25 November 2018

SIMPLE GLAM Makeup | Dark Skin | WOC friendly

hi my lovelies ♡ here' a simple makeup look if you want to add a little bit more drama but don't want to overcomplicate things :) stay blessed, stay cute, stay ...


welcome back to my channel it's on a mission here and today I'm giving you a lot of lash a lot of Pi stuff in general just a bit more of my comfort zone from training sperm and a bit more of makeup now so if you're liking this look and you're wondering how I achieved it then keep on watching hey friends and fam for I start feeling a different angle stay in my room and for whatever reason the Sun started to come out in November in London so I'm having to work with the natural light because my blinds are like not like my blinds are super which I like because I like I like waking up with natural light I'm really very efficient so I like to get as much sunlight in as possible clean fresh face as usable in it I'm just gonna pop some for my comic because my lips are dying so before we go something like don't get too much wash your face I see I see you miss about no hunty no and then I'm gonna go in with the primer so I'm spot priming area priming I don't know if it's time this but basically I have combination skin so I'm gonna use a mattifying primer on my t-zone and then I'm gonna use a hydrating primer on rest my face moves

it's really good so this is a eyebrows fast kinda girls I'm smelling my eyebrows [Music] okay next I'm going to go in with my foundation now let's fake places that we've highlighted just to make sure everything stays in place have you guys next time you ever saw this stuff well I'm going to these I'm going to brush off the excess on my nose everywhere that part for a bunch of my eyes I'm gonna leave that so if there's any fallout then I can like to dust it off I've done smart makeup you know absolutely crime pattern using today is the morphe 352 palette and I'm gonna go straight in with the transition so let's do let's do a suit in the zone do this color here in fact no let's do this one here let's go and brave brave for a transition shade cool that's pretty let's move on times intensify the eye looks so where so this used to be a black color in my palette you can see it's non-existent now but I'm going to use the the remnants of what's left in there with a kind of shading brush and I'm going to focus it on the outer V of my eye oh my gosh I'm

literally working against the Sun right now I'm gonna try and finish this I looking for like a little bit lunch and changes okay I'm gonna pop amber like right in the middle of my lids and might be the rest of my idol so getting up on my finger and just patting it and I like Lissa I'm just gonna put a little bit on my brush just to kind of bring it up but not too much I have to loosen it space so I don't know let's do that half the time just Ana and then just get a fluffy blending brush to make sure what everything is really nice let's brush up all the rest of the baking powder from underneath our eyes and to balance out the eyes a little bit I'm going to add the transition shade onto my lower lash line just a time [Music] for like a machine so much understand thinking person pulses on so give me like two SEC's cannot do this on camera she saved my life so yeah okay I know wasteland Froome not useful ashes so but they rot so we're gonna just go with it okay in my in my lower lashline I'm just gonna put a little bit of white pencil just that opened my eyes and this is the

NYX jumbo eye pencil some people really love putting black eyeliner in the lash line I'm so auntie back title I just fall I think makes my eyes look really small and we don't roll with it okay that's just not our thing you know it's a special face it's gonna go in with a little bit of blush raisin all-time faves and of course no look is complete without a little bit of butter cheese bronze by Mac and now I cannot stand how crusty my baby so I'm just gonna quickly sprite sit down and pray little much don't fall off this time codes last holidays I'm just going to pop on some cake gloss probably with a bit of chestnut let's have a look let's fill it with chestnut so I'm just gonna line my lips and Papa lip gloss on any clear docile D pray that the baby hair is laid I tried to film this tutorial once before and it completely flopped like I don't even know but I was too embarrassed to even editor so that just that just tells you how bad it was I think but like if I was going out you don't think this would be a look why are you saying that same I'm confidently okay now I'm coming out shut up man

this guy's a liar I don't do either hate on I thought he was trying to support me okay me not don't buy a product ya live on so yeah that's the final leg thank you so much guys for watching even those a bit more like my comfort zone I hope you did enjoy the look nonetheless don't forget to share we love on the town and I will see you looks better [Music]