08 May 2018

SWEAT PROOF SUMMER MAKEUP! Tips & Tricks | Tanya Cheban

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hi everybody welcome back to my channel

today I want to do a sweat proof and waterproof summer makeup now I will just share with you guys all my tips and tricks on how to make your makeup last on a hot summer day so first I'm just going to put on this headband this is going to I got this headband sent to me so it was a gift but I think you guys can find something like this at Marshall's or something first you want to make sure that your skin is nice and clean and moisturized so I already did that like 30 minutes ago so everything already set and I am ready to go in with my primer I am a very dry person and I like to make sure that my skin does not dry out when I'm out in the Sun so I like to use hydrating products but the products have to still have that tacky feeling so the makeup can really cling onto it I would really recommend this primer for you guys this is the Ilia cucumber water stick it gives you that super tacky feeling onto the skin but it's still really really hydrating and cooling and I also love that it comes in a stick form so you just kind of apply it and you're good to go as you apply this it feels like water but then once it sets it becomes super super tacky

your makeup will last all day long I like to focus this around on my t-zone and this area right here because this is where I usually sweat when it's hot right away I feel that tackiness without even touching my face I feel it like tight so I would really recommend this primer for those of you that are dry but still want your makeup to last all day you have to foundation options one is drugstore one isn't this one is the bobbi brown skin long wear weightless foundation and it also has SPF 15 this is a full coverage oil-free foundation what I really love about this foundation is that it's one very lightweight ooh it has SPF in it so your skin is somewhat protected even though it's only 15 but still better than nothing and this is a very long wearing foundation so this is going to last a lot longer compared to like a BB cream or CC cream that you would usually wear throughout the day but I also love my l'oreal 24-hour total control foundation as you can see I like squeeze a lot of that I need to go get a new one this is in the shade Sun beige and I love it because it's still very lightweight full coverage and it seemed matte foundation I'm actually just gonna

go in with my bobbi brown one today and I am using the shade warm beige I like to work in small sections and also to prevent cakiness just apply it one sheer layer of foundation and then touch up with full coverage concealer on the areas where you want extra coverage that is really going to help with minimizing cakiness as you guys can see this foundation still looks super natural and skin like I love it after that's all blended out let's move on to a cream contouring I'm gonna use the la girl pro conceal this is in the shade of toast and this is like one of my favorite shades to cream contour with I'm not gonna use too much of this product I just want something as a base for my bronzer that we're gonna put on top and I just like to do this in sections because once this sets it's really hard to blend out and just press that into the skin first along your cheek bone if you really want your makeup to us all day long I would recommend using layers and just layering up the product so instead of just going in with powder bronzer I added a layer of cream bronzer so if the powder bronze are ever fade I still have this as like a backup you

know that makes sense I'm also using the Alexi 610 flat sculpting brush this is an amazing brush to cream contour I do not like to wear a lot of concealers throughout the day because my under eyes it just really makes my concealer crease so I like to use as little product as I can underneath my eyes what I do is I go in with the Urban Decay all nighter to proof full-coverage concealer this stuff is so high coverage and it's very very long-lasting once it sets it does not move at all I like to use the shade fair or warm and then right on top of it to brine up underneath my eyes I go in with the covergirl vitalists healthy concealer this is more of like a highlighter pen it's very light coverage it just brightens up underneath the eyes and this does not crease at all so I love using these two products so this is where I only place the urban decay concealer and I'm going to grab my finger and just Pat that underneath my eyes the warmth from your finger really melts the product into the skin and it looks the most natural I also like to take the concealer up into the inner corner because that's where we have a lot of our darkness as well so as you

guys can see that already brightened it up instantly without going in with so much concealer underneath my eyes once everything is like 90% blended out I just go over with a Beauty Blender to make sure everything is blended in I feel like I slept 20 hours okay now I'm going in with the covergirl vitalist healthy concealer love this stuff so much and I can't believe it's from the drugstore because this stuff is so bomb I am going to apply that right on top of like the apples of my cheeks and taking that up and I'm also gonna take some on the tip of my nose and my chin I know you're on here too cuz I do get some darkness here and next thing you know I put it all over my face and I'm gonna go back in with the Beauty Blender since this concealer is such a lightweight like mousse iary formula I like to use a sponge to blend this out but if the concealer is like super thick and creamy I like to go in with my finger first before we set anything on her face I'm gonna go in with this powdery blush this is by the brand Lancome this is the macaron a blush and blender this is in the shade Rose whipped cream and it

looks like this cream blushes last a lot longer and they look really natural on the skin I'm gonna just apply this first before we go in with anything else and I just gave it like such a rosy natural look just that underneath my eyes I'm gonna go in with the elf sheer powder it's really really lightweight and translucent underneath the eyes I don't like to go in with heavy powders throughout the day because then I just feel like it looks so cakey on me so I like to use something that's very very lightweight so I'm gonna just grab some of that powder and then you want to take some along the upper eyelid as well right now my face still feels tacky from all the creams that we use you want to make sure that it's set so what I like to use is a really natural-looking a powder to set the rest of my face a translucent powder will work just as good I'm gonna use the covergirl vitalist healthy powder in the shade classic ivory grabbing a powder brush I'm just lightly pressing this powder onto my face you want to make sure every single section is set I'm sure there are waterproof bronzers out there on the market but I'm gonna just go in with a

really affordable one that I don't have to like worry about or be sad about if like my bronzer becomes patchy like so I'm gonna go in with my favorite drugstore butter bronzer from Physicians Formula this is the darkest shade that they have just start bronzing up the forehead and temple area and working my way down so now I'm just bronzing up the areas where the Sun would naturally hit and I'm going to cocktail with the benefit who left just because I want to be a little extra right now for the eyebrows I'm using the tarte rich brown Amazonian clay waterproof of brow mousse this stuff always makes my brows look snatched you just set these brows in place I'm gonna go in with the benefit 24-hour brow setter brow gel which is my favorite okay I really like this eyeshadow this is from the Brandis CYO and I think it's a Walgreens brand but it's just a beautiful gold eyeshadow this one is called college crush and then in my waterline I'm gonna use this pretty vulgar eyeliner it's just nude for mascara you want to use a waterproof one if you're gonna be swimming or

anything like that I'm gonna just use my regular bad gal thing by benefit mascara I'm gonna apply a very thin coat of this to be honest I think I would just rock my natural lashes with this look for a day-to-day like summer look but I think I'm gonna still use my falsies in this video because a lot of you guys have been asking which ones I've been recently wearing and I want to share them with you guys even though I already talked about them in my March favourites so these are the lashes that I get I find these at t.j.maxx Marshall this was $7.99 and you have five pairs of lashes they remind me of the demi wispies from ardell but the demi wispies are so short on me they don't even show up on my eyes but these as you guys can see are much longer and they look like eyelash extensions when wearing them so this is by the brand lashes for days and they're the Cosme nia brand I'm gonna be a little bit extra when it comes to highlight so I'm gonna go in with the hourglass ambient lighting powder in luminous light this is a much more softer subtle looking highlight so I can apply this basically anywhere where I want like that natural dewy look so I'm

gonna apply this the center on my forehead the tip of my nose right over here and luncheon and then for the actual highlight I'm gonna go in with the hyperreal glow Mac this is the palette and I'm gonna go in with this shade right over here in the middle and just use that same brush and apply this to the highest point of my cheekbone and of course you can do anything you want for lips I prefer a glossy nude lips so we're gonna be doing that today I'm gonna grab Mac strip down a lip pencil line my lips does it have to be perfect because we're gonna cover it up with some gloss anyways and then I'm gonna go in with the Mac yeah schlip stick and for the gloss I'm going in with the NYX butter gloss and a fortune cookie and lastly you do not want to forget to set your face I'm using the Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray this is going to make your makeup last it's gonna lock everything in and seal the deal for you all right so this is the finished sweat proof waterproof makeup tutorial I'm obsessed with this look it's actually so easy to achieve if you guys found this video helpful please

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