09 April 2019

Summer Skin Care and Body Care Essentials!

In this Video, I have explained importance of every product which I use everyday and how it is essential for each one of us. To buy ORIFLAME products you can ...


ITT believe you and today's video is going to be bit interesting one because today I'm going to show you guys my basic project with which I you say in day out and I thought why not go be given to it to you guys that one of things I use in my daily basis so let's get started and show you can do nothing thank you so firstly I'm gonna start with my face load up a number to show you guys that what on things high gives on that face to eat mosquito in family so the first thing which I use our native a this on my face is my favorite favorite octopus hydrogel what I keep on talking about this face wash a lot of my stories as well as on my neck support so if you guys have been following me since a while now then you might be knowing that this face washes love to me I use this baseball twice a day once in the deep end before taking all the time taking baths and one time before I sleep so this face wash is absolutely perfect one for a person who is having an awkward combination to sensitive like all ages all skin types cut down on it so it is for everybody so if you are not having a special face for yourself

then it's the time to buy a new one so if you want to buy this base version contact me another product which I use on webpage is this Optima scales club this club I use only and only on Sundays is like once in a week this club helps me and bullies my skin as well as remove the dead skin cells from inside of the skin general is really important for working because it removes impurities angered something upper layer of our skin and this game will have scrum is also very important for what came before they would invite one skin and removes all the dirt and impurities and helps our cells to grow again and get the new skin so if you do not have any club in your routine then I would suggest you to add my scrub annual routine because it is going to remove only dirt and dead skin cells and you can use them like once in a week or two in our quarry with another two products you can mainly used on my face other than that I wash my face I try and never tread my face with my I clean with my date you know my scream unless I do and when I see my nice try going back to go that is something very high pigment I just remember so what I tried it immediately

try to follow all my skincare even because it touched my skin ro can be I do so that is another product I'm going to talk about is only clean body washes whereas if for emotions it means that an artist losing one boy boy with an amazing one washes from wasting because for example escort wing mesmerizing fragrance in their body washes which helps me take bath with a lot of body washes every day so the first body wash which I'm going to show you guys is my favorite carrying olive oil and and have a garage sale I have been using this shower gel since like one and a half years now and have completed this water when I have completed six to seven more times of now because this is one of my favorite artists other than this I also have my two favorite shower gels what is a love nature and a very moving and Respighi exfoliation witches have just opened the shower yesterday and I'm so loving this I don't have this I also have opened my mouth shower just to give it its essence and komak Narnia and my face as I told you not just stick to watch our chance so I want to use both of them every innovativeness still using soap in your

daily life and it's going to be very boring because we are missing out on shower gels and you're missing out on morning lip shower gels which has got like very very very soothing smelling preferences so I feel that you guys should go for shower gels in your life because they are very travel friendly and rehydrate to use and I will show you that how do I use them I think the shower wall on which I put these charges and with this I also use one more throw that on every Sunday which is my favorite weekend honey sugar scrub so I have been like check-in about this club on my story that everyone has that that everybody should use because it helps in removing our tax cases it helps in removing the standing on our skin moreover this club has got beads in it this is something I can use and we put use only water so it's nice extruded anybody can use them and you can eat it on every Sunday of your body has been body and on your face you can use this Optimus face crown so it's like these both products that you must have in your pot again so you can do one more main product which all girls should never miss according to me this is mainly for

girls only it's not just about making you feel fresh but it also helps you in avoiding fashions that order aging imitation so I've been here disagree with what should be used by each one of you on daily basis because if this is something which is going to help you save your life because it would remain in your hygiene as well as help you avoid all other health attacks so will you use this product on daily basis is a request for my another chorus which I'm going to talk about this material hair oil and uses their oil once in a be acquitted leg on Saturday night or Sunday night making defense whenever I'm free after for using this hair boy and another thing I generally do much head bath so that my hair please let us know silky and I think this hair oil has been you my careful so if you are a person who is having like a lot of hair fall into her body then this is something that you should you should you and you should add at your body care under the road of example did for you guys is my favorite in June I need boiled essence of what is played so once I have taken bath as it were using body spray which is this to

an adequate Authority because summers have come I cannot go without any bridges I don't step out of my house without appearances so this is something that has caught my eye nobody's favorite I'm a very big fan of is Miss happy what is great has got the water babies pregnant and I think that this water in this one and then I will open another fitness because you not make it good enough so that I thank you so much for watching this video I am perspiring a lot in this portion now because I feel that I don't have any easy of men out here and my very first firing so my new kind of this being right here if you guys have any questions about these pruners that be moment in the below section or if you want to buy any of these products you can tell me and if you might be that I should promote more such videos they are also usual technical side keep on going for it for such we use other than time thank you so much for watching this video if you like this video and know with the division and thank you in mine [Music]