01 March 2018

Six Amazing Black-Owned Makeup Brands! | dupeBLACK

Hey boos! In this video I'm discussing six of my fave black-owned makeup brands. Which ones have you tried? Wearing: - Sknydip Foundation in Creamsicle ...

hey y'all l here so today we are going

to talk about six of my favorite black-owned makeup brands I know I've seen a lot of people posting videos or pictures you know about supporting black owned businesses for the month of February or as a theme on their pages or channels or something I want to make it very clear that to me at least promoting black oak businesses and go to excuse me I totally have a cold and I sound super super nasally right now you can barely breathe so I wanted to make the point that I really think that it's important to support black owned businesses black own brands year round especially beauty brands because I don't feel like they get the exposure that they necessarily deserve sometimes you know they're not really covered on like the bigger makeup pages or something like that and they're doing really good work to diversify the beauty industry which is very important in an industry that is obviously you know not the best for black women a lot of the time so I just wanted to recognize them and this by no means is an exhaustive list I have an entire black owned brand slash business list on my blog which I will link into the details and I mean

that's why I created you black in the first place my Instagram page because I wanted to give these brands more publicity and more exposure before I start this video all of these products I purchased myself I was not paid to do this video some sponsored anything like that but these are just truly some of my absolute favorite brands thank you phone so let's get started with that real quick though my hair is the second table I go using so tanika's gel I can't lie I don't really like it I'm and I've uses gel a few times actually two bottles of it and I probably won't buy it again so we will talk more about that in my empties video cuz I don't have a little bit left but let's get cracking and let's talk about these brands I'm not doing swatches because it would take too long but they are there are lots of swatches on my page blog posts on these so I'll link to those as well great the first brand I want to talk about is skinny dip so skinny dip actually makes base products for makeup like this is a foundation and they also make BB cream and kind of like a base bronzer I think that the ingredients are wonderful that was one

of the main things that attracted me to it it's oil free silicone free I hate silicones in foundations I know a lot of people don't read the ingredients to their foundations but I do and they like silicones just wreak havoc on my face don't like them at all and I don't even really use a lot of liquid foundations because of that because of the because the ingredients are so bad to me I was even looking at like luxury foundations yesterday and I was just like I don't really want to put that on my face but skinny-dip has natural ingredients no parabens no silicones no oils things like that and lots of good extracts in here like chamomile cornflower extract and it's just overall a really good product like let the chin and hear vitamin E so I think that in this first of all this is $11 and this is how many ounces it's just one ounce but it's $11 like come on like you really have nothing to lose by trying it and I find it very moisturizing um it builds well it sets well and if I'm going to use a liquid foundation this is pretty much the one I reach for it the other one I usually use is from milk makeup but I do prefer this to milk

because it's a little more moisturizing and it's winner right now which is drying my skin out like crazy and I've been trying to moisturize as much as possible but I think that this is great and I mean like I said $11 you really lose and they have a good customer service samples they have a chart on their website so if you're you know this shade and another brand they are trying to match you with what you be in their brand and I just think it's really helpful so that would be my first amazing product for base products I'm like trying to go down like what order I would use my product fin so next next up I have mama Pat she is Pat McGrath and I know a lot of people don't really buy Pat McGrath a lot because it's a luxury brand it's pretty expensive this is one of her eyeshadow palettes this is just this is mothership decadence I believe and I really want to be clear when I say this first of all Pat McGrath is like my makeup fairy godmother she is one of the most famous makeup artists in the entire world she is just freakin brilliant and to see a black woman I'm achieved with a luxury brand like

this just like makes me so I don't mind dropping the cash on Pat of she gets plenty of my quaint but if you don't that's totally fine as well but I will say the quality of the eyeshadows is definitely the best quality eyeshadow I own and I own eye shadows from like drugstore quality to like higher end you know NARS all that and she is just blowing all of them out the water just to show you this palette I have swatch this I do black but these shadows you are so smooth it's like they have butter in them I don't even know what it is and they're so pigmented you just see one swipe it's just amazing and on top of that I love her lipsticks they are super moisturizing and they last forever and I have the liquid lust which is the liquid lipstick and I have just the tube lipsticks first of all the packaging is luxurious on the tube lipsticks I always bring that lipstick with me if I feel like I'm going to something fancy because I could like whip it out I'm like yes look at me but they really really stay on I know one time I went out and I was like eating wings and even though the lipstick is not transfer proof by the

time I was done I didn't even need to touch it up it was like witchcraft I don't even know what you were doing pat but I very much appreciate it and I definitely especially if she is sales she is like sales for 15% off sometimes or if you wait for Sephora vib and her products are sold under Sephora site I do definitely recommend picking one of these up and she's mini pallets coming out at the beginning what makes March 7 and those will be smaller and they won't have this heavy lacquer packaging but the eyeshadows are obviously going to be the same quality and those are going to be 50 bucks so I definitely highly encourage you to check those out as well up next I'm going to talk about one of my favorite brands on the market Beauty bakery I know I talked about their bronzer palette when I was talking about my favorite products of 2017 because that palette is like so pretty this is their blush palette that I have I'm wearing the blush today I did wear some Pat McGrath eyeshadow I have a like under my eye and then the skinny tip is my foundation today but I really love this palette and I pretty much love everything I have from baking Bakery I

was like the lose highlighters I have bronzer palette I have this palette I have an eyeshadow palette I have several the lipsticks I have all of the concealers and the only thing I don't like love is the concealer I'm wearing a concealer today and my only small gripe with the concealer is that it dries so fast that I kind of wish it were a little bit creamier but I think that it's going to bless me when it's more humid outside because when I was in Hawaii getting my yoga certification oh yeah by the way I'm going to go your instructor now it worked like I liked it better because it was so humid and it was warm out there rather than being here where it's like 30 degrees and the dew point is in the 20s so that's also something to consider when you are doing your makeup climate and does matter like use of glycerin humectant and oils and your makeup does matter that's why I'm like such an ingredients fiend but that's just me I'm an apt bakery is definitely on my list of one of the best makeup brands I like that they also like listen to their consumers they're always asking questions on how they can be better so

that's really cool next now this is just one of the mini highlighters I have from 9-3 beauty and you can see it has like an iridescent top and it reflects back I think less people know about 93 Beauty and I have to say that out of all the highlighters I have and I brought all my god I don't know I can't even tell you how many I highly uh cuz the number is embarrassing um Beauty bakery is definitely my favorite formula and this one this highlighter is called Belle layer and it even smells like some ores and I'm just like I can't even like really yeah but they're highlighters are super pigmented super sparkly not super glittery so it gives you like this nice Sheen without being overly glittery I know some people don't like glittery highlighters I personally like all highlighters but in the air they're gosh they're pretty much like this is only like seventeen dollars and you can usually use code 93 to get 10% off their shipping is fairly low and they're just amazing their highlights are just amazing I also love their matte lipstick and they're satin lip sticks but the highlighter is definitely like the

mean like the singer product from them that I feel like you have to try and they have you know shades for all different skin tones and they're just gorgeous okay so now we're two lips wearing this right now so this is coloured raine nude I actually have this paired with minted and we'll talk about minted in a second but two of my favorite companies that have lip products coloured raine lipsticks I definitely would compare to a Nastasia Beverly Hills in terms of quality and I think abh is probably my favorite liquid lipstick that I can just like buy it Sephora or Ulta and I really love the you know the range of shades that color green has and they're just I have like seventeen if they're lipstick so I can't really say enough about them but if you're looking for a black-owned indie that you want to get lipsticks from you're looking for that high-quality that long lasting I'm not going to budge when you eat or anything like that like the we're all night lipstick this is your go to rush apple last but definitely not least I want to talk about one of my favorite cosmetics brands mented cosmetics this is their

gloss and move over I pretty much have their entire collection they sell lipstick lip gloss oh they have a new eyeshadow palette that just came out that I have not gotten yet and I feel like I need to get it but they first of all I love what they stand for they're really for diversity and beauty so they developed a line of lipsticks that are nude lipsticks that basically cater to various skin tones and they show you know women of various skin tones wearing their lipstick on their website and I just think it's a really good message to send out to the beauty community not everyone's mood is like a pale peach so they created you know they have a pink one but then they also have like a dark brown nude and I think the range is gorgeous I actually did swatches of their lip glosses and most of their lipsticks that I will put in the details and they're very moisturizing in terms of quality I think they pretty much remind me of MAC lipsticks these glosses are so moisturizing when I'm flying which is why I'm sick right now I had to travel on Monday these glasses are so moisturizing if you're gonna be like any

type of dry environment and you want to be nourishing your lips and they're semi opaque so you don't really have to worry about them just like running everywhere but then they also do give you a kick of color so it's kind of like your lips but better so yeah these just wonderful and I really can't wait to try their eyeshadow palette because that is also like nude base that's they're kind of like themed minted stands for pigmented which i think is really cute so I'm looking forward to trying that as well because I'm sure the quality is gonna be bomb but yeah I think that's pretty much it I went I just went through I wanted to show the products but I've tried several things from each of their lines so if you don't see another review or you don't see posts on my IG of me talking about it please definitely just ask me um you know have you tried this like how do you like it because all I wouldn't have these products are these brands on my list if they didn't have a variety of wonderful products and that's pretty much the long and short of it so anyway I think so thank you all for watching and we will chat later great