05 June 2019



okay y'all it just occurred to me this

is truly gonna be like 16 layers because that's the second time it's gone off I can be ten parts no kidding I'm just enjoying the play with makeup all right so I'm tipping out my lashes first meaning you put some on them and then you come through why do you do that because when you come through watch when you come through without doing that see how I just bend your lash and so it's getting at the base that's not getting at the tips so tip it out first also if you want to do a little bit of a wiggle the wiggling of fat gets it on either side of the lash real good another way to do that is just go really slow instead of so faster if you look you don't do that go really slow through it where the lashes time to really fall between the teeth this is a plastic comb brush versus a bristle and it really can coat the mascara and then tip these towards the ear and that towards the nose so you can fan it out that's past one on the lower lash which I always do wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle down wiggle wiggle that does help it get on either side brush up into your little cloth below which is what yeah had a little bit fall

underneath there and then go back and fix it towards your ear with the tip and you can go ahead and took this out as well if you want but what's gonna do that on second pass but I'm here so I'll go ahead and do it also this mascara is not brand spanking new anymore when it's brand spanking you it's a lot thinner I actually like it when it gets like this cuz it has a little bit of more tackiness to it and so it's it's a little thicker it goes on so as its drying its thicker which I like I did see one lash that did not make it into the crimper eyelash curler remember swirl around don't go in and out that takes air in there and it will dry it out people so it will cause bacteria it does not cause bacteria any more than anything else your contact with your makeup is gonna have your bacteria that's why you never ever share makeup if somebody wants my makeup release my makeup I'll go buy it for them I will not let them borrow it even for a minute they'll say hey you gotta help me out can I borrow your mascara like if I do I'll say you can have it and really they shouldn't want it cuz it's been on my eyes and you'll see me lick my eyeshadow

palettes I mean there's nothing to my spit being I'm saying okay you can see is I'm brushing through it's not getting to the tips it's a good thing I tipped it out first you know I'm doing this out to the ear straight up in the middle and then just towards some nose this is thicker the only other thing about it being thicker is it can be clumpy so I'm having to come through a lot of them if you're noticing to get rid of these clumps some clumping I like cuz it makes it your lash actually look thicker there I had to go the opposite direction to get that off there we go see what I mean but I like a little bit of coffee this just the volume oops off and fix it yeah it's dry huh actually this is one of my older ones because of writings almost gone so it's getting there you know what I'm saying then you tip these out go ahead and just check them out literally doing my best scare with the tip of this one do you see that now I'm gonna wiggle little down I'm gonna squint to bring that up so it doesn't go through to the skin oops the skin again fix that go up and the actually took off a clump

and he'd take off anyway but then always come back see how that kind of left it up in the air a little bit cuz you pushed up go back and pull it back down and fill back in cuz it took actually it took let me scare off the lash next to it that's not good that looks naked admit this is a little harder but I think it's worth it I like the look of having lower lashes here we go you know I'm gonna tip this one out again it did not look as long as the other side so I need to go back through it and kind of pull it up which is thickening it see now it looks thicker than this is thinner so I gotta go back through these again to even them up for some reason it may be just the way that my hand works that side tends to fan straight up better and the lower lashes there goes okay now lower lashes look better so there is my completed look finally what do y'all think first of all I would say I really like this palette and I really like these earrings I don't really like those candles I really like a lot of things today I don't like that I don't a finger polish line not at all so it's time to put Fino puss on then

right did I get any makeup on so you know who do you want me to I am I am going I'm just crazy I'm gonna stop and do my nails so y'all can see the color I'm gonna put it on and let's see what y'all think oh it's very light and a little more watery but that can be good it's really light now that's one coat only one coat but I like it and it's I wanted a baby leavened or a very light pale pale lavender and that's exactly what this is so actually it's exactly what I was looking for just sometimes when you get on a look you think you want sometimes it doesn't look exactly like you thought it was going to if you ever had that happen oops I didn't get on the other side of the nail very good so I'm gonna show y'all what this looks like hold on let me get it on there good what do y'all think do you like it I think it's pretty I did I think it's very very feminine and very pretty um as far as Zoya's coverage it's a little more watery but then you know when it's first going on but what I can tell you as I'm doing more and more it's thickening up and I almost need to be careful it's thickening up so much so

that I don't get lines that one did real good the only thing is is I didn't do very good so I'm kind of luckily I have my little cloth here I'm gonna have to use my clean nail to kind of go around the edge this is what they do at the shops too they use their actual finger now why is that because it actually works better at cleaning up the edges than a tool there we go that looks better it's very pretty you all like it can you see it's not then I'll just hold the color up I like it a lot here's the only thing and I can't do anything for the next 10 to 15 minutes let's sit here with y'all and technically I should do two passes but what a major is wait till later to do the second pass cuz I've actually got a lot to do yet so I will tell you again on this first pass that seems watery at first but as soon as you start going across the nail and kind of cleaning it up you know like cleaning up the look of it it's it is starting to dry and so it could easily clump if you don't do that quickly and that's only on your first coat you know cuz the second coat you

don't do all that kind of correction you just you're reinforcing the color that's what you should be doing just reinforcing the color oops I need my cuticles done that's what's wrong is them the cuticles you know see I don't know if that's focusing let me get my glasses on so I can see oh ma I'm going to get my contacts today I'm so excited I don't know if it's gonna work for me to wear contacts see how the reflective I did not get the anti reflection in these classes and I like my eyes that's like one of my few features I really like so it kind of bugs me you know that my glasses really do I feel detract from my eyes hold on I gotta go this thinking else it's I know here's the thing the pinky nail was see-through like it didn't do well at all so that made me me I didn't do a good job of coverage cuz these other ones do seem to be very good I will say that yeah oh my gosh I need my cuticle so what happens is that there's a thick skin around the edge of your nail called your cuticle and if you don't keep that up it hardens and it gets really gross and so when you paint your nails it

actually gets on them like it's nail and it does not look good at all and I'm now having to even do that to the second one my ring finger for the same reason yes so what I'm doing this second pass I can tell you how important it is that you get your brush strokes right because it is drying superfast which is making it have little thick looking lines in it so you gotta go really fast how many people sit on a screen and do their nails but the camera is on them not the nails like nail people you know they have their nails down there so it's like no I'm sorry so I'm using my nail to clean it up like that literally there's the cuticle see how it looks so hard yeah that's why you get mini manicures done mean these in pennies yeah look at the difference okay look at the difference between these three that have two coats and that one that does not see the difference okay again that is Zoya Abbi for those of you that are interested because I believe it's now fixing to go and I love you guys thanks for hanging with me so long today see you soon don't ever say that way