26 November 2018

Simple makeup look for every day!

Hi guys so I hope you enjoyed this I presently love this look because it's so simple but please request other looks for me to do!❤️

hi guys so today I'm gonna be doing a

Melanie Katz tutorial um this is just gonna be a simpler look like more of a day-to-day basis look so but you do need a bit more things in my opinion but that's like if because I have some like things like the skin illuminator and this is just a small sample primer but I still have to use those so yeah but let's get on to the video okay so again like I said you're going to be needing this this is just a simple little primer this is a skin illuminator I'm just gonna um for this people say to like mix it up with like foundation that stuff I don't use foundation areas I like to glue our my nose my forehead and mostly under my eyes and so I'm mostly gonna be putting it there and then again the parameters just for a cleaner base to start off with and of course my petroleum jelly this kind of brush I like this because you can adjust the fluffiness so different kind of contour a nude lipstick I have three eye brushes this brush of simple on the double sided one and then the lip brush two different mascara this mascara and this mascara says wait cheater easy your mascara and then I just have this um this is older again and then I just have this but this

is more for like contour and I quieter now I just um moisturize my face with coconut oil which I love doing by the way but oh I'm just going to only apply a tiny bit of petroleum jelly to my eyelids because I don't want to overdo it make it super oily well good and this just a gun helps didn't see my other video I said that it really helps us make the eyeshadow stick on which it really really does so that's why I like using it I'm gonna go in with the UM primer and I just do this on my fingertips I don't use a brush don't use a little knob brush do you wonder just use now my opinion I like concealer out of everything I just feel it works way better it doesn't have a weird feeling it's a very creamy feeling this I feel kind of has a good smooth but like kind of like like really little great like a really like grainy feel not that I'm complaining just saying it does okay okay no you could smoosh good and again I'm just gonna use the skin illuminator just okay okay that's really on tight okay and again fingertip is the best now it's

just kind of like this gold metallic key color so nose that's the area they like to do it at now I don't personally personally wear makeup I do I like doing makeup tutorials for others people though but this is really simple but again you could definitely tell you're wearing makeup but it doesn't look like you're wearing a lot it just makes it so it's a very simple it's like you really want to wear makeup you want to do something if you have some time to do it then this is like how you doing it so my tissue is really messed up but then I just dab away some excess primer or skin illuminator cuz there is some kind of a lot okay all done with that so I'm gonna go on to the eyes I'm gonna start off with a basic like nude tan color and applying it to the lids but I'm gonna start to mix it with some rose gold as you can see very simple very elegant now I'm just gonna take full out where all those gold I'm gonna do it more towards the corner mmm I love my brush and show you so I remember just going to do that again but on the other side then take Danny and rose gold and then

do that over and then just take the rose gold by itself and do it more towards the corner they should look even these eyelashes look thicker to the layout yeah and then do some medium and there too and then there's of the eye shadow done and when I was going to take my finger I love that him miss like she seems a bit more cakey and showing us very simple very elegant very nice professional like yeah interview very good simple look like that and then again I'm just going to take on this I'm just gonna take that light color and do it over the whole thing all over the whole thing or like on the top now this is just gonna set it to set the mood no I'm not lit more in the crease area I'm gonna do the same thing I was good you know petroleum jelly and then I'm going to take my eye my mascara I think I'm gonna not use this one and this one is a little lace on thicker I like this one because this is again a very elegant simple so you want it to look natural separate see way fuller less fuller oh wow this is already ten minutes I go like that too much makes me like oh my

eyes are like my allergies suck oh yeah why I'm making this food yeah school clothes there's something I was like a blue lizard I was like I told my mom why and they canceled school is like nothing problems inside but whatever it's make youtube videos so that's the simple elegant I look now I personally like wear this to school except I'm in elementary school so what can you do it's not like a bruise oh wait no it's mascara think I still amazing okay onto the cheeks so I'm gonna take my brush and I'm going to take this metallicky Coco Lee brown hopefully Brown and just circle circles and kind of do it under my cheeks and around my cheeks Oh God this just makes it look like more uplift all right sometimes like to do it down my neck we can slag and I just makes sure this isn't like sagging it makes it more up lift yeah but you're just gonna blend it in and now I'm gonna do my cheek and I'm gonna take this lighter lighter brow like light tamped I'm gonna take the same around and just circular circular circular sorry that's like half of me is like

super late it's my lamp right there okay hmm that looks really people make contour like this people like contour to make it look like this like God doesn't look good for me okay okay now I'm gonna start up I'm gonna go to DD Charlie I'm Joey you I don't like using lipstick when my lips are dry I just feel it looks where it doesn't look like them as a could've if your lips run dry I love doing that again I seem really hyper in this because I just drank a huge cup of hot cocoa I'm just gonna what sticking to grab my breath oh my god I just feel like blind oh okay I don't see your brush and I was like what is that really and we're seeing my lip brush and grabbing this mood okay I'll do a layup and then just clean the edges I love using a q-tip but I forgot to bring one stupid me and clean up all those edges that woman imperfect AIDS [Music] and that is the look I hope you guys enjoyed this makeup tutorial make sure you give it a big thumbs up comment down below what I should do next and subscribe bye guys hope you have a great