25 May 2018

Simple (and Natural Looking) Makeup Tips to Make Your Hooded Eyes Look Larger

Simple tips to make your eyes look bigger in a natural way with makeup! HUGE thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this video and thanks to all of you for ...

tips to make your eyes look bigger

[Music] hi ladies if Aaron and welcome back to my channel through my channel Buzzbee style my goal is to help women just like you who are busy juggling life look like you have your act together even if you don't today I'm talking about tips to make your eyes look bigger whether they're hooded they're on the small side or maybe they're already big but you just really want to make them stand out recently Nordstrom reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to partner with them in a sponsored video to promote a new limited edition beauty collaboration that they have between Karl Lagerfeld and model coke first I did a little research a little digging on model Co it's a company that has been around for a couple decades founded by a woman named Shelley Sullivan and she reminded me a lot of Colleen Rosholt she's just like this gorgeous spunky beautiful entrepreneurs built this Empire and so she used to be a model agent and in that process of representing models she realized that models really know a lot about makeup so she really channeled that and hone that and developed some products based on that theory and

premise and its really worked out well for her so she's done other collaborations as well but this one is special because it's with the fashion God Karl Lagerfeld head of Chanel when Nordstrom asked me if I wanted to do this and review the collection I wanted to do something a little bit different not just a straight review like oh look at these products aren't they great but also pepper and some takeaways what we would call in the news business like news you can use it's always really important to me whether video sponsored or not whether a blog post is sponsored or not I always want to have key takeaways and tangible usable information so I'm gonna introduce some of these products and also give you those tips to make your eyes really pop it's called illuminating beauty let's get started [Music] before I get started with the tips to make your eyes really pop and look larger I want to do my eyebrows and add a little bit of highlight to the cheek I picked out products that I thought would be the best to review and also the ones that were most interesting to me and so

I saw this particular wand online and I ordered it and I'm really excited to try it out this is called the kiss me Carl Moore brows gel cram so you've got one side that is an angled tip for drawing on your lashes and the other one is a brush with gel in a lovely sort of taupey brown color so you have the option of both you could do first the pencil and then the gel or you could just do one of the other okay the next thing that I want to do is add some highlight to the cheeks before I get to the eyes so I'm trying the Karl Lagerfeld and model Co gives me Karl liquid Luminizer strobing pen essentially that is this kind of fat wand with a brush applicator that you twist just like you would with a lot of the concealers that have that type of applicator so I'm just going to dot that on the cheeks and a little bit on the nose very center of the nose maybe a little bit here just above the lip and a little bit on the chin and maybe a little bit right here in the center of the forehead so I can use the brush to blend this in but I'm just going to use my fingers there's still quite a bit of product left on the brush and I don't

want to go overboard with it so I'm just going to gently rub that into the cheeks I want to kind of see how much shimmer it adds before I think about adding more product well that's pretty it's a really subtle shimmer okay so I'm sufficiently highlighted [Music] Brow's are done and I'm sufficiently highlighted I'll do lips a little bit later but first I want to start with the eyes and how to make them really pop look bigger less hooded to start with you may not know what a hooded eye is and it means that it's hard to see your crease so when you stare forward if you're looking in the mirror it almost looks like this skin sort of touches the lid and covers it up and so it's sort of hide your crease and this is something that you can have just genetically you're born with it or it could be something that happens more progressively as you age because the skin here gets droopy but there are ways that you can really create more of a crease and a less hooded eye look that's what I'm going to show you guys so the first tip is to prime your eyes and that is important I think whether your eyes

are hooded or not whether you're in a dry climate or humid climates primer is really a key step it's one it's an extra little step I know it's kind of annoying but it's definitely worthwhile so it did lighten them up a little bit it's worth noting that when I'm blending makeup and doing a makeup look like this I'm in my living room and I'm using a viewfinder to do it so the blend may not be perfect the makeup may not be totally perfect but you're getting the general idea and also I'm not a makeup artists they are called artists for a reason I am just a woman who has appreciated and loved makeup for a long time I've had hooded eyes for a long time and I also do a lot of research and reading and so for this particular video I have poured over other videos I have poured over websites I've poured over magazine websites to really bring you the best most comprehensive tips that I could find the first step is to prime the eyes and that's a key step don't skip it the second is we're going to apply a matte light shade all over the lid up to the brow bone I am using this adorable palette it's from the karl lagerfeld model & co collection this is

called kiss me carl show pet's eyeshadow palette it's basically a cool cat like Karl Lagerfeld and has his signature shades on and then you open it up and there is a very two rated palette full of shades that are incredibly versatile and flattering for women cross aboard all skin tones it's a really great palette full of neutral brown tones so I'm gonna use the lightest shade all over the lid to the brow bone there are two schools of thought on this you could go in and do your crease first and then add the lighter shade on the lid or you can do it like I'm doing it and then add the crease in in either event if you want your eyes to look bigger you should use a light matte shade on the lid and the idea behind it is the light shade will bring the eye forward and the darker shade will bring it back so by adding a darker shade in the crease you're going to create contrast and create the crease even if you don't have one the other nice thing about a light shade like this all over the lid is it really will act like a concealer it will really cover any kind of blue veins that you have popping through the lid so that's all over the

lid to the brow bone the lightest shade I'll use this shade here okay so tip number one was the primer tip number two is the light shadow the light matte shadow all over the lid to the brow bone number three is going to be to create the crease for the crease I'm drawn to this one right here more of a coppery this is real copper but this has a little bit more Brown in it I think that's going to be a great color one of the keys to creating your crease is using the right brush so I'm using this fluffy brush so that it will really blend well and when I'm applying the crease color I really want now see the actual crease is here but what I'm doing is putting it a little bit above the actual crease because again I have hooded eyes so I want to create this illusion that I have more lid real-estate than I do and also I'm bringing it out and up a little bit you see that so it's almost like this with the tail of your eyebrow and this with the eye line I'm just going to create almost like a little triangle so you can already see just with these two eyes here's the one without the crease and here's the one with the crease I haven't

blended it properly yet but you can already see how this one is looking more open and looking like it has more of a crease than this one this one looks more hooded like the skin is drooping down more okay so I'm going to do the other eye okay if you're feeling like the blend isn't as great as you want it to be I highly recommend getting a brush like this it's a ginormous brush and it's dense so it blends out perfectly so I happen to be kind of heavy-handed and not the best at blending so I always go in with this brush after the fact to blend it out a bit more I'm going to take the same rush that I used to begin with the fluffy brush and that same color brown which seems like crazy to use this big fluffy brush but I'm gonna go into it really lightly under under the eye and up it's just like a very light dusting so I always used to think that you were supposed to just line the upper lid not the lower but you really are supposed to do both if you want to make the eye open up the reason I'm choosing the fluffy brush instead of a more fine tipped brush is because the closer the colors are to your eyelid to your lower lid the

smaller your eyes will look so you want to kind of stretch the color down a little bit more so the eyes are really open up so next I'm going to line the eye with a similar colored shadow but the upper lash line for this I'm just using a angled brush and I'm going to bring the color as close to the lash line as I can but then also winged it out and up so you know how you want the shadow to kind of stay on that line you want to do the same with the liner and when I'm applying it I do it to the end here and then I stop because it's really hard to go over and up it's much easier to start at this angle and do it that way so you get the line that you really want and then connect okay so I'm going to take the same pencil and now I'm just gonna add a slightly darker shade right here to the corner both on the upper and lower lines I'm going to use this shade this really nice chocolate brown shade here in the corner when you wing it up it's going to really open the eyes more and make them look more lifted like that the next step is going to be to highlight the brow bone with a little bit of a shimmer light shade along that brow bone and

also just under your eyebrows and adding the same color to highlight the corners the inner corners of the eyes and that makes them again just look a little bit more bright and awake for that I'm gonna use this shade right here has a little bit of a shimmer to it not much now I could go back and blend this in a little bit better here it's a little too stark so I'm gonna blend that out just a little bit more into the crease the next step is one that's really going to make probably the most impact when it comes to really making those eyes look bigger and adding that pop and that's mascara and typically I would curl my lashes at this stage and then I would put mascara on but today I'm trying out a new product so we're gonna try it together this is called the kiss me Karl turbo lash wand heated lash curler and to use this properly I've read the directions and read other reviews about it you're supposed to put your mascara on first before you curl anything so I'm gonna go ahead and put some mascara on when you're applying your mascara you definitely want to do both upper and lower lashes make sure you take the tip of the wand and really coat those corner

lashes when you add two or three you know coats of the mascara and really get those corner lashes it's truly gonna make a lot of difference and impact okay now that my eyes are done and I've added the mascara I'm gonna use the magic wand I already put a triple-a battery in here so I'm gonna turn it on the highest setting let it sit for a second you can see it has a light so that's a nice feature and then it has this little comb that's where you're going to use so he did want what it's supposed to do is heat and curl your lashes this is a way to get that longer-lasting curl result so you can see I'm touching it I'm grabbing it it's totally safe and not hot at all before I start with the mascara I just wanted to note they did add a nude liner to the waterline and what that does is it helps to make your eyes look brighter and more awake I've switched it on you can easily switch it off that's on so you're supposed to go right at the root and hold it for ten seconds oh that's nice it worked okay I'm gonna go to the corner because I really want the corner to be up I'm at the root I'm holding it for ten do you see that look at the difference between

this eye and this eye so this one is much more lifted and open especially exactly where I just did it in the corner you'll see that that's really nice I feel like it really did take the lashes and make them look more open and more curl [Music] now that the Ides are finished we just have to finish up with lips and this guy hello are you beautiful ladies kiss me Karl lip lights lipstick say that size times fast lip likes lipstick lip likes lipstick lip likes lipstick anyway it's the color Roux Lagerfeld and it's a matte there are glossy or shade so definitely check out but look at how cool this is it's got a little light feature underneath so it comes on automatically when you twist it off look at you can see it lights up my face but you can always kind of see you to put your lipstick on I tried this yesterday it's pretty long wear - I don't think it's supposed to be long wear but it stayed on for a while so it's real matte and this is a really pretty pink shade so you could always leave it matter you could layer a little gloss over it whatever you like that is

Z lipstick by Karl Lagerfeld and Morocco in Nicola Roo like I said oh my gosh I just realized like duh look on the back of the lipstick there's a mirror so you can use the meat right you can use the mirror on the back of the lipstick face again you guys for watching huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this video do let me know if there's any topics you'd like to see coming up and I will see you next time Oh Karl wants to say bye good bye I am Carl miss you later no like why can't I do a French accent it's so bad I'm such a nerd okay [Applause] [Music] [Music]