18 April 2016

Summer Makeup Dewy Skin Tutorial For Black Women

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hello mama Russian in African winter bad

you will you are you a scaredy jingle hey guys it's late loss and yeah this video is just gonna be about summer glow makeup tutorial excited to use this is I'm gonna see how it goes so oh I like the way it's got like a little one so okay it's interesting this is really small this because it's just it just glides on it's so cool okay so I'm gonna use my blender and I'm just gonna damn haha I'm so fun unit I'm just gonna dab everything on already I can tell us a bit dark but I like it I really really like it it's not too orange I don't mind foundations that are a bit darker than my skin tone as long as it's not too orange because I hate when it's orange because I think I'm the yellow turned the kids we are so your skin strokes much love over my people in the past apart with a plane before the class I don't remember forever I cinema get together I just blended everything in I love this creamy concealer in general it's just so nice and creamy and soft it I know you feel me but too much right now I need to create that contour line I think I use quite a lot of my face but

don't worry guys I'm going to blend everything in for you because for me I over blend and sometimes it comes off so and I have to take the concealer away I actually ever blend on one of those people that blend too much minutes like why have you put on your skin just looks really even that's stress really it I'm loving the foundation and concealer together that's really really good so I'd put a thumbs up for the Lancome foundation I like it I do prefer this because it feels like you know it just doesn't feel cakey at all like I just don't feel like there's a lot of weight on me but I'll probably use this for when I go out I wouldn't wear my NARS even though it's really really beautiful I love it it's my favorite foundation ever this feels more light than the nice foundation so I would want to wear this on summer nights out but I do prefer this as you know maybe just going out to eat or anything just something really light and natural so yeah I will be using this the whole thing if you see the things that I'm doing are the imaginations I'm really funny TV so I stay pretty good I cannot forget yeah this is my favorite favorite mascara

I could literally use this alone but after stated a visit I know do you feel me for too much pride never leave all my real brothers that looks like a beauty mark I'm gonna leave that there my remembrance is Tabatha much love let me get you a on my body bitch so much love if it gets behind much love over my people in the pasta with a plea for the glass I don't remember forever cinema you get back it is I gotta watch it like never bad fella people can step down when you see be they start smiling in my business I hope you guys enjoyed this makeup tutorial I think I enjoyed it myself I actually made a lot of effort so I hope you guys like it as well and make sure you comment like and subscribe and I'll see you guys again soon bye