24 January 2016

Simple Everyday Makeup Using MOSTLY Drug Store Products

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hi guys welcome back to my channel today

I'm going to create this makeup look which is super easy super simple to create it took me like 15 minutes to finish up this look and I used mostly drugstore products so if you're interested in learning how to create this look then please keep on watching alright so let's get started today I will moisturize my face with a set of film I've been using this for quite some time and I love it especially in the winter because my skin tends to be a little bit drier magic lumi light infusing primer and l'oreal so now that we have our face prime i'm going to grab the l'oreal lumi foundation so i'm going to pump 3 pumps in the back of my hand and i'm just going to spread it all over my face so now that the foundation is done I'm going to grab the concealer and this is one of my favorite drugstore concealer this is Maybelline you can adjust this your liking you can just do this and skip the foundation or you can do what I'm doing or whatever you can just skip the concealer I love using the Beauty Blender because it blends perfectly the foundation like it's so seamless it's just perfect when you actually put the

concealer on your lid you can basically use that as a primer just make sure to set it first with powder so there's no creasing as a setting powder you can get this only in any drugstore I got mine at Walmart and then I dip it again into the powder and I go from outside in and from inside out till it's perfectly doing get it on my skin I'm going to use NYX Cosmetics for the eyes and this is in pixie dust it's like this beautiful shimmer shade and I'm also going to use morphe 35o palette I'm going to grab the luck see Beauty and this is a concealer brush but I'm going to use it to pack all this excess now I'm going to concentrate it mostly on the inner corner to brighten it up and make me more away in the outer corner of my eye I'm just gonna blend everything together I'll save you with a rush you won't make the shadow more you and then I'm going to use the NYX baked blush illuminator and this is a lady like I love this because it has a little shimmer to it and super light so you can build it out as you go

or this step you can simply put this here I go or if you like me then you win the whole shenanigans you cancel my lashes but when you get lashes make sure you get something now it's going to be an everyday makeup look you want something on a more natural side one of the drugstore lashes that I love it's our down and that's in them you nice this style I love that like I love them I always buy them everyday it looks so natural natural natural looks so natural that you cannot even tell that you have lashes on but for today I'm gonna use kyurem in clashes and this is in style daffodil daffodil and they look very natural I love the natural wispy look so the telescopic mascara go out and I'm just gonna cold I'm gonna concentrate anymore where my real lashes are coming out from somebody is the NYX apple strudel so this is the final look I hope you guys liked it if you did please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe until next time bye you