05 June 2019


Testing out these BRIGHT BRIGHT BOY BOYS! LINKS! UK GREEN http://bit.ly/2QIQXn7 UK ORANGE http://bit.ly/2WBOe4r UK PINK http://bit.ly/2WHzfpn US ...

come on okay so today I'm going to be

showing you and swatching the new hooter pallets which is the neons so we're going to start with this pallet here oh I've got a mirror in the way thanks very much right so we're gonna swatch this I mean who's wearing this that's what I want to know okay so we'll start where we start so we've got the yellow or mustard so there's celestial shades here right oh please focus I'm going to cry there we go so there's celestial shades here so those ones I'm going to use my finger with because they're just easier to apply with a finger oh shit that's a keeper that one next we've got the red light key celestial again Jen aren't liking this palette a lot more suddenly I have no idea why so we've got this kind of melon color it's actually is that melon who knows who can say look at this color that's like a fuchsia mmm-hmm now we've got more of a peach then we've got this pink and finally oh we've got this absolutely acid celestial that's pretty cool right oh that's shade there that I really think purpley one Johnny I mean this camera was not cheap alright Norma status right now now we're gonna move on to this palette so Purple's back

color I need to get some all the mirrors not poking through so let's mix that I in a swatch right here so we've got the pink that's a nice color if you you know if that's what you want Celeste you're next oh I think so another peach but you know I didn't think I would care for these palettes because of their colors but I actually quite like them I can see them working as using them as like a transitional shape those to it very very similar this was a bit more pink next we've got this celestial oh that's pretty that one then we've got a really deep purple ship got no room there we go that's a nice one and now we've got three other shades and I've got no room so we'll pop it underneath the eye here so this is a live look do not I mean I mean that one's a bit blah another celestial oh that is nice that is so nice and then finally a bright pink celestial which will they don't know I think so okay so finally we've got the palette that is the greenest thing I've ever seen at least the case so you know where you're gonna wear this just on the school run you know down to the office job so let's try and swatch it a little bit more what's the word yeah I don't

know what the word is angular so that shape is or nothing it's actually that one is the green but it is looking like nothing so we've got a celestial that's nice if that's what you like then that's nice next we've got the green so these aren't really they're not really that wonderful to swatch first you'll well that's quite nice next another celestial this is a white now with a reflect of Lyme as you do another reflect here I'm gonna swatch that one here I love those kind of reflex the ones that are sort of like a greeny brown depending on the light you're in another one here let's try and do that in the middle hmm that's quite nice but you know you know so next we've got the peach so this is showing up a bit Bela that's nice as a transition shade and finally one more celestial and there you go I mean I think it's I know that it's ridiculous to swatch it all over your face but at least you get to see it with a brush apart from the Celestials which is a finger because sometimes when your fingers watching it doesn't always translate the same way as it does with a brush and at least this way you know this is a brush application the majority

is shades by heavily pigmented as you can see and as with all I shows there's always going to be some amount of faller on the pan depending on how hard you press it you know I we've all seen the maniacs on YouTube trying to get views by doing this and then showing her shits and eye shadow is when in fact they're doing this which is why it looks like it's dreadful eye shadow but there you go highly pigmented generally speaking these actually blend quite nicely you know they they do actually blend very well and matte shades are particularly notorious for being awkward to blend but majority these shades I think are the kind of things that you've added as a accent so you might want to take one of these shades and just really lightly run it through the crease of the eye over perhaps a brown eyeshadow or something like that just to give it a bit more kick but it's that if this is what you're looking for what they're looking for neons you've got neons haven't you you know I mean that's New York me not thanks for watching in fotomat I'll see you all soon bye bye