31 October 2018

Testing Aliexpress and Shopee Makeup! | Heng Fang Diamond Liquid Eyeshadow Awesome Quality !

Testing Aliexpress and Shopee Makeup! | Heng Fang Diamond Liquid Eyeshadow - http://bit.ly/2cQIZDo Im not own this video.

I have another glitter product for

guests and today it's going to be a liquid glitter eyeshadow so this is the says here hang from Diamond bead light water fluid of eyeshadow that's actually a really long name we hope you can see it right there and let's just remove this so we can see the box hold on I'm just removing the sticker so I can see what's written on the box so yeah it says here diamond we'd like water fluid of eyeshadow there you go so you can see it here a lot more clear and it comes in a really nice really nice gold and white packaging and I got the shade zero for the actual product looks like this as you can see it's a really beautiful see-through acrylic packaging and on the cat's equal to cover like this there's nothing else on the packaging except for the brand name hang fan and if you remind me a lot of those Stila Magnificent metals liquid eyeshadow I've never tried this in my life and I got this from sharpie it's just a really affordable I think it's 100 plus 150 or another 14 so I'm just gonna put everything in the description box below as always the product and seller info yeah so it's actually slightly smaller and this is the shade that I got it's a

bronzy color okay so there's a construction oxide so we're just in the cross for a while as you can see close-up it has a lot of glitter particles in it and I just can't wait to apply this on my eyes and we're gonna see if it's going to add a lot of sparkle on my lids or what so I hope it shows up because you guys know your girl loves glitters I'm just gonna give you guys a swatch and before that I'm just gonna show you guys the applicator the applicator looks like this and it's really nice because it's slightly larger than a typical joke with applicator and it's flat on the side and everything like that I don't like some that looks like a chair I like this so I'm just gonna give guys on a swatch here whoa that is super metallic yeah you know it's nice it's really really good very very opaque as you can see it's very pigmented and the color payoff is there it's definitely there and it's definitely very shimmery reflects light for sure and really impressed act with litters inside so that is nice and the glitters are silver and it has like bronzy mica inside so it's a mature of

Micah or Micah and leather it's pronounced but those are the loose pigments mixed with glitter particles so those are the combination so I don't really see a lot of ingredients on the side or anything like that right so I already have my mascara on and I am going to apply a little bit of eyeshadow just to mix with the liquid eyeshadow I'm just going to use probably this color first with a shade Winky [Music] getting even more with this shade called profesh here [Music] time for some sparkle on my eyes and I'm gonna use this I'm really a fan of liquid eyeshadows because normally they are more long-lasting than a powder eyeshadow so I'm just gonna apply this directly from the applicator and just apply this a minutes oh wow that's really really pigmented and actually gonna use a brush to blend this in because I don't apply too much so I'm just using this brush to blend this in [Music] so it's best to blend this while it's wet because I think this is one of those liquid i shadow products that sets like

a liquid lipstick so once it sets there's no way to move this so while it's wet go ahead and use a brush to blend it and it helps that I'm using an angled brush like this makes the blending a lot easier and smoother so alright so that is just one layer off this liquid eyeshadow I'm just say it looks so beautiful on my lids and it's a lot easier if I don't have a mascara already but chicken see it looks super sparkly and that is exactly what I'm going for so now we're going to go back to the swatch that I did as you can see it's very very smudge proof and it stays on definitely it smudge proof as you can see I'm rubbing this hard and it doesn't yeah it transfers just a bit because it didn't dry like 100% already just a little bit of transfer but I'm just rubbing it right now and nothing is coming off [Music] I should apply another layer so okay why not so I'm just gonna play one more layer and cuz right now it looks a bit sheer gonna look more sparkly and more opaque so this is the second layer I'm actually scared to apply too much okay

so adding another layer definitely helps so this is one layer and this is two layers I don't know if you can tell the difference but this looks more big in real life definitely can see it [Music] we to apply this on my inner corner as well [Music] look that I came up with truly sparkly it sparkly but it's not like shocking it's not chunky the glitters and the sub are very finely milled and it doesn't look chunky at all and it's very comfortable in my lids even though it's a liquid eyeshadow and even though it sets it doesn't feel thick on mail it's like I can barely feel it or like I don't feel anything at all and it looks even just make sure when you apply this while it's drying just look down and don't look up because it's going to crease if you're going to look up while you're waiting for this to dry so after applying this make sure to look down now we're going to talk about my final thoughts about this I really like this product because first of all it's very easy to use it's small if you're going to travel you have one eyeshadow palette

and if you want to make your look more sparkly just have one of these in your bag check out the link in my description box you'll see all the different shades a very simple product that I really like it's very simple to use it's just basically a liquid glitter eyeshadow and you can use this alone or you can match this with an eyeshadow look just finish your eyeshadow first your powder eyeshadows and then apply this on top and this will look really really magical on your eyelid that's really shimmery it's really really shimmery and gorgeous I love glitter eye shadows especially those that are not chunky I'm a big fan of these kind of products if I can change it super classy yes well I really I really like the rose gold I need to get the other shades and swatch them for you guys and you guys know that I love resting out new products so yeah and I recommend this it's very affordable if you're looking for a dupe for the Stila magnificent metals liquid eyeshadow go ahead and try this they have a lot of different shades to choose from that is it for my review of the hank found where is that hank pan diamond bead light water fluid of eyeshadow so you can find

this from sharpie or Aliexpress thank you thank you so much for watching today's video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did please leave this video a big thumbs up and also please subscribe to my channel if you or again click the notification bell so that you will be updated never upload a new video and I'll see you guys again next time [Music] [Music]