14 January 2019

Spilling the tea * on makeup brands*

Hey guys today i decided to film a 2019 makeup collection hope you guys enjoy!

hey everyone welcome back to life akela

and in today's video I'm going to be filming a 20-19 makeup collection I know I look a mess but that's okay because the focus is not on me it is on the collection so I'm gonna flip you guys around so first here's the desk I got it from Ikea and then I have lights well I have a light on the left side another box light on the right side and first in this little thing yeah I got these from Ikea - I just have mascaras eyelash glue primers stick liners what else do I have in here glitter glue just a whole bunch of stuff and then in this one I have like loose I not really loose just yeah some loose eyeshadow pigments blush some more primers and this one I have like blush highlighters glitters eyebrow stuff some more blush and then in this little thing I have glitters some magnetic lashes some more liquid liners some brushes that are really crusty dusty but you know I'm gonna get to those I'm gonna wash those clean them that I have lipsticks and then oh my lashes I know those are crusty dusty too um some more highlighters some spray some foundation some translucent powders and then some moisturizer and then I have more

lipsticks chapsticks lip liners liquid lipsticks and then I have a mirror there I am that's me and then over here I have sunglasses some contacts some rose miss spray some perfume oddly a screwdriver that is on there some blush some lip scrub some um jewelry a candle and then over here I have a dirty bleep a dirty Beauty Blender it's not gonna look at that I shot a little small eyeshadow palette just single eyeshadows some like eyeshadows that you can just like wipe on your eye what the unknown how to describe it like a crayon kind then I have all these makeup palettes some morphe some Urban Decay some Smashbox some huda beauty Anastacio Beverly Hills just you know a whole bunch of randoms and then yeah and then down there it's just kind of a mess some camera equipment some polish and then in here it's really a mess - I need to organize it more but I'm going to show it anyways I have like tons of face masks and some more moisturizers a camera Oh a bell some of these things so when I just want to like even up my eyeshadow and yeah that's it I'll make a little slope look at that it

was slit or whatever you want to call it just motion but yeah that's the overview that's what it looks like and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed the video don't forget to Like subscribe and leave a comment down below and I'll see you my next video bye [Music]