14 January 2019

Simple Traditional PONGAL/SANKRANTI 2019 | Affordable Products | Indian Makeup

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hey guys welcome back to my channel happy shang Kranthi so today I have came up with this look which is very perfect for Sankranthi so and I have used all the affordable products to create this look so if you want to know how I have created this look then keep on watching and also if you are new to my channel please subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bill and also follow me on instagram and tik-tok without further ado let's get started alright I have already moisturized my face so I'm gonna put some primer so I'm going to use this Lakme absolute blood perfect primer I'm not going to put primer on all over my face I'm just going to put the primer only on the areas where ever I have pores so mostly on the center portion of my face I have pores next I'm going to use this Maybelline master strobing cream in the shade nude this is going to give a glow to my face so I'm gonna take a little bit of it and only applying on the center portion of my face [Music] next for foundation I'm going to use this l'oreal infallible foundation in the sheet 1:09 this is classic 10 this is perfectly matching to my skin tone

I'm gonna take him brush from the spreading the foundation on all over my face this is going to be quick because if you use a brush it applies faster [Music] another this foundation is quite orange in shade so this is going to cancel out any dark spot I have and whatever is left I'm going to drag in my neck next for concealer I'm going to use thin this maybe instant age rewind concealer in the shade caramel so for the extra coverage I'm going to apply this on all the areas I have little bit of dark spot [Music] so I have taken a damp beauty blender to blend the concealer you can use a concealer on all the ideas you feel like adding more coverage next I'm going to take this Maybelline fit me loose powder in the shade 30 medium so I'm going to take this powder mixes of the powder and make my under eyes so that I don't have creasing rest of my day and whatever is left I'm gonna go over my forehead nose area and eyelid and also near my mouth [Music] same thing I'm going to do for my other I also [Music]

so I'm gonna let this pattern set for some time next I'm gonna move into my brows I'm going to use this L'Oreal Paris brow artist in the shade evany so this one comes with his foot Lee and the product so I'm going to first take the spoolie end and comb my brows and then slowly I'm gonna fill in my brows this is quite creamy it was very well on top of a powder ok brows are done next I'm going to move into my eye shadow I'm going to use this wet and wild eyes shadow palette so this is called comfort zone so I'm going to use this to transition shades to define my crease our transition shade I'm gonna put it on all over my eyelid and also I'm going to take the same shade for my lower lashes next I'm going to take this plummy shape and try to increase the intensity of my crease and I'm gonna make a V it I think the system working best drugstore eyeshadows currently we have [Music] so if you want you can take any of the shimmery shades from this palette only but I want to use something else so I want to use this Maybelline master for highlighter for as my eye shadow

because it is too intense so taking a very flat small brush oh yes let me first do it using my finger you can see this one in can be used as an eye shadow also [Music] very beautiful next I'm going to take the brush for the inner corner highlight and all the ideas whenever I my fingers cannot reach I'm gonna use it with the brush then I'm gonna take the same brush where I have applied the match it and I'm trying to blend like this next I'm gonna finish off my other eye and apply some lashes I'm going to use this back m-72 lashes you can see they are why it looks quite natural and the band is quite thick so I'm gonna use that those lashes and get back to you alright lashes are done next I'm gonna do go for this naega I am black culture and tight line my upper and lower lash line this column is very creamy black in dense after that I am going to remove all the excess powder I am having under my eyes and this way whatever fallout and thriving because of the eye shadow I can clearly tap next I am going to make two parallel lines in my note basically I'm doing nose control so whatever is left

in my eye shadow brush I'm going to take that and slightly contour my nose and also a mono blended using that brush and then I'm going to go on top of it using my powder brush so that the contour does not look harsh nose contour does not look harsh next I'm gonna bronze my face so for bronzing my face I'm gonna use this Naik asking genius compact powder in the shade toasty tan so this is a compact powder only but it is little bit darker than my skin tone so it keeps a very beautiful natural rosy effect to my skin [Music] next I'm going to move into blush for blush I'm going to use this is danica get cheeky do a blush in the shade Brazilian bombshell so I'm going to take both of the shades and apply it on the apples of my cheeks so it's an Indian history so I want a little blush a blushy happy happy cheek and also mono go or my nose a little bit on the forehead so that everything ties up next for highlight and I'm going to use the same highlight this is the Maybelline master chrome highlighter in the shade molten gold so I'm going to apply this on my cheekbones

[Music] let's get it done my nose when making video slightly on my forehead and also I'm gonna apply it a little bit on my brow bone so I'm gonna put some mascara for my lower lashes I'm going to use this this is the Maybelline voluminous lash paradise [Music] okay next I'm going to move into my lips for lips I'm going to use this face is Canada alt I'm Pro is Dilip stick in the shade magnetic so this is a pencil for Matt to stand like pencil format so it will be easy you don't need a lip liner for this [Music] next I'm going to put some setting spray if you don't have a setting spray you can spray anything like rose water or any water also so I'm gonna put some setting spray then it is going to look more dewy so I'm going to put this l'oreal infallible spec setting spray and shake it before use all over my face except my eyes [Music] and yeah this is my finished look so I'm

going to do my hair in the impacting [Music] that's all for today's video if you liked this video please hit on the like button thank you so much for watching this video and happy Sankranti I see you in my next video till then bye [Music]