24 March 2019

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Where I purchase my skincare ingredients. Best place to purchase skincare ingredients. Formulator Sample Shop Haul. Ingredients to Die for Haul. Ingredients ...

hey what's up everybody my name is Terra

and here my channel I teach you guys how to make homemade skin care products and since I make homemade skin care products then obviously I'm always buying ingredients to make those skin care products so every once in a while I like to do a haul and show you guys what I recently purchased so if you guys do enjoy these haul videos let me know down in the comments because you guys really do seem to enjoy them because all the videos I've done in the past have quite a bit of use so you know just let me know if you like them or not I also think this is a good way to introduce you guys to different types of ingredients that you might not know obviously you might know a lot of these ingredients but then again you might not so let's just get into it and see what I purchased so I purchased from two different places the first one is formulator sample shop and the second one is ingredients to die for so I've talked about formulator sample shops so many times on my channel before it's definitely like one of my go to places that purchase things but I haven't really talked about ingredients to die for before so let's start out

with them so I don't really purchase from ingredients to die for very often mainly I just purchase my cleansing surfactants from them but let's just get into it and see what I got from them so the first thing I purchased from ingredients to die for is Coco glucose I'd you're probably familiar with this I've used it so many times on my channel before and I use it as a coaster fact it like face washes a body washes this is a non ionic surfactant and it does work as a like emulsifier as well and like face washes and body washes and stuff this is also an eco cert biodegradable surfactant it's derived from like coconut and sugar and stuff so completely safe to use it's very mild and gentle and I purchased this 36 ounce of bottle for 1575 that doesn't include shipping I paid a total of 21 15 for shipping for four different items I think ingredients to the I fours shipping is pretty costly because even if you just purchase one item you're automatically gonna have to pay like 20-some dollars for shipping so if you do purchase from ingredients to die for you want to make sure you're buying like a lot at once for like the shipping to

even be worth it so do keep that in mind if you decide to purchase from them so the next thing I got is another surfactant and it's called Coco bintang and the full name is like Co common dark propyl betaine I don't know I can't pronounce it this is how you spell it is it Coco beteen I don't I don't know how to pronounce even the simple version of the word but I call it kuku Bente anyways this is an amphoteric surfactant and I decided to switch to the surfactants in the past I use a gentle foam and that was an anionic surfactant it was like you know biodegradable safe you know all that good stuff but they've been out of stock of it forever on ingredients to die for so I did some more research and I found coq au vin tain is a biodegradable it's eco sir it's like the right from coconut oil and stuff so this is another good safe surfactant to use it's mild and gentle that won't like you know irritate the skin I'm actually happy I switched to this because it is cheaper than gentle phone it's just not an anionic surfactant but I do believe the lather is just as good as a gentle foam

so now and like most my face washes and stuff I'm gonna be combining a amphoteric surfactant with a non ionic surfactant instead of an anionic with a non ionic that like I did in the past but it'll still work up really fine I'm just happy that this is cheaper than gentle foam and it works just as well so I purchased this 32 ounce a bottle for 1078 and again that doesn't include shipping so the next thing I got I'm like super excited about this is lemon hydrosoul so I'm like obsessed with hydrosols I really wish I had like more of a collection of them maybe sometime in the future I'll end up with a huge collection but this smells so freakin good it smells like exactly what you would imagine it to smell like it smells like lemons and I'm really excited to formulate with it so most hydrosols are okay to use up to a hundred percent but with lemon Hydra salt it's only recommended to be used at two to ten percent so I'm completely okay with it because this is a really strong fragrance so I even think using it like ten percent the fragrance will definitely like shine through and I'm

just super excited to formulate with it so I purchased this 16 ounce of bottle for 941 I think it's priced very well for this hydrosol especially since you're only recommended to use a little bit in a product so using only 10% in a product isn't going to cost you very much at all yes I'm excited to Yusuf look forward to some recipes using this in the future okay so this next purchase I'm not very happy with um this is Kim a mile German hydrosol and personally I really like chamomile I think it smells really well it's got some amazing benefits I love incorporating it into products um but this stinks like it literally smells like it's spoiled or something I don't know I've never used chamomile hydrosol ever so I'm not really sure how it's supposed to smell I've used chamomile essential oil before it that smells great but this literally smells like it's spoiled so I really want to know okay if you've ever used chamomile hydrosol can you tell me what it smells like in the comments is it supposed to smell spoil because I'm really wondering if maybe this has just gone bad or

something unfortunately I can't return it because I already broke the seal which kind of sucks so yeah I paid 22:47 for this 32 ounce bottle kind of messed up I probably should have just ordered like a smaller bottle of it you know to test it out first but like I said no matter what you have to pay like 20-some dollars for shipping on here so I wanted to try to get you know like you know more bang for my buck like get a bigger amount so it costs less yeah so I kind of screwed up purchasing this I'll probably still formulate with it I'm hoping if I use it at like a low amount of percentage the like smell won't shine through or maybe I can like the loop to smell down with an essential oil or something this one is safe to use up to 100% but I typically use hydrosols anywhere between like 10 to 20% in products so I'm hoping I can just cover up the sin of this and my products because it does have really great benefits I'm just uh so anyways let's move on to formulator samples shop and see what I got from there so the first thing I got I can't pronounce so this ingredient is a lot like it

reminds me a lot of vegetable glycerin but it's different so it's got those like natural like humectant properties that vegetable glycerin has but what this is commonly like known for is it's kind of like a more like natural environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based glycols like propylene glycol I know I can't pronounce it this is the word and Butte aisle glycol again I can't pronounce it this is the word so it replaces those types of ingredients of law in formulations to be more like environmentally friendly and stuff and it also just has really good hydrate Hieu magnetic properties like vegetable glycerin does and like hydrolyzed proteins so it's really good to add into like basically really any product because you want moisture from any product so I'm really excited to use this like in replacement of vegetable glycerin or even alongside with vegetable glycerin so I'm excited to use it so this is recommended to be used at one to ten percent but you can also use it up to forty percent so it's pretty safe at really high percentages and I purchased this 8 ounce bottle for nine

dollars so it's pretty inexpensive so the next ingredient again I can't pronounce it but it's I'm just gonna put the word right here this is what it is and then in parenthesis next to the word it says IPM so let's just call it IPM for short so this is like an emollient ester and it's basically like a really light weight emollients that will help like get rid of grease in SM products so it's commonly used in body butters like as we know body butters can be pretty oily and greasy sometimes so if you add this on a body butter it can like take away all that greasy mess that you don't want so it's really good to make products just feel better on the skin I've never worked with it but I'm really excited to try it out so this is recommended to be used at anywhere between like 2 to 10 percent depending on what type of product you're using it in you can also use it in body oils to you know make your body oils feel like better on the skin and less greasy and this 8 ounce bottle only costs 425 so it's a pretty inexpensive ingredient so this next ingredient I'm pretty sure I know how to pronounce it but it's called pinch dia powder

so I'm really excited to work with this this is kind of like more like your environmentally friendly alternative to silica and if you don't know what silica is Penzias does the same exact thing it sort of helps create a really good texture and like glide on products it's commonly used in like eyeshadows foundations lipsticks and stuff do you create just like a really good glide on the skin and feeling on the skin again like I've never worked with it it is said that it imparts a silky creamy feel to a finished product so I'm really excited to see how it makes a product feel on the skin when I use this ingredient and it's recommended to be used at 3 percent it's also a pretty inexpensive ingredient i got one ounce of it for three dollars and since it's only recommended to be used at 3 percent this is asked me quite a while okay so this next ingredient I think I am most excited for and it's called a super gel so super gel is used to make oils like a gel texture so I do have some specific products in mine that I'm gonna use this for I'm not gonna tell you guys I'm gonna keep it a

surprise but a lot of you guys have actually been asking for those types of recipes and that's why I got this ingredient so get excited for that and you do some testing first so it might not be for a while but this is recommended to be used at five a person is recommended to be used at a pretty high percentage especially since this is kind of a costly ingredient because I paid $17 for a two ounce bottle but if does some amazing things I'm really excited to try it out I mean it thickens oils and makes it like a thick gel like that sounds freaking awesome I'm excited so the next thing I got is called poly sugamice ad9 and it's an oil and water emulsifier so it basically from what I read on formulator sample shops listing of this product it basically reminds me of like polysorbate 80 or polysorbate 20 it helps solve lies like fragrance oils or like carrier oils in water I never worked with it I've never even opened this bottle I don't know what kind of texture it has it seems sound like a really thick texture again I don't know cuz I have it open this it just doesn't really sound watery so I'm really

excited to like open this up and work with it but it says it's made from 100% bio waste raw material so it's more of like your environmentally friendly alternative to polysorbate 80 or like police over 20 again I haven't worked with it so I'm not 100% sure how it compares the polysorbate 80 or poly so rate 20 but it seems to be a lot like those ingredients it is kind of costly this 2 ounce bottle was $15 so this next ingredient I got I'm sure most you guys are familiar with it but it's called op de fin I've used this on my channel before and this is a preservative for oil based products so if you're making like a body by oh just oils or like a body oil or something something with just oils no water this will help preserve it and this is just a repurchase I've had this before I just needed more of it and I got this 2 ounce of bottle for $4 so now moving on to the very last thing I got I got hydrolyzed wheat protein so this is just another repurchase I have went through so many bottles of hydrolyzed wheat protein absolutely love this ingredient it just makes your skin feel more soft and hydrated moisturized

so absolutely love this ingredients and I purchased this 2 ounce bottle for 8:15 so those are all the ingredients that I've recently purchased again let me know if you guys enjoy these haul videos I like doing them because they're easy and fun and I like sharing with you guys the ingredients I bought since people in my everyday life don't really care or even really understand what any of them do so I enjoy doing these videos just let me know if you guys do so now that we reached into this video it is time for my patreon shoutouts so if you didn't know I do have a patreon and over there I offer all kinds of stuff but specifically I offer a shout out here where you can sign up and get a shadow at the end of each of my videos along with a link to whatever you want in my description box so I have a few people shout out I actually have quite a bit now so first off we have herbalist Tracy who owns essence of nature over on Etsy I've done a review over her products before I'll link that below and I'll put a link to her Etsy shop so next up this musical mood ring who owned Stardust fathom buddy as of right now her website is not live but you can go over there

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so those are all my patreon shoutouts for today I am getting quite a bit so yeah be sure you go check them all out links down below last but not least as I mentioned in all my videos I do sell my own handmade skincare products over on see I'll put a link up here and down on the description box for you guys so you guys can go check them out so I hope you have a great week and hope see you guys next time bye [Music]