23 March 2019

Testing 20 Art Supplies You've Never Heard Of (Part 1)

Testing 20 new, useful, weird art supplies for painting, drawing, & mixed media that I've never seen before. How many did you know? Scroll down for full art ...

the colored pencil it's gonna solve it's

gonna what thank you isn't that amazing totally different it's almost like you're you can use it like a watercolor I probably use a darker one if you want to demo or the darker one like I knew they had these so of course it makes sense to have water soluble graphite hello oh and it's real gold guys I'm at Haley's studio it's really really cool in here there's so many neat things this is our this is our film setup and yeah that was the card for the heavens it's really nice to just meditate on and just like have a card there to like focus on stumbled into it about like a year ago I'm just really drawn to like the visual symbols and like the archetypes I'm Robin sealer and this is my friend ha I met her through my patreon and she came on a video that I did months ago when I did a week lock inside of painting it was one of my artists when I met Haley for the first time this is our second time in person when I met Haley for the first time she showed me a bunch of different materials that I had never heard of or used before and so I figured let's do a full video so I contacted Haley and then she sent me a really long

video we're gonna we're gonna learn some new art materials yeah so this is a watercolor pencil which you've probably heard of before if you haven't it's a colored pencil that is water soluble just get in there with water who knows nice that's nice what you may not have heard of which I have not heard of is this so the first one is water soluble graphite pencils there's favorite castle graphite Kumail and lush so what do these do so just like a regular pencil say that you wanted to like have the shadow be more filling you just take a brush just dip it into the water and then sometimes with pencils you can find that like they get really gritty and that may be the desired effect your going for but sometimes in the shadows you want that to really not be so textured in that case this is really good at just smoothing and breaking that down these are our two different brands we're gonna have links to most of the supplies in the description these were called water soluble graphite is that right yeah it can be really nice for on-the-go like sketching as well just to kind of

mix things up a bit yeah that seems like a good travel kit supply to have and then of course if you do a lot heavier shading you're gonna get a lot more graphite pigment I don't know what you would call that yeah it works yeah you can see how dark it gets it's almost like you're you can use it like a watercolor that's cool I didn't yeah cuz I didn't realize that they had water soluble graphite like I knew they had these so of course it makes sense to have water soluble graphite they functioned very similar choco pastel pencils oh yeah I don't know what that is so pastel chalk you've probably seen before I imagine this is a more common sort of supply I have worked with colored charcoal but it's a little bit different than this material what I had not heard of was these so these are a pastel chalk pencils and they work just like this except focus what they work really well for is getting a really precise line and you can get it a lot more controlled versus if you use the stick you get like a much broader stroke so just like for comparison you can kind of see these are pretty tough they're harder materials and it's a little bit

difficult to get a good line with it you can go on the edge but these you have so much control with and they're actually really pigmented which is nice I liked what you're saying about them being erasable as well and coming with this eraser on the end you need to shave it down get down you could get like a what's that mean to shave it down oh you think use this to sharpen these pencils as well do you want to get a really fine point so you can get a really broad stroke which can be nice of you doing if you're drawing or something yeah and to be honest I haven't heard of this before either so this is just a short sandpaper pad looks like you can pull it off like a regular drawing pad when you're done with it so if you need to file down your pastels or sharpen one of your pencils that would work here's another one it's a lot like it's pretty color color ace so they're the colored pencils but you can erase them which is really nice for like sketching a lot of animators will use them so this next one is a Prisma color color color race prismacolor Kohler ace it's like your regular colored pencil except that it

has an eraser on the end and it erases really nicely I just rubbed use a darker one if you want to demo with a darker one do regular color pencils not erase no they have more of a waxy base here's a regular color pencil the comparison and I just want to try erasing that it's just kind of smudges it so this is the difference between the Col erase pencil and a regular prismacolor colored pencil [Music] yeah it makes a big mess yeah so the first time I was introduced to this step you're gonna just yeah the first time I was introduced to this stuff is when Haley came over last time and yeah you probably have no idea what this is like it's really messy it kind of feels like clay it's cold what is it Haley so this is actually water soluble graphite putty let me put this on okay so this is water soluble graphite putty and you can sculpt it any shape you want you can kind of just play with it and then you can also just have water and it kind of does everything it's very messy it's perfect for like if you just want to make a mess and go to town oh you can go over the water areas too

you see the difference how it's already went there yeah so this is like that water soluble graphite pencil we just have except have you used this for or did you more buy this as a novelty I thought this is a novelty to kind of get me out of the IRA and I've used it for some sketches but haven't really gone crazy with it yet I think like you could if you wanted to even have like a pile of this and just straight up your painting with charcoals cuz see how I'm like dipping into this almost like it's my palette color and then bringing it over here and I can just paint with it if Haley would stop painting over [Laughter] this is the packaging for it wow this is really really messy I think I'm also going to just let it soak in water so it's less probably when you say it see you soak it sometimes yeah you just get it kind of wet in there like oh you put water inside of the container Hailee's away I can make some painting marks uninterrupted [Music] alright you know what we're doing next should I wipe my hands off too we switch sides because I'm being too

loud for the mic so next up is painting with mica which is like a it's very um gives you a really nice metallic look so this is mica that is suspended in like an acrylic binder and so you get it like really nice like you get really nice textures with this and then this is grinded mica pigment whoa okay Hayley just told me these are mica suspended in an acrylic binder is that we said yeah and then these are ground down mica so if you don't know what mica is they kind of have samples of it on the outside of this for you it's this like metallic sheet like particle that's inside of like it can get mixed in with rocks oh okay so this is using the gold mica flakes right here you can see he's also gold leaf on here as well okay so the gold mica flakes are this part yeah they're like a little sparkle sparkle glittery things these ones are using specifically that ground up mica pigment so this is the fine tech and then the cold clear OH so basically these ones are gonna get you working with like thin metallic paint you can see the sheen on there it looks kind of gross and then but once it dries it looks like that wow this is

large mica flakes I'll show this again when it dries and it will be a lot prettier then and this is the small mica flakes so largely [Music] smaller flakes and then it's a small silver and then silver yeah that's really cool this is legitimately just like chunks of glitter and sparkles yeah and then this is the finer mica so you just take some water to activate it and you need a favorite of water something you can do is you can put down a layer of black acrylic so it helps to put down a layer black behind it or you can put a blue plan and then this will help the mica pigment pop a lot better alternatively to putting black acrylic down you could use this black water color ground yeah works a lot like jessa but for water color how is it different from gesso so it what makes this different is that you can actually apply this to a wood surface or a paper and then this can just like give you gesso or like supportive ground for watercolor what's the benefit of using a watercolor ground so a watercolor ground it ends up giving you lots of like paper like fibers and

hmm you can see at least down a lot it's more texture than the acrylic and it gives you like a nice kind of almost cold pressed kind of texture like watercolor paper I use white watercolor ground to paint on wood with watercolor that's really cool cuz having it ground like this means that you can paint on materials like wood instead of paper and still use watercolors I like to use the transparent watercolor ground if I am painting on wood and I want the wood grain to show through this is also super good to use if you make mistakes in watercolor if you're working on really ivory and like really white on paper then this can work really well to cover up your mistakes and watercolor and just like kind of get a fresh start does it matter which one I go on top of nah okay there we go Wow okay that shows up a lot more on top of black you can see the difference between that and when it's just on the white paper seems like it's attaching to the black watercolor ground a little bit better than it is illicit more grit than they are cooling so it seems like on camera it's picking up totally the same

so you're probably good if what you have at home is acrylic do you want to try one of the other colors of this oh yeah here's the purple this is purple yeah and then this one also I think is Purple's like um here's one amazingly different Wow so that's on the black here's on the white you literally can't even see it on camera okay well let's see what this color is surprise time on the paper I can't see it yeah it's like your hair color yeah well no something kind of fun about when you're working with the micro feints is that they make your water very sparkly [Music] India ink hello yes could kind of see them mica particles floating around in here so this is a lot similar to the last thing you looked at but this is black mica flake it's definitely not as iridescent and it kind of just looks like gravel and is that's like it just looks like dirt do you like your stri this thickly sometimes yeah you can honestly use it thick thing I really like how this one's like more of a purple eaten and then this one's like a more black and look how Brown it orange

it is er yeah I wonder if the brush wasn't fully washed out oh maybe that's what it is so that is what this course Aluna looks like and this one would be the black mica flake small alright so next we have gold leaf it comes in these little sheets they can come in various sizes and oh and it's real gold this one might be I have some that is real like 24 karat gold this one I believe is just imitation gold leaf so I have heard of gold leaf before I don't know if all of you have before Haley uses it really interestingly in her paintings though okay so this is one of her pieces where she used that gold leafing you can see where it's a lot of thicker and more textured and comes up off the page and then areas where it's more molded down to this isn't this a beautiful piece also I feel like ivory painting you do of her is just so baller how did you do this in here cuz it looks like you engraved into Italy yeah so I use black acrylic right here and then I actually use sometimes I use acrylic paint as the adhesive to lay down the whole thing and then I think I just used like a pencil or something I just scraped out

there's an unlike black acrylic show through and then here is like watered-down metallic gold acrylic and then that's also the adhesive that I use here do you just take your brush and try and get a fair amount on here and then I'm just gonna touch up in here so I'm gonna just apply that wet acrylic paint and it's pretty haphazard you just kind of get it in there if you are going to do this like really clumpy kind of textured it's not going to be as archival that's just something you have to know it's gonna show off the face on this I really like the line work I actually this is a more common tool but this isn't something I really knew that people use normally seen in action I think it's really lovely the sketch work on here done with that thanks yeah I can just go over it like you just generally use this for like texturing and highlights yeah that's what it's perfect for you said this one's more transparent this one is a little bit more opaque signo brand signet well uniball signo what is it univille brand yeah I want to I want to show how you do that really cool like thing with your fine tip applicator

ooh yeah so you can see you got a really nice line made out of that is this message Wow can you believe that artwork I made I've been surrounded by like 90 paintbrushes and she's just using her fingers it's so weird look how huge this is oh hey some are the worst kind hey guys I hope you enjoyed that come back next week make sure you subscribe and check out the links to our products if you're interested in any of that and Haylee's links in the description and yeah I'll see you guys later