big no to the Lauren C lip liner I'm not really digging the bear shade in general but also the formula was no justno so yeah that's it for this video let me know in the comments have you guys try to make these products how they worked for you leave me a comment down below and let me as usual thanks for stopping by my channel if you're new your click the subscribe button and ring that bell for notifications I have my Twitter and my Instagram down below give them a follow and I'll see in the next video bye guys