27 November 2018

Simple Gold Glitter Makeup Look


okay so we're gonna do this I look first you're gonna put on this eyeshadow primer potion that I have you're gonna end up putting it over all of your lid and then like rubbing it in I guess I don't and then with the blending brush you're gonna take this color this blender brush and put it all over our lid I just find that easier to blend out if I have a little bit of a clear color on top then we take this really pretty pink it's our transition color so you're gonna put it about right here and then once you put it on that you have to blend it out really well with a clean blending brush to make sure that it blends up real nice into your skin color so it's not as harsh of a line then we take this brownish color and put it about right there on our eye a little bit less area than the pink was try not to blend it too much into the pink but blend it enough that it's like it blends softly into each other I guess just don't cover the pink and then this darker Brown is going to go into this part of the eye which is again a little bit less because the darker you go the less surface there you cover it helps

hmm add more of a 3d effect to your eyes and then of course again make sure you wipe off your blending brush and blend it all together really nice then we take this darker color again even darker put it around this area but a little bit less than it shows again because you want to go smaller each time and then just blend it in real nice with the rest of the colors it should cover less party I though because it's better and check this shiny eyeliner put it in the middle of your eyelid about right here it's like on top of everything and then take the smudge brush and kind of try to mix it onto your eye I guess to blend it in well and take this really gold color take the smudge brush again in the same area and put it over that area over the eyeliner that you had and take the blending brush and blend the gold into the rest of the eyelid and then you couldn't really see but you take that glitter blue stuff and you put it on the inner corner of your eye just a little bit you can use a q-tip and then you take this gold glitter which is really loose so put it in the inner corner with the smudge brush but do a very very small amount

and gradually add it in don't just put a whole blob on top because you have to gradually put it on layer it up so it's not too intense and then try to gradually blend it into the gold eyeshadow that you had before just so it looks all nice and pretty and stuff with the gold on top of it then I take my eyeliner it's liquid felt-tip pen you don't have to do this I do a wing it's what I did for you but you don't have to do a wing you could just take a little bit of like I like eyeliner pencil or something and just put like a really small line if you want but I always do eyeliner like this so I just do it on myself and you but you don't have to do a wing you don't have to do it as much or as noticeable as I did just put a little bit of more and then your mascara is putting mascara on normally like you usually do mine's waterproof so that's cool but I don't I'm not sure what uses and then I took a makeup wipe and I clean out under my eye to catch any fallout that there was from the eye shadow so that when you put on this foundation here you don't just smear it everywhere on

your face I use a damp very squeezed out sponge I find that it helps your foundation blend better into your skin and just make sure you put it kind of on your ears like all over your face blend it in your hairline like on your neck and then put in that a feeling kind of fast I had a clear powder that I used with the powder brush put it all over your face and then a blush brush with some blush on your cheekbones and blend that out real nice basically is what I did for that and then take the smudge brush again with this brown color it's one of the lighter ones and underneath your eye about right there on the outer corner right there I just put a little bit and like blend it in real nice now that our foundation would be on already and then I take this one Trish again after it's all cleaned off I take this really light color because you're really blonde and you don't have to do your eyebrows but like I don't do my eyebrows but if you want to do it this is what I did I used the really light color the smudge brush so it's more precise and then this brown color just a little little little it a little bit if you want to do it you have

to be careful with darker color so that it doesn't look like you drew it on with black eyeliner just it just adds a little more dimension and do it to your other side and basically this is the eye look again you don't have to do the eyeliner like I did this is just what I did with yours and so here's a better idea of how blended it everything is where everything is at and it's pretty cool