27 November 2018

Sparkly Christmas Makeup Tutorial | Green Glitter Smokey Eye

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hello lovely people today we're going to

be bringing Christmas in November we are going to gather ourselves up in today's video there is a lot of glitter involved I don't know if you can tell from one to ten how Christmasy is there a word Christmasy oh if I say then there is how Christmasy is this loop so let me tell you a little bit about this look I'm pulling Katy Perry's makeup artists on Instagram and he posted this photo of her and I was like wow I want this look on my face too I want all of those sparkles on my face so I did that's how I ended here so I didn't wanted to copy the look exactly I didn't wanted to do exactly what he did I just like the idea of green glitter on the ice and red glitter on the lips so you know I was not following exactly what he did I just you know got the idea for a look and did it how I would you really do it if the idea was mine so I hope you guys like how this look came out I think that it's needless to say that I absolutely loved it don't forget to leave your rate on how Christmassy these look is down in the comments I'm gonna be scrolling in the comment section I want to know what you think for me it's like 20 out of 10 I

mean it can't get any more Christmassy alright guys so I'm so ready to get my face decorated like a Christmas tree I just feel so excited for your days video you guys know that I usually don't like using like 50 different eyeshadow palettes for a single eye makeup look but today I couldn't find all of the eyeshadows that I want to use in a single eyeshadow palette so you know I don't need to mix them up but anyways I'm gonna take Natasha the Nonna tropic palette so I'm gonna start off with the shadow codes here oh this one right here but I'll load my brush with it I'm using the Sigma e25 and this is going right into my crease I'm starting off with the crease color because I wanna kind of create a guideline for myself so that I know that I shouldn't bring the green colors higher than that so I'm starting off by placing this in my crease hmm okay that's beautiful now I'm gonna mix the shade fake tan with cocoa and this is going in my lower crease area can I wanna take a clean fluffy brush and I'm gonna defuse it really quickly okay time for the green now I just want to make a confession here green is my

least favorite color I don't know why it's just it doesn't make me excited however if it's enough Ramon eyeshadow I absolutely love it I just think that it complements my brown Irish don't ask me why I got this green shirt i order it online and I got a green by mistake okay it was a mistake case I'm gonna take the shirt out cold exotic Wow and this is going all over my eyelid okay taking that same Sigma e25 that I used at the beginning you know diffuse that green shade into the brown crease color [Music] okay now to darken up the outer corner I'm gonna take these black eyeshadow here and this is the the bomb meat mud tree money I shall put it so I'm adding that in the outer V my eye and I'm building up the intensity by adding a few layers so that it's nice and dark switching to my trusty Murphy and 506 I'm going to take a little bit of this shape here just a tiny little bit and I'll use that to diffuse the black eyeshadow further into my crease actually makes these three shades here oops

you don't see I'm mixing these three shades I'm not overly loading my brush with them I just want to have some eye shadow on my brush so that it will be way easier to blend out the black shade because blending black eyeshadow that can be difficult so take your time I'm going back that big fluffy brush making sure that the black shade in the crease is blended as possible and after you blend it you may need to apply one more layer of that black eyeshadow just to bring back some of the intensity darkness so if you feel like you need to do that go ahead and do it taking the three bottom shades from that eye shadow palette again on that Murphy and 506 and blending out just repeating what I did the step with the black eyeshadow is probably the most difficult part from this look so make sure that you take your time be patient when blending it see how the black eyeshadow transformed this look from a daytime look to a nighttime look made a huge difference it can deny oh my little precious dinner come here so I have a few glitters in my collection and I was surprised how many different shades of gold glitter I have and very few

actually colorful glitters that's so boring and sad but I found these BH Cosmetics glitter which is green it's coat shamrock and this is actually the only green glitter that I have I need to do something about that so let's get this on my eyes first before applying it hold on I need to do a few things before applying this on my eyes shadow shoot I have my foundation on and it won't be fun to get green glitter all of my face this is a must trust me especially when you have your foundation on and you want to pop some glitter on your eyes just Cheryl shields are your best friend in that case yep now I'm gonna take some glitter glue this is the BH Cosmetics base bolster this is going onto that green eyeshadow and after that it's time for the dealer [Music] you guys my eyeballs look like one of those decorating bows covered in glitter for the Christmas tree it's the same thing I like that now taking some of that black eye shadow from that the bond palette i'm applying it very closely to my lashes kind of like an eyeliner but not really if you want you can also add a winged eyeliner but if you don't make

sure that you do that wing before adding the glitter because you won't be able to do a nice crisp line on top of glitter it it's going to be a nightmare so with this black eye shadow I want to do sharp line I just want to add some definition I'm also keeping my shadow shield on because some of that black eye shadow can fall down my face some of the glitter can go on my face and I want to prevent that from happening I don't know if you guys can tell how much of excess glitter and black eye shadow the shadow should grab now go ahead and finish up my face makeup I'm adding some concealer under my eyes I'm using the way way way essential high coverage liquid concealer in the shade custard I actually really quickly finish up my eye makeup so I'm going back to that Natasha Xanana tropic palette and I'm mixing these two colors and I'm gonna smudge that along my lower lashes when I was applying eyeshadow along my lower lashes I used to do this which I mean this is not a pose that you want to take when applying eyeshadows along your lower lash you barely can see all your doing so instead take your mirror rise it up and look straight and then apply

your eyeshadows in this area it's going to be you'll be able to see so much more you'll be able to see what you're doing actually because when you do this you see nothing so there cannot be things even more I'm mixing these two colors from that the bound palette then again smudging that under the lower lashes I'm going in dance under the eyes today I don't know if you can tell I just added a pair of fuzzy these are the House of lashes in the style I Laura light this is another pair that I have from them I absolutely do love them now out i line my eyes with some black pens you I want to try out these hourglass ambient palettes show I'm gonna take these two colors and I'll use them to add some definition on my face like contouring / bronzing shade the powders feel very soft very fine if you like melting into the skin I'm gonna mix these two black colors here the eye makeup is so beautiful you guys I can't stop looking at it the viewfinder if I move on to the highlighter I'm gonna go ahead and spray my face with some setting spray this one is by Oprah it's there like a pleaser this smells good I like it it's it's not like a male

fragrance gonna make your boyfriend ask questions for a highlighter I'm gonna be the one from that hourglass palette [Music] gives you more style glow okay time for the glitter lips first I'm going to line my lips this is a lip pencil by nabla alright and for a lipstick this is again nabla and I'm using their liquid lipstick code Rouge assassin I love how the Naga lipsticks feel on the lips oh wait hold on I forgot to add some highlighter in the inner corners of my eyes this is the over highlighter in all of the lights and I'm gonna I'm gonna take this shade and this one I was waiting for this moment since well yesterday so we're together on the lips I'm grabbing these smaller cosmetics ray and glitter in the shade brick and I'm gonna add that on my lips right after I applied that glitter glue I feel like my mouth is full of glitter and this completes this look you guys I know that it's super boat obviously Katy Perry word for some kind of a campaign or something and I'm aware that you need to be really bold to wear this look outside or to some kind of an

event it's really sparkly it's really it's intense and I understand that it brings all of the attention on your face and I'm sure that there are people out there that can handle all of that attention like Katy Perry I was really excited for regular lips this is not something that I usually do I'm not wearing glitter lips that often to be honest with you and you probably already know that but oh no idea and it's a really fun festive look I mean these look screams Christmas I was really inspired when I saw that photo so I thought that hey why not I thought that you guys would enjoy watching me create that look on my face so I hope you guys like how that came out I hope you enjoyed watching this video if you did please don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you're not already if you're wondering what's that Bell button right next to a subscribe button well if you click it you'll be notified whenever I post a new video you can also find me on Instagram Facebook and Twitter all of the links as always are down in the description box everything you guys

so so much for watching and hopefully I'll see you in my next one bye