21 December 2018

Testimonials - Part 1 Elvira Fanuel: The Look Of Ageless Beauty | RevitaLash Cosmetics

In this testimonial series, I will be introducing a few people to use Revitalash and Revitabrow products as we watch to see the results. Joining me today is Elvira ...

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the lukovitch less BT primary battle ash Cosmetics as we all know a lot of times we want to hear what other ladies have experienced and yes I've talked about a vital ash and the many things they can do for you but guess what I've invited some amazing for them an absolutely beautiful ladies to join me and today I have a guest Arina hi Hawaii I'm fine thank you thank you so so so much for coming thanks for having me as well I'm very I mean blessed to be here and actually be part of the experience with you guys yeah so tell us a tell us about you I remember trying to pronounce it Elvira Elvira a viewer I could pronounce it so tell us about you who are you whichever way you are comfortable saying but it's Elvira you can it's it's a Russian name I'm not Kenyan Wow but Kenya is my home definitely and yeah so I'm an owner of a salon in happy arcade uh-huh and yeah I've been in the industry for about a year and a half long and I've used already like I said this product not this same product before and I was really intrigued with this one to see the results so I'm eager to try it

excellent excellent tell us a bit about your Salim what is it cold what do you do at the Fallon if we are willing we would like to find you where exactly would we come to Valley acade all right so it's inside Valley Arcade on the first floor where Java is on top and I'm expecting all of you guys to be there please honor maybe a discount we do basically everything from facial massages hair nails Caucasian hair afro hair it's everything basically we do everything amazing great so you you said you have tried something similar to this so what did it that attracted you to this point well because I find that putting mascara every day I'm not so much into makeup myself and putting mascara every day for a woman I think it's very hectic I like my sleep so I try to sleep as much I can avoid most of the time of you know showering and putting the makeup and so on and I thought that the product will be perfect whereas you know you put it and in the long term you don't need to put any more mascara uh-huh and you still have a natural look because I would still go for more of a natural look then you know

having to wake up and put the makeup every day Wow so so even when you have to put on makeup or you need to put together bitch regimen in the morning what is your what is the area that you focus most on my eyebrows because I think as we all did in our youth we over plugged them uh-huh so I over plucked them when I was younger and I found myself with very thin eyebrows uh-huh so this is what I focus on and then a bit of blush uh-huh and the lashes that's it wow that's what I like to focus on thank you so much over for bringing that up actually you're right because when we were younger you know thena eyebrows were it were in so we treat them we plucked them we threaded them we even well depending on which part of the world you come from we even use the razor to get rid of the extra you know and of course at this now you're much older and you're thinking no I'm actually more happier and when you look at a lot of the aggressors the environment is one of our biggest addresses from that does as much as we love our land of you know Sun and you know and a lot of green would call never be the greasy tennis fan but you find

again this is so many pollutants in the air and I guess that also impacts on the health of our lashes or not eyebrows then we have the age or you know challenge which we can may not do so much about you your hormones and your genetics some of us as I keep saying you know what I wish I came from the genetic line that had this big thick bushy eyebrows but yes as again as you said you're right actually at some point in my life because of all the plucking and threading and waxing I actually took my papers because I was like I'm like you I don't know I don't spend so much time on you know redoing and reworking I've never done anything I have actually I did it about I think three years ago four years ago at it was in France and it's micro bleeding is becoming more and more common in Nairobi at about two ladies who do it but it's not in the long term after two years it it shades away so it's not like a tattoo but they still use needles I believe and also ink brownish ink or something like that to give it more natural look but at the end of the day it still goes and you have to go to the pain again so I decided not to do it because for me it

was not worth the whole pain and because I had to go back to France I said you know what I'll just used a pencil you know if the easiest way to do it thank you for bringing that up yes I mean we've we all go around try all kinds of things and come back to the basics and say you know what I'm not even gonna go in that direction but guess what I have the right solution for you guys let's keep it real you and I can identify those Veera you know micro bleeding and no that's a tune like I did and you know it gets up when you're like am I really gonna go back and go through that whole process again let's keep it simple but guess what I have the right solution for you so for you over today I've got something right for you so here I have something for your lashes your revitalash you already have beautiful gorgeous lashes but that's why we're not only going to nourish them we'll give you something to nourish them we also going to give you something that will also enhance them and protect them from the daily aggressors the ones that we talked about earlier so in here you'll find a little leaflet I will show you how to use it

and I will go into that in just a minute so this is your revitalash just for you there you go free of charge for your child and you know not much to it and for your brows no you don't have to fly to France to do again I got you covered yes so again I'm gonna get to you in a vector brow again it's unsealed completely packaged the way it normally comes and that's for you perfect thank you very much I can't wait especially to use for the brows because see right now I have a lot of powder and Tenant whatever so I'm eager to try these guys yes excellent and it's very simple to use over it's one application a day so on a bare face once you just cleaned out your face just dip it in apply on the left eye bro the right approach ever you prefer to start with dip it back again and do on the other side the same thing for the lash is you dip in right on the lash line not in your eyes or in your lashes and the good thing it doesn't drip so you don't have to worry about itchy eyes and then you do it diffident thing put it on the other eye now you don't I know a lot of the challenges will have with this conversation is that won't put dipping

and in and out you know which it cost some kind of bacterias like no it has antimicrobials so you'll not have very nasty people a little things and germs and all you know festering in your little bottle so every time you use it it told me and so it is the first time you've answered it yes and because I have an additional gift for you oh my god yes so apart from the revitalize bag I have brought I want to give you a cosmetic bag for revitalash so I can keep all the things all the beautiful things in there for you know that put them in mm-hmm and actually the size is very good I must say it's it's very small we can actually for ladies especially we know we always have to carry our things everywhere yeah I think the size is very perfect do you guys have another size or this is the the main size yes Roberta bra only comes in that 25 and revitalash comes even in a bigger size which is 2.5 ml yes a much bigger one so our experience that most people who are using it for the first time would preferably want to use the 1 ml just to also just get the hang of application and also the comforter of you know

knowing that my investment is also actually going to yield the efficacy problem then once that is done then again people would then jump quickly to the 3.5 mm yeah just another question huh so for this for the small one mm-hmm how long if I'm putting it every day how long will it last me contra Mansour when average it should last you six to eight weeks and then the beauty about revitalization of algebra and I usually emphasize this is a little goes a long long way so honestly ladies I know sometimes you feel you know what we need to put a little bit more but honestly just want it one application is enough but eyelash pie I'll eat so you don't have to use too much and it's one of Education a day so you can choose what they're gonna put it on in the morning after you put if to beef after before you start your beauty routine or in the evening after you've rinsed your face you know you've washed it until it's completely bare so again it's what works for you she's very easy I think it's it's a very good option and I and I really hope to see changes it's good to have a free gift yes to see something with it and if

you're telling me that it's for like five to six months weeks um then I'm sure we'll start seeing the changes within the first three to four weeks which is odd Leah which i think is something is very important for us ladies because I don't know about you but I'm not patient and if I buy something I want to see the results very fast if I don't see them I lose hope and I probably change products but I'm having a lot of hopes for this one for sure excellent so can we have you back in two weeks and tell us what you think what your experience has been how revitalize your vertebra has treated you definitely definitely I'll be more than happy to tell you also maybe you know if there is any side effects I will tell you but uh yes from what I have heard these product is very good so I should not have any problems but definitely you do need to know if the prices feel different yeah whereas my eyebrows maybe have grown or a longer or eyelashes so on so definitely I'll be more than happy to come X and you want your honest opinion your experience from the application to hide fields and how soon

you would have seen the results of your lashes being enhanced and hopefully they'll also be no more shiny and more classier because of all the amazing good thank you very much for coming so see you in two weeks to week series alright so there you have it ladies will be single Elvira in two weeks and she'll be sharing with us hi experience and if you'd like your own revitalash and revert to brow you can get it from Elvira salad which is called tail Pro at the banging a cane which is a beauty salon and spa and you can go in there with your friends and you have your hair and your nails done and you can also pick your own your but I'm not sure you've got your brow and thank you very much for watching the look of ageless beauty pad by revitalash cosmetics my name is logical see you soon [Music] you