21 December 2018

Soft Feminine MakeUp Look|Cam Mendes

Hey Ladies.. and Gents, Today I wanted to create a soft and wearable makeup look. I used the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette which has been out for years.

hey guys welcome back to my channel

today I did this makeup look for you guys and I really really loved how it came out I used the Too Faced chocolate bar palette I think it's called it's one of their like older palettes that smells delicious so I created this look right here and it turned out to be a very easy wearable very pretty and like feminine type of look so if you want to see how I created this look just please keep on watching I'm gonna start off with my eyes and I'm gonna go in with my Tarte tape shaped concealer in the shade tan and I thought about using another concealer today I have the sapporo concealer here but I don't think I like that one as much as I like the Tarte tape shape so I don't want to use it just to use it you know I'm saying I kind of want to just use what I feel like works for me use that concealer under my eyes before and it worked pretty good it's just a lighter concealer so if you are looking for something like that the Sephora concealers pretty good I feel like I also had the tarte concealer at one point but i don't know what happened to that i don't think I ever even used it I

think I bought it and then it kind of just disappeared I don't know where went next I'm going to set my eyelids with the Almay loose finishing powder and this is in the shade 200 light medium I still did not get a new morphe 8 brush but I will really really soon maybe tomorrow so next I'm gonna go back in the day I'm going to go in with the Too Faced chocolate bar palette oh my god smells so delicious still which I don't know how that is because this palette is really old it's really old oh my god and I'm kind of thinking of doing something a little bit lighter today like a light makeup look so I'm just gonna go in with this shade at the end right here this is called chestnut taking that on a more feet m4 for one brush so I'm just going to put this in my crease and I'm just gonna go in a windshield wiper motions back and forth I'm going from outer all the way to inner so you guys probably are not able to see this on camera but in person this is like a really pretty transition shade I love it this palette is so old I think this color right here which is called oh wait

okay this color is called salted caramel my bad but this color right here it's so this palette is so old that this color is like dried out Wow might not be safe to use this on the eyes huh well next I'm gonna take this shade right here in the middle and this is called semi-sweet and I'm gonna take a more feet M 4-3-3 and I'm going to put this on my outer crease just like this and I'm going to push it inwards towards the inner corner I'm just gonna do small circular motions I also push it into my crease my outer crease right here so I'm gonna take a brush like this this is the morphe m12 four brush and I'm gonna go into this light pink shade which is a shimmer and this is called marzipan then I'm gonna spread some mac's fix+ and I'm gonna put this on my inner corners I'm gonna take some of that outer crease shade and I'm just gonna add a little bit more and I'm just gonna go back and forth with both brushes so I can just blend those two colors together I'm gonna go back in with the first brush we used in the very first shade and I'm just going to blend out the edges of both the shimmer shade in the outer

corner so I think that's pretty much it for the eyes I think I really like something simple and easy like this so I'm gonna go in with the ardell lashes and this is the glamorous style and I learned that if you just roll it around your finger like this in a wait a little bit it can kind of not be so hard to put on so if you want to do this right before you put glue on it oh look at that how pretty so while I wait for my lashes to get tacky I'm gonna go in with the L'Oreal voluminous lash Paris mascara best mascara and you don't need too much of this because we are adding eyelashes so just I feel like this is a appropriate look for pretty much anything cuz we don't have too much going on in the eyes this is more pretty and girly and a little bit more settled in tone down which a little now I'm gonna go in with eyeliner just so we can hide the lash band from showing and this is just a nyx eyeliner and you can use any type of liner you have so now we're going to move on to the face and I'm gonna go in with Foundation and I'm gonna use the Too Faced Born

This Way Foundation and this is in the shade butter pecan I don't know why I do this all the time I don't really know what happens to my things I don't know what it is but I'm gonna go in with my Real Techniques Beauty sponge and blend this all in I really want to try the Armani luminous cell foundation because everybody talks about that foundation how it's so good and it's so long-lasting and long wearing going back in with my type tape shape I'm going to conceal my face my chin my nose and a little bit right there I also want to try the Too Faced concealer because I feel like a lot of people are talking about that concealer as well so I really want to try that one and see if it's you know as good as the Tarte tape sheet I feel like a lot of people are saying it's better than that's hard tape shake so maybe I will give that one a try I feel like concealer just makes you look so alive I love it now I'm gonna go back in with the Elm a loose setting powder and I'm going to set my entire face and I'm gonna use a more feet III brush it also broke if you guys didn't see my last video and I'm going to

lightly set my under eyes now setting the rest of my face for bronzer I'm gonna go in with the Becca Panama Sun bronzer and using a morphe 5 to 3 brush now I'm just gonna do my brows with the benefits precisely my brow pencil in the shade for so brows aren't done I wish I had somewhere to go so we're gonna go back to the eyes and I'm gonna go to the bottom lashline and I'm gonna pick this shade that we put on our outer crease which is called semi-sweet and I'm using a morphe 18 brush and I'm just going to rub this all over my bottom lash line and we're not gonna make this too dark some of you guys may know I don't really like putting too much on my bottom lash line especially if it's a darker color I feel like it can easily make me look like I have like a black eye or something so I just use a really light hand when I go in with the shadow and I won't put too much so this is all I'll really do for the bottom lash line I just like to put something at the bottom just not as much as what's on the top if that makes sense next I'm gonna go in with the Maybelline lash discovery mascara this is a

skinnier wand so I think it's better to use something like this on your bottom lash line especially if you don't have much so for my inner corner highlight I'm gonna go in with this shade which is called champagne truffle using a morphe three-two-one brush okay so that highlight isn't really doing it I'm gonna go in with the morphe highlighter in the shade extra and I'm just gonna use the same highlighter to highlight my cheekbones and I'm just want to sweep it up here putting some on my brow bone and on my lip I don't know what it is but I always still like my eye shadow turn purple you guys let's do that I feel like it's purple no so I'm just gonna keep going okay we're gonna keep going I'm gonna go in with the NYX lip liner in the shade brown burn I do this every time I use this I do this because it's getting smaller and smaller every time I use it duh so I'm just gonna line my lips then I'm gonna take my NYX soft matte lip cream this isn't a shade Dubai Dubai and I'm going to put this on my lips so when you apply these lip creams they are SuperDuper soft and then when they dry down they are completely matte then I'm

going to take another NYX soft matte lip cream and this is in the shade they're rich and I'm going to put this just in the center I'm just gonna like dab a little bit so we are pretty much done we're just gonna go in with some setting spray this is the morphe continuous spray so this is the finished look guys I really hope you guys liked this makeup tutorial I enjoyed it I love that I like it I think it's like a easy wearable everyday makeup look I don't know what I'll be calling this but I really think it came out really really pretty I did use Browns but I feel like it turned purple but I feel like a lot of the time when I use Browns they turn purple I don't know if it's me I don't know if finally like an actual eyeshadow base I have no idea but I will try to figure that out and um regardless I really do really really like how this came out I think it's very pretty I think it's very appropriate for pretty much anything I think it's very girly and soft and really pretty so I really hope you guys enjoyed this makeup tutorial and I really hope that you guys create this look so I could see how pretty you are

as well mm-hm I'm filming myself today no burn so yeah I really hope you guys enjoyed this makeup tutorial please remember to subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell and also give me a thumbs up if you like this did you like this also remember to follow me on my social media everything will be listed down below I really hope you guys enjoy thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in next one bye guys so since my eye shadow trying purple look so laughs just going to pick damn I love this [Music]