09 April 2019

Testing DIY lipstick from eyeshadow

So i have been waiting to test this DIY for sooo long , here is the video and some pros and cons Instagram- ...


hi everybody welcome back to my channel today I'll be testing this DIY which I've been trying to do since forever because I really love testing new lip colors and I think it's pretty cool so let's get started so we need some eyeshadows and few brushes and some petroleum jelly you can use a blush or something in case you don't have eyeshadows but I think the whole concept is based on trying different colors so yeah so basically all you have to do is take some petroleum jelly you put it on your lips and then you take any shade you want to try and then you just Pat it on your lips and you have a lipstick so let's see if it works by the way I'm using a brush to apply Vaseline not because I'm too fancy but because I have really long nails and I don't want it to get stuck in between [Music] I actually want to go for this but it has almost no pigment see this it has something I thought okay so because the last one had no pigment I'm gonna go for a nothing the other pilot and we went to the shed hopefully works and I just go with the lip brush okay so I've done some cleanup and just

added a bit more of the propeller I think it works definitely but it has some problems like it can you know you cannot wear it for long because it can get room very easily because it has Vaseline as the base and that is really easy to remove so I don't think so it's long wear but I do think that you can use it if suppose you wanna wear a black lipstick and you're not sure if it's gonna suit you then you can actually use this to see if it suits you or any other colour and even if you're like doing some photoshoots and you want to quickly remove and put different lipsticks you just wanna you know get one lipstick for one photo shoot or something then it's going to work pretty good but I don't think so it's for like regular wear it does look pretty good though so guys that is it for this video if you liked it then let me know and if you want to need to try different DIYs or hacks then make sure they make sure you comment them down below and I'll see you all in the next video