04 June 2019


Hey guys! For today, I did another video in my splurge or pass series, giving y'all my thoughts & opinions on some new makeup launches! I hope you enjoy!

hey guys and welcome back to my channel

today's video is another splurge or past video where I talk about new makeup releases give you as my thoughts and opinions and just my commentary really I do usually upload these on a Monday but I was a little busy yesterday so I never got around to filming it I thought about maybe skipping it this week by skipped it last week so you know what I'm just doing it a day late this week I hope you guys don't mind better late than never am i right so let's go ahead and start talking about a new makeup releases there's a line of interesting things this week that I want to discuss with you all so let's go ahead and jump into it what was this well the first thing I wanna talk about here is a new collaboration it's cloud raishin is with Anasazi Beverly Hills and Alyssa Edwards and oh my god this collection is absolutely beautiful if you don't know who Alyssa Edwards is she is an icon make drag queen like iconic um they have a whole collection here well it's not really like a ton of things there's a new eyeshadow palette which I'm a hundred percent just gonna say right now I'm first you're picking up this eyeshadow palette is beautiful it's

colorful but it still has your neutrals in there I can see myself creating some really bomb creative looks with it and also some like you know everyday neutral looks with it and I love anasazi or shadow quality it's one of my favorite on the market and honestly I just collect Anasazi of palettes so I'm for sure getting this I don't know if it's coming to Ulta it doesn't say anywhere if you guys know let me know down below I know for sure it's coming to Sephora or this can be in stores in Sephora but I don't have a Sephora near me I only have an Ulta so I want to know like is it coming to old time if not I'll order online but I want to wait and see becomes Ulta first if not for sure picking it up because it's stunning and I kick myself every day for not getting the anasazi a Mario palette so I am for sure getting this that way I don't regret it cuz I'm sure it's limited edition does not see but yeah they have an eyeshadow palette in this collection for $45 which looks stunning I'm for sure getting that there's also a beast fan and a beast mirror they look really pretty and if you love Alyssa Edwards and you're like a huge fan of her I can

see why you want that but I just I mean it's cool and it'd be cool for like a thumbnail or like an Instagram post but like I don't really need like a mirror like that and I would never use that a fan except for maybe like after a playing saying spray but it's just kind of excessive and I don't need it the fans $15 in the mirror is 25 you are interested in it not a horrible deal not like crazy expensive but it's something I can just see myself living without you know so I'm not gonna get those but I'm for sure getting the palette you can't get all three things for only $95.00 in Apr box there's only a limited amount those though so I would get that sooner rather than later it is available now I will link it down below but congratulations to Anasazi and all those Edwards this collection is beautiful it's a dope I love the pink packaging the color she chose were immaculate I just think you did a really good job Alyssa congratulations this is really cool I can't imagine what it's like to go into a Sephora and like see your face up there with your own palette date like you made yourself like it it's just crazy to even think about

so congratulations to them this is amazing I'm sure it's going to sell so well also since I am getting the palette but I'm getting it kind of like later I don't really want to or if you want to it's like there's so many reviews on the palette already and I already kind of know I'm probably gonna like it I like all those sauciest palettes so that being said do you guys want an actual review or would you rather mean do like a three looks in one kind of video where I can give my commentary about certain shades by like problems with it or if I love this shade a lot or would you rather just have like a full-on review writers do like one look cuz I'd rather do the three-in-one but if you guys don't want that that's cool just let me know down below okay so really quickly Urban Decay sneak peek Tay a new foundation they're launching there isn't much about at the moment out other than the fact that's called the stay and naked foundation it's going to be $39 and coming available in 50 different shades it's crazy which fifty shades in theory is really good like that's a really good number to have they haven't released like a

picture yet of the fifty shades so I don't know it like the range is good I'm hoping the range is good I forgot fifty shades you know like make the range good I think you can definitely do that with the amount of shade you have there but whatever by looking at the picture of some of the shades it does look like it does go pretty deep just bright like the one deep shade that I see it that does look pretty dark but like I said we don't know the actual range yet it could be really good could be really bad we don't know yeah I want to mention it because I think the packaging for one looks so luxurious for Urban Decay no tea no shade Urban Decay because I like some things we're in decay but they're not like my favorite brand I brand like excites me a lot of time but this packaging like a really caught my attention looks so like sleek and boozy and just nothing I would expect from Urban Decay which I feel bad saying but like let me know what you guys think the same thing like this packaging is boo gee like this is sleek luxurious packaging I don't know maybe I'm crazy but when I saw a packaging I'm like what brain is that Urban Decay huh

and also $39 isn't a bad price for a high-end foundation it's not like cheap by any means but it's not bad so I do want to try this foundation out once you know we get more details about it all this says that's coming soon doesn't really say like when or where it will be available at I was suing probably at Ulta online probably so far as well I'm just speculating I don't know yeah I just want to mention that because I thought it was really cool looking like I just didn't expect that from urban decay so my mind's kind of like wow but yeah Urban Decay's a loose cannon foundation I'm interested to see like it's gonna be like matte and long wearing it's gonna be like dewy aluminous I hope it's more like a satiny kind of finish but we can't win them all okay the next up we have a collection I'm so excited for dominique cosmetics is releasing the glam collection now it says it's a collection but the only thing that has been like sneak peek or like shown to the public is the rustic William I shop talent this I shop how is stunning I saw a lot of people say like it's nothing new as something we've seen before and like yeah I probably do have

colors like this in my collection and like I probably shouldn't buy this palette but it looks beautiful like I love the color story I feel like it's neutral but like rusty neutral but like rusty neutral what they were going for I just like they killed at the color selection I really like these colors in here they really speak to me I just I think they're so pretty I don't know what it is I don't know if it's like just the blues and kinda mention with the warm tones with the green and the purple like they gave me like all of my essential colors in one palette and I just think it looks so freakin pretty I've never tried anything from domini cosmetics before I don't know why that is I think it's cause like they're not Ulta and like I just haven't really gone my way to buy them online but yeah nice lost palette I was like I for sure want this palette um it's beautiful I don't see a price on here it's going to be available June 6 online s Sephora and dominique cosmetics calm i really don't see a price point and like i said i've never bought anything from her lying before so I don't know like the average price I wanted to say it's

between 40 and 50 dollars for her palates I think anyways that sounds right in my head but I don't see a price I believe on screen if I do find the price but yeah so available June 6 I don't think I'll pick it up like as students is available but I do like I'm eyeing it like I really do want it I think it's pretty and I'm interested to see if there's like more to this collection because this is the collection but like all we see is the I shop palette and it's now a June 4th when I'm doing this so she's got two days to like show us the rest but yeah the palette looks gorgeous I'm into it I don't know everyone's into it but I'm into it another thing I am super interested in Argos Couture is coming out with the diamond light finishers basically what it is is loose pigment with a silky formula with fine and glitter they will be 25 dollars each was kind of expensive I don't necessarily know if I will actually buy this product but it looks so really pretty online it looks like a really easy way to use glitter cuz like in the promo photos or like just applying with their finger and it looks

really like wet and juicy and sparkly and just everything you want in a glitter shadow I'm really interested to hear like influencers talking about these the ones like got the PR and stuff like that because I want to know like are they good because if they're like super like amazing i I'm definitely gonna get one but for right now I found a way and see like what other influencers have to say about that if they even talked about that I think artist Couture is a Brad doesn't get talked about enough I have one other loose highlights it's so amazing and I feel like no one talked about their stuff nearly as much as they should like I just I think they have really good products and these new loose like diamond light things oh they look beautiful and I just like no one's like hyping them up and I think that our skirt or deserves it they look really pretty I'm interested $25 price point is kind of expensive in my humble opinion but I still think like if they're that pigmented on the eyes of the promo photos look it might be worth it so really quickly I want to talk about another sneak peak that trend mood

showed us the other day so it looks like this day see Marie MUA and be permit cosmetics are collab me again to make another eyes shot palette it's absolutely just ten shades in this eyeshadow palette versus the old ones had I don't know what the first collaboration palette had had bunch more shades I was put your screen of it that the first pallet looked really pretty and I always kind of wanted it but I never got my hands on it maybe I'll pick it up when I picked this one up I don't know Dayna banana if you guys watched her she's amazing I'll link her channel down below she raised off the original be perfect Stacey Murray palette all the time and she curds like the most beautiful looks with it and I've always like wanted to buy it I just I haven't really done it yet I do want to it's like it's like a want for me but I just haven't got it yet but anyways back to the round to Josie swatches alone of this palette just the sneak peak swatches alone make me want to buy this palette pigmentation for one just blows me away that white I have never seen a white swatch that good

at all and I've never tried anything from be perfect cosmetics before I think they're European brand I don't have a ton of experience of European brands I feel like I just definitely start though because I think they create such a bomb products I don't know what America is doing they're just not we're not there yet I guess not that level but anyways yeah the swatches like the lime green the white the aqua and the red have me so shook like no Matt swatch swatches that well like ever so if something's going on here I don't know what they're doing and they'd be perfect cosmetics lab but like I want their secrets cuz I want to make my own eyeshadow palette that beautiful so yeah I'm really interested in this palette um we don't have a ton of details on it quite yet because it's just a sneak peek but I'm just excited to see you like the palette I'm excited to see the price point I'm just I'm excited for the lunch in general I think it's me really good palette again congratulations to Stacy Murray and be perfect and doing a second round collaboration means like the first one really well so probably made helicoil it

because he palettes looks stunning okay another thing I wanna talk about here really quickly because I find a lot you guys actually tagged me in this and asked me if I'm going to be getting them color pop just to release these new blush and lipsticks basically they're just blush and highlight sticks they do have a five different like kits you can buy where has three and each of them for don't know how much 22 each or you can buy them in two no g4 eight dollars I do plan on getting these I just haven't yet they are available now I link them down below along with everything else you guys know I love color pop I love blush I love highlight it's kind of my thing so I do plan on getting these I just haven't got him yet it was the thing I needed by like instantaneously and I'm just waiting for my paycheck and then I'm gonna buy these they do look really pretty and I do like my cream blush and my cream highlight and all that so yeah I definitely want to get these on thank you guys so much for tagging me and that was by the way I love when you guys tag me and stuff you think I'd be interested in I just think

it's so freaking cute like you guys just know me like so well so yeah I love you guys tag me in things that like makes my heart melt a little bit Sela thank you for that right and the last not least I have one more launch I want to talk about I touched on this launch I think in my last merger past video or at least the one before that Jaclyn hill cosmetics came out with 20 nude lipsticks and there was a lot of different opinions on this I have some commentary about it of course I do I am super opinionated as y'all know basically here's why stay on there's 20 different nude shades for $18 each I do think it's a really good shade selection of nudes some people were saying that they were disappointed and as being her first launched because her brands been so hyped over and talked about the past like three or four years now we've been hearing about Jackson Hale cosmetics in it's gonna come out soon and like it get to push back and blah blah so I do understand like for us to be waiting this long just for some nude lipsticks like really we've been waiting for this but what I will say is this is so Jaclyn hill like this is so on brand for her

you think a jaclyn hill please tell me you don't think about a ban highlight bronzed skin in a nude lipstick like that's her aesthetic that's her brand so I get it like I totally understand like yeah that is totally a Jaclyn helping to launch and you know what I do think some of the shades in here are really really pretty I don't have any intention of picking them up you know what congratulations to her coming with your own brand of something that's not easy to do it pon took a lot of time money could take her whole really long time took her several years you know I don't I don't know people expected from her really like if she were kind of like a rainbow eyeshadow palette everyone be mad because that's not her thing new lipsticks are her thing so it's it's it's on brand I look like I say about that it looks very on Brentford and I'm not mad about it everyone loves a good nude lipstick guess I'm not gonna pick anything up just because I have plenty of nudes I really just am not interested in buying anything from Jacqueline Cosmetics but you know what congratulations to her this is a huge

accomplishment and that's actually all the new maker places that I want to talk about for this video the ones that caught my attention the most the ones I want to discuss with you guys and there's any releases I did not cover that you want to hear my thoughts on comment them down below and I will reply to your comment and let you know what I think but yeah besides that thank you guys so much for watching be sure to subscribe if you have already and I will see you in my next video bye guys