27 February 2018

Skin and hair care tips for Holi | Happy holi 2018

Holi Special | Skin and hair care tips | Happy Holi #holi #skincare #haircare #hacks #makeup #diy #happy #GlowingSkin #SilkyHair holi special with Effective ...


welcome once again to my channel and this video is all about holy women you know who is a festival of colors and colors can actually damage your skin so what you need to do in order to protect your skin from those chemicals now why I am saying chemicals is even if you are buying organic safe colors also you're not sure because they are not made in front of your eyes so they can actually be harmful for your skin so let me just tell you what you should do in order to protect your skin from any kind of damage okay so this chapter number one is you should wear full sleeve clothes like this okay and wear cotton clothes which is actually very very safe when you're playing holi so this is the rule number one okay so the next thing is guys please do not wear any kind of hanging jewelry especially the earrings you know like this is somebody who's this believe me it can hurt you and I would really really not like if somebody's going to hurt you so to the earrings please no don't wear them okay so rule number three is that wear a protective layer and they're multiple

layers so what I meant by that is that the first thing is you should wear oil on the body so from head to toe just wear a protective layer any oil I would recommend olive oil or coconut oil these two are actually very very safe so whatever is the visible area including your scalp these do do where a lot of oil so that you can protect yourself you know by those cap okay so now as I said multiple layers the first layer it can be oil the second layer is going to be a sunscreen believe me guys sunscreen will protect you from ultraviolet rays and apart from that it actually you know protects you from all those kind of you know harmful chemicals colors so the multiple layer is actually actually important also when you apply oil the first time when you apply get actually adsorbed so you apply the next time again oil and wait for 5 to 10 minutes and then you apply a sunscreen on top of it I like my hair open but for you guys before playing holi please do not leave your hair open tie them as much light as you because it will reduce the quantity of the fire going inside the scalp because

it is really really difficult to remove it from your scalp and it can be really really harmful and it can cause dandruff also to some people so in order to protect your scalp what you need to do is the first thing is that to try it the next thing is you can tie a scarf okay so what you need to do is you can take a scarf and I will tell you how to tie it and this actually looks very stylish not like this for sure okay like this you simply can tie it so this will actually protect your hair from those chemicals this looks like you'll see like this you can also cover your ear so this is what you give do in order to protect your hair check your nails is to wear so any nail things you can wear and for that you should wear these three three layers of the nail paint are three coats I would say okay so that will protect your nails what next almost every think I have covered now the thing is before stepping out do a little bit of makeup okay so what kind of makeup you have to use as the eye shadow and a lipstick rest everything is going to go because we are wearing a lot of oil so what kind of eye shadow can

protect our eyes is you can see this one now this is actually from Maybelline okay and this one will actually protect your eyelids now it is creamy so you can simply apply it on your eyelids and you know you would believe me that you know the color will not reach there and it will actually protect now I'm going to show you how exactly you can have a look I'm just watching it on my hand and you can see this is the EBA creamy and it will actually protect your eyes the next thing is that we wear a lipstick now what you can do is wear maybelline chains are really really nice and actually you know it is very difficult to remove them from your lips you have to use it use some kind of I'm sorry I'm not wearing so you would need to use some kind of makeup remover in order to get rid of that kind of lipstick so what you can do is you can simply wear at least you know a lot of lipstick on her lips to protect your lips you know from those harmful colors okay so one last thing I would like to say is a drink lot of water do not you know consume an alcohol because it is first thing is injurious to health I didn't know you know some

people might not listen to this but the festival is there to enjoy and you believe me you can enjoy without alcohol also so try to be happy with your family and spend more time with your family that would be something which you will you know it will be a memory for a lifetime so I would say please enjoy it with ladoos with the gujiyas and Hyden or whatever you want to eat eat no man no alcohol just spread love as much as you can and guys wish you all a very very happy Holi from my side also enjoy the festival and good wishes to each one who looking into this video and leave it to the entire world thank you so much stay tuned to black sludge and if you like the video please do share with your friends and remembers and if you're not yet subscribed is do subscribe and thumbs up happy Holi Holi choleric to be repeated to me by Nicoletta comida [Music]