27 November 2018


PLEASE NOTE:I am not an expect in this field i just share how i do MY make up and what easly works for me.My products too are not the best of the best but it ...


so hi good morning everyone today is Saturday so today I want to do and get ready with me how I do my makeup already done my eyebrows as you can see just pencil and concealer one day I'll do that video with you guys but disclaimer I am NOT a makeup artist please don't ask me about a lot of stuff about Mita this is just my routine how I do it and how I know how to do it also my products they are not the best of the best but they work for me in okay so my mirror is right here most of the time you'll be seeing me looking down here it's my mirror I've done my eyebrows I must rest my face so I'll go right in with my Beauty Foundation my like blending my crush I'll take my in the it's a bit wet I don't apply a lot of I don't use pragma I don't know why sometimes I do but on my normal day I don't just mr. eyes my face and I use are a nice moisture right into my let me tell your cheek I tried doing the wing I got a trick from somewhere and right now I that will help me get a nice bling for my eyeshadow I don't do this like every day but I want to get away [Music] and then I'll go with a darker at the

cashier are they at the end of my I don't know very much these that think too [Music] my young right oh I said this is a orange color corrector if your skin is not toned together like you have different arches of different color tones for your skin this is a fast deck that you do in France put like first installment of black spots this is what you need to cover your black spot with color corrector and then the most used item in my kids in the most important in my kids so very easy as I guess we're going to let it settle in for a minute [Music] yeah so my concealer has settled in we are going to dab it in my background music is calls for baby is here and for him to be entertained we have to have the music on dab dab dab dab dab dab the solution should settle and we're going to go right in with my [Music] [Music] it's a wait for that I'm going to just do my under eyes so right now I think it is so I'm gonna

[Music] brush [Music] so then I'm going to put my lips on most impressed with baby lips that's why they have a little time [Music] I will do this Mac Rishi and red [Music] [Music] so I think we are almost it's almost around [Music] I use a little piece my husband doesn't do it does it like when a toothbrush [Music] [Music] so basically that's my easy to do make like a control with any welcome to it in the office I can go for an event I feel what you think please leave a comment Oh before that rule said Miku let's set the makeup so basically that's it that's how I do my everyday makeup of course not every day but once in a while I'll do my makeup and that's how the final looks look like so I'm going to get my hair ready dress up and then leave so please leave a comment below of how this video has been and also remember to Like share

and also please subscribe thank you so much and that is a wrap for today see you soon thank you guys please subscribe like my video and also share tell a friend to turn a friend to tell Fred god bless you and keep you [Music]