23 November 2018

Simple & Natural Makeup For Acne-Prone Skin

This is my very simple, no-blush, no-highlighter makeup routine using only natural and non-comedogenic products. You might be disappointed because it's so ...

hi everybody so I'm gonna show you my

really quick makeup routine III ready you're gonna be disappointed because it's so simple but it's just what I do and it takes me two minutes so I recently told you that I was trying out foundation and tinted moisturizer by 100% pure it's called fruit pigment and thick moisturizer I think it breaks me out a bit nothing terrible but the consistency was very sheer and I like the second skin foundation much better I think it really works well it provides kind of medium coverage which you will see so I basically just shaking it a shake it up on before use and then you just put several drops and I mean I always just use my fingers for applying whatever makeup okay that's it and then I like that the first ingredient is school on and you kind of can feel it in the consistency of it because it has this kind of moisturizing field but it's not too heavy so I really like this one and I've been wearing it for one and a half months two months now and it's really giving me no issues whatsoever what I've been using for many years before that and I still use is loose mineral

foundation and this is my go-to product I don't know how many boxes of this I have gone through and then I use this brush to apply it so when I use the liquid foundation I will not use normally anything over that but just for just to show you I will you know use like this and then you just apply that this for more matte finish or more coverage and I find it really works for people who have it like oily skin or combination skin because it blends really nicely with your skin's oils and gives that you will finish but without being too oily and I also use this as a concealer I will show you in a minute so first I apply any core getting a concealer under my eyes and it's I really like I really like it it's a bit sheer but it still gives good coverage so I will play here and so basically I just use my fingers all the time whenever I need it I don't wear foundation or apply it in a way that it lasts all day it doesn't move and I think I don't mind if it's not perfect if my skin skin shows through it sits I like it so it's not really and I think heavy I don't like

this fool on concealer look so I just like notice a bit and after the this one I will apply so I just put it in the lid this is actually if you have kind of blemish to cover you can use the foundation itself as a concealer concealer that is considers a bit more pigmented but this also works and then I gave the larger concealer brush to my sister which I use under my eyes so I don't have that now normally I would just go over the liquid one and top in just to kind of modify and it helps to stay put throughout the day okay so that's that part and then I have this really pathetic brush that I don't know how many years it's old it was by permanent it is by bare minerals I mean it's not too bad but it's the bristles are kind of bad so then I apply something by bare minerals this I could get in Norway because it's widely available here in Norway I've been having troubles ordering something in the last half a year from abroad because the shipping cost have rising so much like it costs $50 just for shipping and then the import Lu so I really stopped ordering for the most part anything that you know has to be imported from outside

Norway I don't like this one it's called warmth I think by then Marino's and I you it kind of as contour if I'm taken correctly so I'll just apply here here and then basically the idea is that it gives kind of warmth to your entire face so I just use it like this and it does give face more alive look up okay so I don't know how this camera probably I can't see anything what I'm doing and then I will do my eyebrows and I just do first draw a line under to know kind of where I will start and then I become sparse eyebrows and then just brush it up I don't use anything that helps eyebrows stay in place I probably should because they do move so yeah it's really minimal but it does make a lot big difference trying to pull the line this one is pretty sparse so I have to really try not make it equal to the other one okay see that's that I almost finished so I just curled my lashes and it takes really a second to do but and it looks I mean it looks so much better when you curl it you know my mascara then when you don't curl so I always do that actually and I use in eco organic again

any kites and it's a it's a good one it's a yeah I could get it here in Norway so I'm pretty limited in what I can get it does crumble by the end of the day but I've experienced this but almost basically almost carrots that I'll try so if you know of a like green blue mascara that doesn't grumble let me know maybe I can find it so I'll just apply mascara and we're almost finished that'll be my minimal look that I do oh great do you have the mess okay I don't normally apply to the bottom ones but let's try that so it's like a bit I also love this is our lipstick and it's pretty natural kind of earthly color it's 44 67 so I'll just apply this and I have I had like a small it's lack of pigmentation or both or something I don't know and just do I like actually the one who isn't a skinny then I got from Jana yesterday it's a really nice sheer color looks pretty powerful but it's nice and lips that's it so when you see me on the stories or whatever like this is usually the makeup I have on let me know if I can clarify

anything for you I'm very far from any kind of makeup artist or anybody qualified you makeup advice but if you were wondering about makeup for Aki prone skin or you know tips on loose mineral makeup let me know and I can try to answer the questions