26 November 2018

Smashbox Always on Liquid lipstick Swatches | Brown indian skintone

hi Guys Here is a swatch video on the Smashbox alway on liquid lipstick. I love the formula and i talk more about it in this video: ...

hi guys welcome back today's video is

another lip swatch video and i will be swatching the smashbox liquid lipsticks now you have seen we talking about these liquid lipstick in the past in different videos but I thought I have to sit down and film one dedicated video of all the shades that I have and I also recently added a couple of shades into my collection so I thought let me just fill like one video showing all the shades that I have so today i will be swatching 5 lip shades on my lips today it's going to be held because you guys know these liquid lipsticks are one of the best liquid lipsticks in the market in terms of the long wearing aspect yeah so these liquid lipsticks are super duper long wearing even a regular makeup remover wipe will not get these off your lips so you need a heavy-duty oil-based or real oil to remove these liquid lipsticks off your lips they are pigmented they have huge selection of colors and some are not so unique some are like really common but I happen to have 5 shades out of the bunch they are not super cheap guys they are expensive liquid lipsticks they retail for $24 apiece but again the best way to get these is from Ulta because Ulta always has 20% of coupons

they also sometimes send out 10 dollars of 30 coupons on Smashbox products to be specific so I think Ulta is a better way or a better option to get these at six from that's based on my experience so hopefully this video will be helpful in terms of the color swatches and how they look on medium tan skin tone and to talk about the formula in another video I'm going to link that video in the description below and let's get with swatching [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] you found this video helpful and I'm gonna say goodbye right here talk to you soon wait another video bye guys