20 December 2018

Testing Can't Stop Won't Stop CONCEALER??? + wear test/vlog | cakedbybabyk

WATCH IN 1080P!! HI BABES!! Today is kind of a hybrid video. Since Wednesday is my usual upload day, I thought I'd do something more makeup related!

hey guys what is up my name is Karen aka

cake by the PK and welcome back to my channel today we're doing a super exciting video because we are testing out the NYX can't stop won't stop concealer this is what it looks like it retails for about like 950 I got mine at my NYX store and I haven't seen any updates about this like anywhere and you guys know how much I love the foundation if you guys haven't seen this video I will link it down below in the description or in the I I love this foundation so much it's like one of my all-time favorites I'm in the shade neutral buff and in this one I'm in the shade of medium olive this one claims to be a 24 hour wear matte finish I was talking to the lady at the store and she said that these two are like exactly the same but like this is obviously in concealer form I know I look a little crazy right now I don't have a lip on or any lashes but I'm about to apply some right now and if you are new to my channel welcome if you guys don't know I have been doing my own version of vlogmas so I'm doing 12 days of apk and today is day 6 I believe but since it's Wednesday it is my usual upload day I thought I'd do

something more makeup related so I am doing a full dedicated video on this little guy right here we're gonna do application where tests all that good good so I hope you'll follow along with me as I go on throughout the day in addition to that let's look at my new setup I got my Christmas tree right here if you guys don't know I am going to school in San Diego but we are on Christmas break right now so I am home in Los Angeles and I didn't bring my makeup stand back drop all that good good I just decided to film just with my camera and like a nice backdrop from my house my living room this is our Christmas tree obviously and we have like a bunch of decorations throughout the house I thought I'd get into the holiday spirit by wearing this little sweater again love the office and without further ado let's just go ahead and get into the application part of this video ok so I've applied my foundation my primer I did my brows and my eyeshadow and now I'm going to go in with the concealer I'm actually gonna assume you guys in so you guys can see so yeah this is the shade medium olive

it does say that it's a 24-hour matte finish which is similar to the foundation I'm just going to apply this right here it just seemed very very thick and full coverage as you guys can see I really hope this is the right shade because I'm horrible with picking out my shade and this also retails for about like 950 I got mine for like 931 at the Knicks store I don't know any other drug stores carry it yet but I will link in the description box down below if I see anything well this is blending out nicely [Music] does seem like a little bit light for me but the shades after this like they were so yellow and I feel like they matched my skin tone a lot I'm just going to take the under side of the sponge that I use to DAP out my foundation and just run that over my face too just to make the edges more blended I'm just gonna blend this out between my eyebrows and onto the forehead I do like a very bright under eye so maybe this will work out but if anything I just run to the store and get another shade I do very much like the coverage in the finish it looks it looks so mad and it's like

drying down pretty nicely I am getting a little bit of creasing right here but I usually bake my under eyes anyways so that's what we're gonna do right now I'm going to take my color pop powder that's almost completely dried down so I don't even think that you really need a powder to set it but I have a long day ahead of me so I'm just gonna go ahead and bake the parts of my face that I usually bake [Music] okay so now that that's done I'm going to do the rest of my face off-camera and I will be back to give you my final thoughts before going into a ware test okay so I wanted to zoom you guys in so you guys can see the textures and the coverage underneath my eyes and everywhere else that I applied the concealer as you can tell it's a pretty pretty matte finish and I know I set my under eyes with that color pop powder and I always do that no matter what the finish of the concealer is and I usually do like matte concealers if not like a demi matte concealer I never do like really dewy ones I do have to say this concealer is very very drying and it dries down even without applying a

powder so I really don't think it's necessary to set it if you are dry I do not think this is the concealer for you because I have like normal eyelids sometimes dry and it felt like the Sahara Desert when I was baking it I couldn't even bake it for the usual amount of time that I bake my under eyes I had to dust it off really quickly yeah I don't think you need a powder to set it at all I do think the shade I picked is a pretty good match I still have yet to pop on a lip and some false lashes which I will do later on I don't think I'm gonna do it right now because I don't have anywhere else to go and I don't like to wear false lashes when I don't have to so it is now twelve eighteen and I'm gonna wear this throughout the day I'm probably gonna wear this makeup to a holiday show that's being put on by my high school tonight and I'm going to hang out with one of my friends from childhood I've known her since like first grade you guys will meet her in the blog later but yeah and but so far so good I really like the coverage of it and the finish even though it is a little bit drying but as the day goes on and my oils start

to peak through I think it'll be fine I did do a flash photography test I didn't realize how this foundation in general has a lot of flash back because I was taking a picture and like my whole face looked white so I don't know if it's just because like the foundation or the concealer or a combination of both I am gonna continue to take flash photography pictures throughout the day and at night so you guys will see how it looks even after it's settled into my face and it's kind of like mixed with like my oils a little bit that I think I'm going to just hang out do some wear tests throughout the day and I will see you guys and a couple of seconds all right you guys so that is it for this video I really hope you guys enjoy it and let me know in the comments down below if I just scratched myself oh and let me know in the comments down below if you guys will be purchasing this or you're gonna be purchasing the foundation or both all that good good like I said in my intro I am doing a 12 days at baby Kay and I'm going to be vlogging all the way up until Christmas Eve so my last vlog will be up on Christmas Day so that means there will

be a new vlog up tomorrow and go ahead and check out the other vlogs that I have already posted I am NOT doing a formal check-in because I literally just film the last clip like 0.2 seconds ago but I wanted to show you guys how this concealer looks in natural light unless you think it's a really beautiful coverage and I don't think I did a bad job with the shade so Amy but here is what the concealer looks like in natural lighting I think it looks pretty it dang good if I do say so myself I'm getting a little army of bumps and breakouts on my forehead and on my like there's one right there and like a couple on my nose like the side of my nose all I want to say is um who invited you so I am back it is now I don't know what time it is it's 529 so I've had this on for like five six hours and I do have to say that it looks pretty good it's holding it pretty well especially in my forehead I'm not as oily as I usually am which tells me that this concealer actually controls oil in the regions I do get oily which is the t-zone right here and also it's holding up pretty well on my nose I'm gonna zoom you guys in so you

can see as if this isn't zoomed in enough as you can tell I'm like not shiny here as I usually am and under eyes are looking pretty good and the chin that's where I get really the most oil breakthrough cuz you know I eat and there's also oil buildup right there but it does look pretty nice I mean besides my texture but that's besides the point also I apologize for being loud in here there's like a million and one things playing I'm like trying to upload the vlog from yesterday on to my YouTube and my Wi-Fi at my house sucks so hard it takes me at least like an hour and a half to upload each vlog when if I'm at my apartment it takes like probably like 10 minutes but I'm trying to edit some music because if you guys don't know I used to dance too and I'm actually going to choreograph for my old dance team tomorrow so I'm still trying to cut the music because I procrastinate on that way too hard and I'm having such a hard time but that's what I've been doing I had lunch with one of my best friends from elementary school I've known her since kindergarten she's my oldest friend you guys have actually met her she's it's Jordan from

my Tipsy get ready with me I went out to lunch with her and I went out to the restaurant that Nate works at and after that one of my very good friends Vince who I haven't seen a long time came over and we caught up for a little bit so that's why I didn't vlog much because we were just like sitting and talking but I am still going to the Christmas show tonight I still have to change and get ready I think I'm just gonna wear this makeup look because why not I don't want to wash it all off and then put it all and again I think I'm just gonna pop on my gloss again I just like I just can't have gloss on when I'm like eating so I like always take it off but anyways that's a check-in for this concealer I do have to say I'm loving it so far I mean I've never done like a concealer wear test before so I do have to say it looks pretty good especially in the chin area because that's where a lot of my oils peek through but I'm not really seeing much of that with this concealer so yeah scanning just got some mascara on her it's really kicked by baby cave fail this is how not to do you rank I'm not a professional I don't condone this stuff

this is Annie we've been friends since like first grade that's right since first grade yeah and of both brownies you're both bronies and Girl Scouts so right now we're getting ready to go to the Christmas concert for our old high school yes Carol and I were carrying Carol Carol Carol is our sister and all that Karen and I were both in show choir together yeah we're in show choir and it was amazing we're also against team together so I'm an actual idiot and I realized I forgot to fill my final check-in for you guys so here I am the next day I did take a bunch of flash photography photos at the end of the night at the concert so I'm gonna insert them I know I told you guys that I had a lot of flash back like on my whole face even with the foundation and honestly I've never had that problem before I just think it's from one I first apply like the foundation and powder and everything because at the end of the night I did not have any flash back so you guys couldn't see in the pictures but yeah and that is my final thoughts I love the concealer it's a great

consistency again I don't think it's for people with dry under eyes but super full coverage it lasted like a long time and I forgot to tell you when i swatched on my hand um two videos ago I took a shower immediately after that and I like washed my hair and everything soap was like running down my hand and it was still like on my skin so that's crazy so it's definitely like budge proof but yeah that's it I will show you the photos right now that was so in unison we're an old stomping ground all right me to perform it all the time yes TBT CVT you can be miss it yeah but we had our fun all right shows over tell me go good night good night mom love it I do hope I don't get copyrighted