04 June 2019


Hi guys! Thank you so much for stopping by for another video! Let me know what you thought of my video and if you'd like to see more in the future! PRODUCTS ...

hey guys I'm the Berk and I do things

and today I tried out some new makeup do you want to know what is how it went and all that stuff then keep on watching let's go okay so the first product I'm going to try out today is a foundation so I really quick just sprayed on some of the Beauty Blender reduce Friday to prime now this is a sample I got a while back at Sephora but I think this shade was a little bit dark so I've been kind of waiting to play with it it's the hourglass vanish stick foundation this is the shaded shale so I don't really know thanks pretty good okay know if it says what she'll is but look at this little teeny tiny guy here let's see how much we got so that's how much is in the sample so I'm just going to put this on and see what we got there we go you let me try adding some more I don't I think I went a little too late handed you I don't know do you think I mean the actual like foundation looks good on my skin I just hmm I expected it to be able to cover a lot more like what's going on on my face since I'm having some bad breakouts but apart from the lower coverage which I thought it was a high

coverage foundation not bad not bad I mean I didn't even use half of it so I'll definitely keep using this and kind of fit I'll try my hardest to finish it up this month and kind of give a full review on it we'll see if I can hold myself to that have you guys seen the chick-fil-a video that's what they I'm filming this okay so I'm gonna go put on some concealer powder a little throw on some eyebrow products and then I have a couple things for the eyes okay so I can see out with the Maybelline fit me concealer for powder I said under my eyes with the dermablend powder and the rest of my face with the absolute New York HD flawless banana powder for my brows I use the benefit precisely my brow and the a BH clear brow gel and then I just kind of retouched up my skin a little bit more with the Beauty Blender reduce price so now I have an eyeliner that I bought from Ulta this is from LA girl and this is their shock wave eyeliner and this shade is called eye fresh so we're gonna do kind of a neutral eye say so I thought it would be fun to play with a neon eyeliner I have heard that these neon la girl eyeliners

are pretty good so I would like to be the judge of that I'm gonna go pop this on a real quick I'll be Rebecca okay yeah that went on super easily and it looks very vibrant really like that very cool for eyeshadow I have this little trio that I found at t.j.maxx for $7.99 this is the Smashbox photo every photo edit trio in hashtag goals and here are the shades in comparison I found this one last year at t.j.maxx this is the night to shoot one so they're a little different the one I found doesn't have a mat so I think I'm going to maybe do a little bit of both of these today since it looks like we have maybe like all more satin shades here I don't know I'm just gonna do something right now so I'm going to go into the night shoot one with the light the light kind of shade here I'm going to see if we can use the shimmer in the goals shade as a transition I don't know if it's going to work it's not you guys I'm gonna try to bring some of that under and I'm going to try some of the darker

shade in the outer portion and then I'll try and take the latest sheet on the lid I definitely think the shadows in these trios are easier to work with than their cover shot palettes but I think that came up with a pretty easy quick eye look even though I used shimmers for blending it seems like they blend it really well so I'm happy and I like that we got a little pop of color in the waterline okay now I have a bronzer to play with this I just recently bought at Ulta this is from makeup revolution this is their mega bronzer in 0/1 cool here's what the pan looks like ooh super pigmented that's a really really nice color though I like that a lot even if I went in a little too heavy-handed Wow this bronzer is fantastic oh my gosh it's beautiful I really like this and it's definitely a matte bronzer that's I'm gonna be like I feel like I almost think it's trying to dupe the really big Marc Jacobs one because it's called their mega bronzer pretty sure okay and then I also have a blush to try it's like an OG blush this is the NARS orgasm blush I have not only not ever tried a blush from work from NARS but I've never

tried orgasm and is this cute teeny tiny little guy that I got in a set from Sephora a while back so here we go it's actually really pretty which I assumed it would be I think it's a little too hmm I don't think it necessarily goes with the eyeshadow I think I should have gone with a warmer color but we live in we learn yeah that's a really pretty color I'm very quickly going to pop on this aoa studio halo highlighter this is from a shop missing one less prints this is literally the world's finest mist it's crazy so I have a mascara to try I got this in my last search box this is from Marcel and this is the lash definition and expansion mascara I was not expecting such a skinny little wand that actually looks pretty good not bad not bad and then the last product today is from nude six I recently did my lip product declutter and I kept all of my needs to Express so this is the lip and cheek pencil and sin I think this is just the traditional formula I don't know if I've tried this one yet I don't think I realized when the but was this color that it would be like

kind of pink I feel like it's not reading as pink on the camera but I really do love these these definitely my favorite lip pencils out there actually like the pop of color on the lips with like the little hidden gem in our waterline kind of cool I'm actually liking this look let's do a really quick recap the hourglass foundation I actually think my skin looks really really nice I'm actually very impressed I just wish it would cover some of my little friends on my face I thought the le girl high pencil was awesome thank you Smashbox eyeshadows were great so if you see these at t.j.maxx snag them up I'm pretty sure this bronzer is my favorite thing I tried in this video this thing was absolutely awesome I love the color payoff I really liked the orgasm blush I really like the marsala mascara I like the nude six pencil I think we had a video where I actually liked everything that doesn't always happen so let me know in the comments have you guys tried any of these products how did they work for you I mean them there and as usual thanks for stopping by my channel if you're new here click the

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