13 April 2017

Simple French Tips Featuring ILNP The Magician Polish | Nail Art April 2017 #1 | DIY Tutorial

Today I'll show you how to do this simple french tip. ▽All products used linked below!▽ See more nail art tutorials: http://goo.gl/zmNZWJ Subscribe for new ...

hi guys it's Colette and today I'll be

kicking off nail art April with this fairly simple design with a not so simple polish after water marble march/april is kind of my month to get back to other types of nail art experiment with some new techniques and revisit some old ones so be sure you're subscribed and have your notifications turned on so that you get an alert for all my new uploads and if you'd like to see how I did this manicure just stay tuned starting out with clean dry nails I'm going to apply my base coat I'm using ready for takeoff as usual which is a peel off base and you can use whichever is your personal favorite thank you to everyone who voted in the poll regarding the peel porn I didn't get quite as many votes as I'd hoped but it was about 75% that wanted peel porn and 25% that did not want peel porn so it kind of overwhelmingly was in favor of it but I don't want to completely ignore the people who don't want to see it either so as a compromise I decided going forward it would be included at the end of the video so if you are wanting your appeal porn stay tuned

toward the end and if you don't care about peel porn you don't have to watch it I'm going to be using a black French tip because I think that'll help to best show off my topper color I'm going to be using Zoey Willa mainly because it was already out and I didn't have to dig around for it and then my topper is I love nail polish the magician and I'm not sure how this will show up on camera it's super super pretty in person and it's made with as it's referred to the unicorn pee pigment the same or similar pigment as is in the very hard to find Clarence 2:30 and I was really looking forward to giving it a try so it actually prompted my very first polish order from this company and yeah we'll see how it applies after I get my black tips on here and as you can see I'm just free handing them on there and Willow is maybe not the best choice for this because I'm gonna have to do two coats but that's okay I don't really mind [Music] [Music] [Music] so as you saw there on the second coat I

kind of evened up the smile line and I generally tend to go where my natural smile line is even though my nail beds aren't all the same size you can see on my index finger that the nail bed is a little smaller so the tip is a little longer it's usually camouflaged when I have a full manicure but at any rate now we're going to add the magician and I think from what I've seen I may end up needing two coats of this and I am gonna go over my nail bed also just to give it a little bit of shimmer even though it doesn't show up quite the same and that's really really pretty I hope it shows up on camera I I know I need to get a new camera you guys but I just hate learning new equipment but I could use a bigger screen to look at and just a little bit more power overall but I do think I'm gonna do two coats so I'm just gonna do this one and then obviously my other hand and another coat on this hand and the other hand too [Music] finally I'm going to finish off with the top coat and as usual amusing Seche vite [Music] [Music] so here's the finished manicure and I'm

pretty pleased with how this turned out although I did manage to get a little ding on my middle finger here before my topcoat dried because I was literally running out of the house as soon as I finished this manicure and headed over to my grandma's house and it did get the grandma seal of approval so that's always a good thing but I do really really like the magician as a topper I can't wait to try it over some other colors and I did already get some really cool outdoor shots and some polish and motion I'm not sure if I'll upload the polishing motion video yet I haven't looked to see if it actually captures on video how cool it really looks in person but in direct light when you get it at different angles you can definitely see not just this gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous kind of oranjee shimmer but you get two greens and at certain angles even into some blues so I'd love to hear what you guys think of this of course probably the simplest manicure that I'll be doing this month but I really was kind of just looking for an excuse to use this polish so I hope you all enjoyed I hope you're all subscribed with your notifications turned on and as always thanks for

watching so I've had this manicure on four this is the fifth day and it's worn well I have a little bit of tip where I have a little chip on this middle finger right here but overall really good where and now I'm going to take it off and probably guys that stick around to the end of the video for the peel porn thank you and I hope you enjoy [Music] [Music]