06 May 2019

SHOP MY STASH// What's In My Current Makeup Basket?

Curating my makeup collection for the next two weeks! In this #ShopMyStash I'll pick out a few products that need some love and then toss them into my makeup ...

alright guys taya for another shot my

stash and it feels like it's been an eternity because I usually found these every two weeks but it has been a month now because my last rotation I actually shared a what's in my travel makeup bag instead of a shot my stash because I was gone in New York for two weeks so it just made more sense so for this one I'm gonna start off updating you guys a little bit on my rotation from basically a month ago the last one that I filmed and I'm also going to share some updates on what was in that travel makeup bag so I'm very excited to do a new shot my stash I just love doing these types of videos so let's go ahead now and hop oh let me just say if you are I usually try to say this beforehand if you aren't interested in the recap and you just want to see the selection there's a timestamp down below so feel free to skip ahead but now let's hop into the recap okay let's start with a recap from my travel makeup basket I ended up bringing my chart llege hosted palette as I said mostly because I knew I'd be doing very simple looks and I also really appreciate this mirror while I'm traveling and I did the exact same eye look every single day with the exception

of maybe two days and I started with my butter bronzer in the crease and then I took this shade latte smoked it out all over the lid and that was it and I was so obsessed with that look if I wanted to amp it up a little bit I would take your a little bit of cozy or a little bit of fireside and smoke that out very close to the lashline but this I actually really enjoyed having again I mostly just reach for this for the matte Browns I'm definitely not utilizing every shade in the palette so I don't necessarily think that it's worth the price tag but because I have it I love reaching for it for those shades and I'm actually putting a very big dip on the shade latte like I wouldn't be surprised if I eventually hit pan on there alright sticking with pallets I did throw in all of my single eyeshadow palette palette what all of my singles in palettes and I actually planned to kind of organize these and potentially film that but I did not end up getting around to that before I left so they still look the same but I did have so much fun using these I some really beautiful looks out of this green palette this is my favorite little

palette because I love greens but I also did some very fun looks out of the purple palette didn't do a ton with this coral palette which is surprising because coral is my obsession right now so how did that not happen I don't know but as always I love using these but I still need to get around to organizing them and probably decluttering a few shades out of here this next update I kind of want to share because I'm proud of it so I did put my Beca bronzer in this is the Sunlight bronzer in Bali sands and if you will see I have quite a bit more pan than when I first shared this when I added in added it into my basket originally you just had the tiniest little baby pan but now the pan has definitely expanded and that wasn't necessarily my intention I wasn't dipping in trying to expand the pan but it just kind of happened as a result of using it so often so that is very exciting I think that it's funny I'm trying to pan my butter bronzer and you get so much more product in the butter bronzer that I've been consistently working at that for so long and I still feel like I have a pretty decent amount left and this I haven't even actively

tried to pan and I probably could finish this within like two months of everyday use so it's kind of funny how that works also when I was traveling I took this mini blush from hourglass in the shade mood exposure this is such a nice product to travel with because it's so tiny my only qualm with this is that it is a little challenging to put my blush brush into so if you are someone who's a big fluffy blush brush just know that when you are buying a mini it's not a ton of surface area to dip into so I kind of feel like my brush would get a little contorted as I was trying to move it around but this is such a pretty color it's a very soft natural looking blush because it is that baked formula is just very glowy I'm not wearing it today I don't know why I'm pointing at my cheeks but I loved using this bronzer very pretty for spring also I wanted to share my mary-lou manizer because it looks very different from when i added it in originally i actually repressed this while it was in my shop my stash I did film that so if you have ever wondered how to repress the powder I will leave that video linked down below and I feel like this looks like a

brand new highlighter I had major pan on this and I thought I was so close to being done with it but as I was repressing it I was realizing that there is still a ton of product left and essentially I feel like I have a brand new highlighter so this I will be taking out of rotation for a little while but I could definitely see myself bringing it back in probably in the summertime or at least in a few more rotations I did add in this foundation from pure cosmetics it's there for and one and I just mentioned this in my favorites video that went out Friday I'll leave that video linked down below this foundation I've also done a get ready with me sharing how I use this I cannot believe how much I love this powder foundation and now it's got me thinking that I might want to try some more powder foundations and they're definitely on trend right now I see a lot of brands starting to come out with them and I feel like you know they might not be for everyone but I think when you're going for an effortless quick everyday look especially work makeup makeup on the go this is just so convenient and I was so happy to have this in my basket because

I was using it a ton so that was a quick rundown on a few products that I have been focusing on for the past month but let's hop in to the new selections all right before we happen I did just film a swatch video or like a lip swatch video for my Instagram so I have some little staining on my hands so that's what this is I know it's a little distracting but starting with the foundation drawer I'm still going to keep my project pen primer in here because I'm so close to finishing this up I want us to be the only primer that I focus on for foundation I think I'm gonna go with my Born This Way from Too Faced this is the foundation you saw me wearing in the intro I'm definitely I've been kind of wanting to wear this for a little while now so I want to focus on this for the next two weeks nation you know what I'm gonna keep this in for another two weeks this is my undone foundation my unfound a ssin from the brand undone this is very sheer basically no coverage at all but it'll be nice if I don't want to go quite as full with my spray yes which I want to grab I've mostly been into using my Mario Badescu

setting water recently or my facial water the one that's in my project so I'm not sure if I want to grab a facial spray this virgin shape you know what I think I'm just gonna stick with my Mario Badescu one so this was a pretty easy drawer this rotation alright moving right along let me think about this so I think trying to decide if I want to pull my milk makeup bronzer back in or if I want to try to like play around with a different bronzer for now you know what let's do the milk makeup one so this is my mouth makeup bronzing stick I have the shade baked it's my number one favorite bronzer so I'm really excited to throw it in my basket this month I almost forgot I just had to go grab this this is my highlighter from the new one wild crystal cavern collection it's in the shade crystal high and it's kind of like a cream to powder formula I used this in my last makeup tutorial I did a full face of drugstore using some new products so I'll leave that linked below but I want to keep testing this out because I'm planning to review it later probably this week I also want to grab my persona highlight so right now I don't have a self-tan but I'm planning

on self-tanning probably tonight so this is my favorite highlighter when I am a little bit tanned so I'm gonna grab this this is the shade of Zuma by the way one of my all-time favorites it is so intense I'm almost debating grabbing a third highlighter which I know seems so obnoxious and excessive but the two that I grabbed are both very intense so you know what I think I'm gonna grab this no forget it you know what we'll just do those two for now so I already have the blush in my project pan I do like to grab a second blush so let's see I think that I want to use the shade tinge from lorac trying to kind of hopefully hit pan on this since it's not cruelty free and eventually maybe you work through it so I like to throw that in to get some more use out of it and then remember I did already grab my bronzer but I also have my butter bronzer in from my project so you don't have any more bronzers and I thought about grabbing another powder but I am focusing on the powder in my project pan oh but I did just finish up my covergirl loot lock primer so I'm gonna take my backup primer and add this into my

basket this is the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion and Tilly is leaning on my tripod tripod what my tripod would you like to say hello alright moving on to my lip and eye shadow or like eye product drawer as you can see I did organize it somewhat I tried to like put these in an aesthetically pleasing a layout kind of separating them by brand but I didn't really organize them with baskets or anything cuz I decided I think I'm set with this for now cuz I just like that they're all flat and I can mostly see that but where my lip products I actually am grabbing three new ones I just filmed a swatch video on these on my Instagram these are new from bite they're called the outburst a long wear lip stains this is called strawberry froz this is sangria slush and this is my favorite it's orange fizz I was wearing it in the intro and if you want to see how all of these look applied I'll leave the well what am I saying I check it out on my Instagram but I do want to play with all of those you know I've been so into bright colors so I think I'm gonna have a ton of fun with those but I think just to kind of round everything out I should grab a

nice neutral lip I think I'm going to go with this this is the shade of fuel from urban decay used to be one of my all-time favorite of lip glosses and I haven't been reaching for it a ton Reece so I think this would be a nice addition and then I will pair that of course with one of my lip liners which one am I looking for this one this is the shade natural from NYX but in terms of other eye products I really want to test these out so these are new from Sigma well they're not new the formula is not new but they added a couple more colors these are their eyeshadow primer base Stix so I actually used three of them for the eye look that I'm wearing today the main color that I have on my lid I really like this is called Earth Day it's like a nice cool tone brown so I kinda want to play around with these for the days I want a more neutral eye look because these are mostly neutral you can wear them on their own or they're a nice base so I'm gonna just throw all of them in and then I featured these coqui crystal fusion liquid eyeshadows in that drugstore video but I want to throw one of them in this rotation to get some use

out of it and this is the shade mothership and it's a really pretty greenish gold and I think that will be a live fun to use but I think that's all for this drawer so I have two pallets that I want to focus on for this rotation the first one is my baby my favorite eyeshadow palette in my collection this is the magic palette from juvie --is place and I feel like this color would be so pretty born with this shade Nubia I can see the look already I'm super pumped about it and then I also wanted to pair that with my other favorite Julia's place palette this is the deuce palette it's so perfect for spring and I've been craving some looks with this around this time of year I think I'm gonna get a lot of use out of this shade and some probably this one as well I think this is kind of me a really fun combo to have but that's going to go ahead and complete this rotation this is where the basket is looking like thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in my next one bye